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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

How glow can you go?

By Andrea Claire · April 10, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Paula's selfie from behind the scenes yesterday from our ad shoot. Hair & makeup by me

The biggest tip I can pass on for getting your glow on, is to minimize using powders, even if they're diffusing and light reflective they still leave a powdered feel. Paula here is wearing the bare minimum of powder. </p>

Cream Colour Base (not the colour I used) $21.00 USD, M·A·C

Benefit Cosmetics Watt's Up! $30.00 USD at Bloomingdale's

After my usual Dermalogica skin prep, I blended cream foundations and concealers (mainly Bobbi Brown) with MAC's cream colour base in Hush, Benefit Watt's Up (using the warmth of my fingertips so the products melt like buttah seamlessly together). Next I layered Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar sculpt & highlight (powder yes; a must have: yes!) and FACE atelier's Peach Glaze Blush (powder) 

Paula's eyes: I started with DaLish Cosmetics E01 cream shadow and layered with Bad to the Bronze Maybelline 24hr cream tattoo, and with a pencil tip brush I applied Himalia NARS dual intensity eyeshadow smudging into the top & bottom lashlines, brow bone & inner corner was Charlotte's highlighter from the Filmstar palette. Some lashes and Benefit Rollerlash. </p>

NARS Lip Gloss, Orgasm $26.00 USD at Beauty.com

Lips: Laura Mercier Baby Lips liner and NARS Orgasm lipgloss. 
*Truly the key for glowing makeup is to allow the skin to radiate. Powdering therefore should be minimized. For the overly slick, just powder your t-zone if you must, but leave the rest. </p>

MAC Blot Film $16.00 USD at Dillard's

<p>Blot film is your friend. 

VLOG: @HudaBeauty lashes in Claudia

By Andrea Claire · April 8, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

On our recent trip to Dubai we had amazing experiences including this balloon ride over the desert

So magical! Taken with my iPhone. *dusts shoulders*

When we travel, I like to check out grocery stores and beauty shops. Weird, I know - at least the grocery stores... beauty makes sense. 

This trip I had already come with the knowledge of Huda Beauty and was curious to try her lashes - which, FYI Kim K is apparently a fan of.

Watch this 15 second video of me sporting the Claudia lashes. I do find them to be a little heavier than what I'm used to with my Ardell faves, but they are massively eye enhancing and every woman seeks big eyes. I can see why KK is a fan and whether you're a Kardashian fan or not, you have to admit that they have amazing lashes. 

You can shop Huda Beauty here.  I bought lashes in Giselle, Coco Jo and Claudia. Samantha's I'm told are the best seller, alas Sephora was sold out of - but unless my travel math is off (I'm an artist; could be off) the prices look cheaper on Huda's shop vs what I paid at Sephora Middle East...

Get the face of an angel with this ethereal beauty inducing product

By Andrea Claire · April 5, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

The Queen of glow will forever be JLo but you can be a runner up! 
The photo on the left I am wearing Guerlain Terracotta Skin healthy glow foundation in NUDE, and Marc Jacobs Alive pot concealer.

On the right  I added Victoria's Secret Fresh Face Brightening Gel Cream. I love the glow it gives! Apply under your base or over. I've tried it both ways. The cooling effect is very refreshing - I bet this would be a lovely 'end of workday need to run for cocktails' beauty boost or a gorgeous bridal glow.

I bought this during a recent trip to Dubai but I'm sure that you can find it everywhere! 

*From a pure vanity standpoint, I hate what my iPhone did to my nose, so ignore my nose and just focus in on the cheek glow. (I bet most didn't even think about my nose until this sentence. Just proves that angles can make or b(r)eak you! 

