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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Embrace Paris: the 360 view atop Le Meurice, Dorchester Collection

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By Andrea Claire · July 27, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

I do realize that I was incredibly lucky to have been chosen as one of the 10 women to #EmbraceParis during a social media retreat organized by MyBeautifulPari blogger Norma Thiessen and Paris-based photographer Carina Okula hosted by Le Meurice Hotel of the Dorchester Collection.

Although this wasn't our first night together, I thought it fitting to begin with the view as we saw it this beautiful night in Paris from the Belle Etoile Royal Suite.

A private tour complete with a private butler serving us champagne and French fare. pinch me In this photo Lisa Ferguson/ Decor Mentor is being served. She has a rough life too. *wink*

The Spa Valmont offered each of us a complimentary facial. It would have been rude to decline. I had no idea that heaven could be found in a lower level. Because I have traveled so much lately (Singapore to Australia to Singapore to Canada to France) my skin had taken a jetlaggin' beating. My one hour in heaven was a collagen-boosting miracle. Agatha, my facialist, agreed that my current skincare was perfect but did suggest a miracle mask that she had used to continue at home. Mais oui! A morning mask to apply and let work it's magic while my caffiene works it's magic.

Le Meurice
kept us cocooned in indulgence with high teas, champagne, spas and countless gourmet meals all with the utmost attention to customer service without pretense. Without a doubt, this would be a hotel that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and if the hotel is out of your budget consider a high tea in Le Dali or a visit to Spa Valmont.

Do check back as I will be sharing more of our Embrace Paris trip; or if you are impatient you can check out my YouTube channel which has most of our excursions filmed.

Beauty Lust Haves || July 1014

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By Andrea Claire · July 16, 2014 · 0 Comments ·
Apologies possums that my 2014 posts have been a little scattered and AWOL. It's been one helluva a year, but being the determined and tough red head that I am, I'm coming out of it with only a few scars. 
Let's begin this edition of AC's lust-haves with scar cream. Super fitting. 

Strataderm, a surgical repair cream with a high content of silicone. I've tried a few scar creams and this one had the results that really stood out. Although slow absorbing the results began to smooth my scarring for my surgeries this year quite quickly.

Velvety matte foundations are becoming all the rage with anti-shine textures that still give you skin-looking skin versus the old skool matte cake-face.  I have a few faves here: 
MUFE mat velvet+, NARS Sheer Matte and Burberry Velvet

Prefer a glow to your skin? Use matte foundation in your t-zone and dew-enhancing foundations like FACE atelier everywhere else; this is a great combo for those obsessed with selfies or those being constantly chased by the paparazzi. 

Sunday Riley I discovered recently at Mecca Cosmetica while in Sydney, Australia. Her Honest blush is a light, golden peach that suits many. 

Giorgio Armani Maestro concealer - ok, finally after 25 years as a hair & makeup artist I truly have found THE concealer. Light reflective qualities perks up tired eyes, it covers and sets without traveling into fine lines exaggerating them and the results are long-lasting. The liquid texture is buildable as well.

Clio neon black light nail stylers. I've been on a black light beauty kick for some time now and have a collection of lovely makeup from many companies - I may just have to channel my inner photographer to get what I want done - or maybe I'm channeling my inner 20-something raver and I just need to take this cougar-ass clubbing? This video is supposed to be embedded here however...might be glitching...  http://instagram.com/p/qSZoe8L2TC/ I'll fix the code in the post later., meanwhile just click it old school. Anyone else having trouble writing post via iPads?

Brush 'em if you got 'em! Aussie-based Original & Mineral has launched brushes that put up a good fight when in the ring with longtime champions like Mason Pearson and Denman. From top to bottom: Bristle round brush, Classic comb out brush and the Detangler. I've made the healthier colour switch for my clients to O&M last year and with the constant flow of O&M products in my session styling kit, it's safe to say that this professional brand has a long life contending with many global hair greats. 
*note: I'll add in hyperlinks to make your shopping easier when I have access to an laptop. Seriously hyperlinking is just not my iPad's friend

See who's braided updo has the beauty world abuzz!

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By Andrea Claire · July 9, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

Premiere Of FX's "The Bridge" - Arrivals

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JULY 07: Actress Diane Kruger attends the premiere of FX's "The Bridge" at Pacific Design Center on July 7, 2014 

Premiere Of FX's "The Bridge" - Red Carpet

To quote, I believe Mad TV: The back of your head is ridiculous!!

A braid within a braid. Genius! Modern, fresh and trendsetting; and her makeup is stunning too. 

Announcement via Australia! Ahhh - so you're a Wise Guide, eh?!

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By Andrea Claire · July 2, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

I am so thrilled to have been selected as one of the Wise Guides App Ambassadors! Wise Guides is a travel app that shares travel tips and suggestions geared to your interests. For example, I love shopping. SHOCKER. And working in fashion I do have some insider info to share; insider trading of fashion & beauty info is ok...

Take for instance my recent trip to Oz.

I fell in love with Cooper St dresses at Myer. This one I did not buy but...

This one yes.

Looking for beauty? Priceline in Australia's must-do for the beauty junkie. Moxie tampons in their vintage inspired matte containers. Hide ze microfilm. Sally Hansen nail strips for $3!! A One Direction musical toothbrush... however I didn't buy that one because I'm not a cougar.

Mecca Cosmetica, another beauty stop where I discovered Sunday Riley.

I met the man behind the lipstick line Red Burlesque. You need to check out their amazing app!

Zoie and I had lunch at VANTO in The QVB, an amazing Italian restaurant who also has amazing gluten-free pizza for those who have a self-diagnosed intolerance. So chic to be gluten-free these days. Yes. Zoie is wearing UGGS.

We both got a pair. I don't care what the fashion bitches say - UGGS are like walking on clouds. Sure, they're ugly; duh! That's why they're called UGGS.

With no help from our hotel we mustered our way into ALPHA for an awesome Greek dinner pre- The Lion King.

The Lion King IS a MUST SEE! The elephant walking in the aisles... WOW!

We hung out in The Rocks and found this cute wine spot for a snack that turned into dinner, The Wine Odyssey. With my flight of wine I tried kangaroo and croc... at least I can say I tried it...

Unlike the speed of the ladies who lunch in Singapore crowd, this is more my speed... well, in spirit not actually hunting. 

We hung with Royals.

Ventured on the Hop on Hop Off. They have a kids' channel to get the kid-friendly tour sans prostitute/red-light distract info.

And being whale watching season we embarked on that!

Actually saw a whale! Wahoo! Thanks FantaSea!

A lovely bonus of dolphins playing in the waves alongside our ferry to Manly Beach.

The Australian Museum had a GREAT dinosaur exhibit that projected dinosaurs right into the path of your child. stuffZoiesays   was clearly impressed.

It was the start of winter in Sydney and Darling Harbour had a darling winter festival with ice skating, hot chocolate and this slide provided by Thredbo Resorts.

We took the gondola up to the Taronga Zoo.

Whether you want to hangout and people-watch the locals with swagger, shop, tour or eat, you can see why having a travel app like Wise Guides would be worth having. You could get your to do list in a snap so you don't have to read boring blogs.

PS. It was fitting that I got my congratulations email from Wise Guides HQ when I did since I was on vacay in Sydney!

MatchMove Wallet, your answer to online funds for shopping

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By Andrea Claire · June 29, 2014 · 0 Comments ·
Trying to shop online but tired of having to dig through your house looking for your wallet when your clapper fails you? Now you can virtually do it all virtually! 

MatchMove Wallet, a subsidiary of AmEx, has an online prepaid credit system that you top up funds storing them securely online accessing them with a one time pin pass code sent via SMS to your handphone.

Registering is quick and easy. No problem here, I don't do laundry. I just buy new clothes.  (my HB believes this to be true)

Have a university student living overseas that needs access to money but you want to keep an eye on their spending? No problem. Just sadly, they needimmediate access to you in order to get the OTP that is sent to your handphone.

I recently got to try just how easy it is to utilize by ordering on Luxola my go-to virtual beauty store in Asia where I recently ordered the self-customizable Z palette. You just toggle between pages. 
Login to get your virtually money sack here
*sponsored post 
(I am currently travelling and using my iPad to write this post which won't allow me to hyperlink. I will finesse this post at home in a few days)

Beauty Review: Kao self-warming steam eye mask

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By Andrea Claire · June 25, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

Recently I attended the media conference for the Guardian Health & Beauty Awards 2014 and found this little nugget in the swag bag.  