I can't locate an image for the VS Fresh Face Brightening Gel but the other products that I'm wearing are here:

Guerlain Terracotta Skin Healthy Glow Foundation $51.00 USD at Neiman Marcus

Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer $32.00 USD at Sephora

ELVIS: The Ultimate Legend

By Andrea Claire · April 3, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Unlike Sandra Dee, I wouldn't want ELVIS to keep his pelvis far from me. (Grease reference just in case you don't get that) 

Wow! What a cold-shower worthy show that was put on by the Ultimate ELVIS Tribute last night at Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatre. I was overcome with the urge to toss my panties on the stage - thank god I'm still on crutches or my husband would not be thrilled with me today. 
Three Elvises (Elvi?) performed numbers from throughout his career. I was mesmerized by the soothing tongue in which they were spot on capturing the heart and soul of the Memphis music man's endless charisma. </p> <p>
The way they engaged the audience there was no doubt that The King was channeling through them, pelvis thrusts from Graceland rippled through the audience. 
Whether a die hard fan or just memories induced from parental / grandparental influence it's a must do if you're in Singapore this weekend. 
Elvis leaves the building April 5th. Tickets are still available. 
*images by me with my iPhone.

Nikkie Plessen was recently in town to launch Nikkie at Takashimaya!

By Andrea Claire · March 22, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

If you are a woman who wears clothes, but are not familiar with the Nikkie line, I suggest you peruse Nikkie.com. With a price point similar to Karen Millen or Ted Baker, Nikkie's clothes are versatile and can layer with a rock'n'roll edge. ❤️❤️ 

It's always a pleasure to have Nikkie in my hotseat! 

The obligatory tricky mirror shot that reveals both hair & makeup. Nikkie wanted an exaggerated upsept hair look.

Maria-Rosa who is Nikkie director of sales and marketing for Asia. 

Flashback to our December shoot

From Vogue.NL

Team Andrea!! Sian (my assistant) and I in our Nikkie A-lister caps!!

Thanks Nikkie!

*hair & makeup by me, assisted by Sian Payne.

Flying reimagined with Etihad Airways

By Andrea Claire · March 20, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Etihad Airways
now sits in as one of the top 10 airlines globally and with it's #6 spot it's no surprise considering the many on-board perks! These perks include: headsets that can be used to communicate with other passengers who are seated on your flight, and in any class; plus a nanny on-hand for extra help when flying with small children. We fly tomorrow to Dubai, but sorry, Etihad... on another airline that we already booked before my tour! I would have loved to see your nanny in action with #stuffZoiesays  

'The Residence
' as seen in the TV commercial with Nicole Kidman also comes equipped with its own butler for you (don't expect someone named Keith)  - and don't forget to book your limo ride to and from the airport - that comes with your room in the sky too!  

For those who have flown to the U.S, you know how frustrating it can be to clear customs. Well, Etihad, staying ahead of the curve, has a U.S customs clearance in Abu Dhabi which, for those living the expat li(f)e, why not puddle jump through Abu Dhabi where no matter which class you fly in, this is just part of their service! 

Going to Paris? A direct SQ flight to Europe is approximately 12 hours, alternatively you can choose 1-stop with Etihad connecting in Abu Dhabi. The arrival time is the same as the direct flight, but the stop allows you to stretch your legs for those who need it. I know sometimes you just want to get there... but if 12 consecutive hours on a plane doesn't tickle your fancy, this option might. [I know my fancy hurts sitting on it for 12 hours]

As any airline, you have a plethora of airplane food with choices; an Arabian-inspired dish, Western (chicken or fish), and a vegetarian option. When booking flights most airlines will cater to dietary restraints so if you are on an all carb diet, let them know upon booking... err... or if you are gluten-free. However, the GF guests will miss out on the in-house bakery items where one roll is an exclusive secret recipe. Yum! 

With Etihad they take pride in you being a guest in their home no matter which class you are in. Guest response is important to them; for example: your food choice ran out? Expect a letter of apology upon arrival and in some cases that letter is accompanied by points or even a flight voucher! (I wish I had that last year offered to me on my Air Canada business class flight to Paris from Toronto, where my movies wouldn't work and the flight was full - *cough cough* Air Canada...) 

Thanks to Etihad Airways for offering the tour and tastings with other Luxury Network members! 