A self-warming eye mask by Kao that warms up within seconds as you remove from the foil pack enveloping you in a comforting scent. 

For those post-meal moments on the flight where everyone decides to rid their bowels of airplane food. Oh - on that topic - can we quit with the Ally McBeal toilet concepts? Men are smelly pigs. 

Shhh. Mommy's getting her lavender beauty sleep. 
For the gangsta in you or if you have a headache on the flight. No mile high club for you honey, I have a headache!

Actually - as opposed as I am to giving gifts to people who hate and have zero tolerance for the babies on-board needing to get from A-B, these would be appreciated. And maybe calming for the cranky old bats who work on those American Airlines flights. Pan-Am called, they want their blue eyeshadow back.  

Now if only there was something to drown out the snorer in the row in front of you. 

Reinventing contouring and highlighting

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By Andrea Claire · June 10, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

Let's start by stating the obvious - yes, I'm naked. I want to talk about skin.

As a makeup artist, I've received many kudos from peers and clients about the way I do skin. The constant remarks include the coverage that doesn't look/feel heavy, the glow, the blending and simply 'that skin!'

Mirroring the Dermalogica philosophy, I break the face down in many parts since not every area has the same needs:

  • oil-prone areas ie t-zone, needs matte textures 
  • dry or dull areas need glowy textures
  •  coverage? What needs more ie concealer or stick foundation
  •  added highlights? Where? Usually the 5 highlight points on the face
  •  aging skin? What needs a lift / firming product?

You will see that I have applied the products in a camouflage appeal. No strong lines ie contouring, because not everyone desires the Kardashian Kontour. For blending purposes too, softer edges that overlap blend easier. I use a mix of brushes, fingers and sponges for blending and most with a tapping/stippling motion. My fave beauty tool of the moment is a no-name vibrating foundation sponge out of Korea.

Always start with skincare - which I assure you - I am Dermaloigca'ed up pre-makeup.

 The makeup I am wearing is here. What you see is what you need to get.

Dermalogica Age Smart Skin Perfect Primer SPF 30 $48.00 USD at Ulta Silicones create an instantly smooth surface. Formulated with a natural neutral tint that helps balance tone and enhance radiance. Peptides and Age Smart actives help firm and shield against MMP and free radical damage, as sunscreens shield against sun damage. Wear alone over your moisturizer for simple results or under your foundation for smoother makeup application with long-lasting coverage. I apply this all over the face.

Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation - B10 $69.00 USD at Barneys New York An anti-aging foundation infused with an award winning serum, Forever Youth Liberator Serum combines 24 hours of non-stop hydrating properties to smooth and nourish the skin with patented Color Tune-Up Complex to correct dullness giving you a newer, brighter complexion. This foundation I have applied into my cheek hollows and up my temples and at my jowls for a lifting feel.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation $36.00 USD at Sephora A shine controlling, oil-free, water-resistant, complete coverage liquid foundation formulated to hides imperfections, evens out skin tone, and matify with a non-oily, perfectly powdered finish. Stay flawless for hours. Apply on your t-zone, and yes, this works! Burberry also makes a lovely Velvet Foundation that gives you a matte finish.

NARS Illuminator $30.00 USD at Lord & Taylor I love Hot Sand, a peach champagne. Lighting the skin from within is the glow you want to muster, a luscious light-reflecting radiance. Tap it onto the five highlight points: brow bone, cheek bones, bridge of nose, mid-chin and bridge of nose - some makeup artists like to hit mid-forehead, I'm not a fan; in fact, rarely do I pop it on the chin - I do however love applying under lip colours to the bow of the lip and for open necks tap onto your décolleté.

Julie Hewett's Shimmy I tapped onto my lip bow and a hint over my crow's feet (what crow's feet?! sigh) 

Bobbi Brown's Illuminating Face Base I love under the eyes for brightening when a full on concealer isn't needed. This doesn't seem to be online anywhere so I wonder if it's a special duty-free at the airport item because that is where I bought it. Bobbi Brown: is that correct or can we find it at the counters?

My makeup work as seen in a Lancome advertorial shot by Jingna Zhang for Bazaar (Singapore)

Side notes:

You will notice that nothing is powder - it's all creams. Cream textures are my preference and I rarely use powders unless it's for a bride or red carpet affair and then I keep it to the bare minimum. My preference is FACE atelier's Ultra Matte spray; I powder on special requests. True story.

Concealer. sigh... this is a product that is over-sold like powder. In my 24 years of creating perfect skin, it's a product that if I dig out, it's rarely. Many people think of makeup rules and steps and therefore think that every step is a must. Not so. I am here to burst that beauty bubble. Step out of the overhead light and then see if shadows and eyebags still exist. Not everyone needs to conceal.

That's all folks. My flawless skin tricks, from me to you.

Eyelash Perming! Never need an eyelash curler again

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By Andrea Claire · June 7, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

Top left: before. Bottom left: after.
Pics on the side: prep, during and finale.

Your eyelashes are lightly glued to a perm rod which come in three sizes. The Glamourous Factory used the medium size on mine. The first week I felt that maybe next time I'd want the larger curl but similar to a hair perm (that no one should get anymore unless you want to be transported to 1991), the curl settles after a week.

The prep consists of cleaning your lashes and protecting your skin and applying the perm rod; followed by the perm solution and finally the neutralizer. Do NOT try this at home. You can't use the old school at-home perming kits as they are not the same - similar methods but you need specific solution for your eyelashes.

Here's another of the after. For a mere S$40 and an hour of your time, this is honestly the BEST money spent in today's world of beauty. Contrary to the belief of my husband, I am not great at just lying on my back with my eyes closed doing nothing for an hour but when the payoff is this great - I can make an exception.  

For those who aren't into the perm idea, my must-have curler: Tweezerman Rose Gold Toned ProCurl $20.00 USD at Neiman Marcus, but personally, I have found that the humidity here (Singapore) attacks my lashes and some days the curl holds and other days I can curl them and... nothing. Eyelash perming takes the frustration out of my morning makeup routine. Yes, I am that vain that my eyelashes failing to curl gets my goat.

Get your lashes permed every 6 weeks for $40! And for those in Singapore, mention my name at The Glamourous Factory and receive 10% off any beauty service until the end of June 2014!  

Try one of these two locations:

6337-7966 (Plaza Singapura) and 6636-8236 (The Clift, 21 McCallum St)

Register for a hands-on 'own that look' Bobbi Brown's Surf & Sand workshop

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By Andrea Claire · June 2, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

Are you in Singapore and interested in attending the Bobbi Brown Ultimate Summer Beauty Essentials workshops to find out how to own that look?  

I have five slots per session for June 11th to give away waiving the $80 commitment.

Pick a slot and email me with your name and handphone number.

First come, first beautified basis: 

JUNE 11th

11am: Romantic Cocktail Chic 
1pm: Natural Sunset Glow 
3pm: Romantic Cocktail Chic 
5pm: Natural Sunset Glow 

*Note: I am not leading the workshops, but I may pop in - I can always use a new gel liner or shimmer brick!

Zoie Jean, Skechers dancing queen

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By Andrea Claire · June 2, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

These Bella Ballerina Kids Skechers 'Curtsies Finale' Sneakers
  that I bought Zoie yesterday are everything to her. The toes have a spinning disc - need we say more? She is demo'ing them in a video above. If you don't see the Instagram video, you can see it here too.

"Instead of watching TV, I'm going to twirl with these at home." #stuffZoiesays the darnedest things.

I also got her some Glamarazzi's because girlfriend was wearing 13s and apparently she's more like 1/12. Zoie being my third daughter would suggest that I would grow to be a better parent and not go backwards... We don't pick our family...

But we can pick our friends and fabulous cake makers!!

Recently I met model/tv host May Wan on a photoshoot for Bio-Oil (see below) who, as it turns out, makes magical cakes under the name 'Seraphina Cakes' Seriously check out the link to her cakes - they are too die for AND stunning... anywho...

I had to give a mention to her and the cake she made for Zoie's 6th Birthday Party.

Shoes and cake. What more can a girl ask for??

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