GREAT TRAVELER TIP Flying out of Singapore? Changi airport has a special services office for those who need to bypass the lines, whether you are Nicole Kidman or someone like me, on crutches. Check out your options here

Fresh opens in Singapore at ION

By Andrea Claire · March 19, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

From Fresh beginnings in 1991 in Boston to it's 2015 premiere opening in Singapore at ION, the chain's stores' mosaic flooring still mimics the original where customers feel at ease globally with the sense of artisanal familiarity and comfort like a classic pair of your favourite jeans.  


image source 

The ribbon-cutting event was complete with rose decorated cupcakes, champagne and a lion dance. I skipped the cupcakes and lion dance - 1/3 ain't bad. *wink*</span>


There is a gift bar where all purchases can be gift wrapped, a reading corner and a sink for customers to take a sensorial tour by testing their plethora of products. 



The Creme Ancienne line is handmade by monks and I'm currently coveting the Nourishing Honey Mask; $140.00 USD at Neiman Marcus where the anti-aging benefits from honey and various oils include improving the skin's elasticity, enhancing glow, antioxidents and overall skin health.  

"For centuries, monks have used natural ingredients to create effective remedies. We sourced superior honey made from the Buckfast Bee, a hybrid species selected for only the best qualities developed by Brother Adam in the early 1900s at a monastery in England. This exceptional treatment offers an experience and results like none other and is truly a testament to the monks' scientific expertise."

Attendees of the opening were given a Fresh Life, not quite the do-over some of us wish for, but a vegetable-based soap enriched with moisturizing Shea butter and infused with a citrus scent. Their luxurious soaps with a high-end bespoke appeal, make a lovely gift for him, her, co-worker... anyone, whether to top-up a gift basket or on its own.

Obligatory 'I was there' photo.

Have you been using Fresh? What's your Fresh fave?   

Recent news: How to cut your own hair, concealer uses, the history of my career and more

By Andrea Claire · March 15, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

From time to time I'm asked to share some beauty tips for hair and / or makeup, as well as frequently asked 'how did I get into this crazy business of beauty'.  I've had a few stories with my quotes and interviews that I've linked below. If you have a beauty blog, write for any publication or if you are a peer (junior, senior or anything in between) where you would like to pick my beauty brain, please get in touch with me here. I'm always pleased as punch to share what I have stored in my grey matter.

Thanks to The Loop and Vanessa Grant for including my quotes. Read the full story <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>here.

Model Management interviewed me. Read the whole story <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>here.

Her World Plus
has quoted me on many stories. Click here to find the story to suit you. Everyone loves<strong> concealer tricks.

Want to stay in touch? Please like my FB page for the latest up-to-date projects, tips and ramblings.


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How-to: Kim K is blonde and you want to DIY, like yesterday....

By Andrea Claire · March 6, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit $40.00 USD at Macy's

Just as we were seeing a multitude of contouring kits popping up, we are now going to see DIY bleaching kits on the rise for at-home bleach outs. Before you get in on this action, you need to understand bleaching and how it works.

Balmain : Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016

I quite like it actually. Many people will say nasty things cuz let's face it - mean people aren't going anywhere just like the Kardashians are here to stay too.

But as a hairstylist, I'm not here to open that can of worms. I just want you to be kind to your hair and know what you are getting into.

Bleach, in theory, eats away at the colour in your cortex (second layer of your hair shaft that holds the pigments whether natural or artificial) until the desired level is achieved - this process may need to happen more than once in order to reach your desired colour. All this depends on if you're starting with strong, virgin (not treated with chemical processes) hair or hair that's already been artificially coloured, porous or damaged.

You need to be careful as I'm sure Tygra is not your hair muse. 

Colour does NOT lift colour and simply bleaching it out can get you into a whole mess of trouble. Think neopolitan or Thundercats (pictured) - neither of these leave you feeling gorgeous.

Let's take a mo' with the colour doesn't lift colour rule. I saw THE BEST explanation online and you can see it here unless you understand this:  take a white piece of paper. Colour it with brown crayon; now get your white crayon... Hm... Page doesn't go back to white doesn't it...

This is the same for those who colour their hair dark brown and try to go blonde again. You have to strip out the artificial hair colour molecules in order to maintain hair health to go blonde or Kim K blonde.

It's no easy task especially for the folliclely challenged.

Now let's say that your hair is shoulder length, virgin brown at the roots to mid-lengths, dyed black at the ends and you want to bleach it out Kim K style... So you buy the home bleach kit, apply it, time it, wash it. WTF. WHY, oh why are your roots white, mid-lengths orange and the ends still black...??

The heat from your head speeds up the process, the mid-shaft doesn't have as much scalp heat and the ends well... Did you strip out the black or saturate them with enough bleach...? Maybe... not...

You can't just redo the process either. Some parts that are bleached enough could end up with a chemical haircut (breaking off) or turning into a cotton candy texture, which is the hair at the point of no return.

Sure. There are the lucky ones in the world of DIY roulette hair colour. Why didn't your hair turn out like Ms Suzy Q's? There can be plenty of reasons why. Perhaps her spirit animal is a hair fairy. She has straight hair, yours is curly. She started at a natural level 7 where you're a level 4... many reasons as to how and why this happened.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

You may buy the latest Kim K Kontour special - that my friends will wash off when bad makeup happens to pretty faces, but a head full of bad bleaching can take up to a year and a half of recovery time, depending on the length of hair you're trying to keep.

L'Oreal Paris SFX Super Blonde Creme Lightening Kit, Bleach Blonde $10.39$8.31 USD at drugstore.com [BTW: this one claims to bleach even artificially coloured hair] 

Can you get a bleach out? Probably. Should you attempt it at home... The odds are not in your favour. Some of the more adventurous with the 'meh, it's only hair' attitude I say do it and share your experiences either here in the comments or wherever you may have your podium for sharezies.

Oh and by the way... Be prepared for scabbing. Scalp sores are a common bleach-out side effect.

Do you need to use bleach or just get a platinum blonde hair colour? Yes Virginia, there are high-lift colours. It depends on the level that you are starting with. (1 is black 12 is the lightest blonde)  

L'Oreal Feria Absolute Platinums Hair Color, Very Platinum $8.99 USD at Amazon.com; the innovative ammonia-free formula lifts hair up to 7 levels for absolute lightening and uncompromising clarity. The exclusive anti-brass (no Tygra hair) conditioner provides cool tones to help prevent brassiness while leaving hair conditioned.

Read here for some more great hair colouring info.

And because you want to be sassy, not brassy!

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo 10.14 oz $17.50 USD Paul Mitchell at Amazon.com

Platinum Blonde ShampooTM Platinum Blonde ShampooTM BRIGHTENS AND ENHANCES BLONDE, GRAY OR WHITE HAIR Brightens - Cool violet pigments help to brighten and/or enhance blonde, gray or white hair while neutralizing yellow tones. Hydrates and Adds Shine - A powerful combination of conditioning agents and extracts provides ample moisture and intensified shine. Gently Cleanses - Mild ingredients cleanse while retaining moisture and softening the hair.

You're gonna need this too: 

Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment 5 oz $35.31 USD at Amazon.com


sMACdown: It's a sin not to own this MAC lipstick

By Andrea Claire · February 24, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

All of these images here I am wearing MAC Cosmetics SIN lipstick.

You don't need to be fearful of dark, vampy lips. 

Stain it on (L): Apply straight from the tube with a light, dabbing technique and smudge with your fingers

Matte Queen (R): Lined with Vino liner for precision and then simply fill in directly from the tube. If you use a lipbrush you will have a less intense application.

For the beauty junkie (above): Continuing on from the simple Matte Queen, I added Rose pigment in the middle of both top and bottom lips with Nylon eyeshadow accenting the bow of the lip. Blend and finesse edges with a Q-Tip and foundation. Have a smudge? Roll the Q-Tip vs 'blending' out as then a smudge will turn into an unwanted smear - and no ladies are fans of the smear.

Pictured: Nylon eyeshadow, Vino lipliner, Sin lipstick, Rose pigment: all MAC Cosmetics

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