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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

A 12 year old boy is mastering the art of hair

By Andrea Claire · February 22, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

From Minipops to the Mouseketeers to artists to mathematicians; there has always been a select few child prodigies, the younger generation of talent whether in music, tv, artists or scholars. 

"child prodigy is a person who, at an early age, develops one or more skills at a level far beyond the norm for their age. A prodigy has to be a child, or at least younger than 18 years, who is performing at the level of a highly trained adult in a very demanding field of endeavour." via Wikipedia  

Let me introduce you to one child I stumbled upon in my search feed on Instagram. Adam known as Hair by Adam, is a 12 year old boy.</p>

Serious WOW factor here... let's take a moment and clap. He's 12... 

Someone on Ellen's staff needs to get on this story now. 

And let's add a clap and standing ovation to Sophia, a British hairstylist who has been mentoring Adam. She may just be helping the next Sassoon to hone his skills. 

Just as Kevin Spacey has said:

Read about what I do here to send the elevator back down and please feel free to share what you do/did or others that you know in the comments below.

<p>The circle of successful life. 

DIY Bridal Beauty with Luxola's CEO

By Andrea Claire · February 18, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

There are two things that we can bank on for positive vibes in this world: weddings and babies. Not necessarily having to go together, unless you're in grade one, since according to my six year old, she's never getting married because having a baby will hurt... I'm ok for her to believe that until she's 30.

In the colder climates, like my home and native land of Canada, they are just starting to gear up for wedding season, but here in Singapore my home for now (and the past 8 years), wedding season is all year 'round, but one thing we can say: bridal beauty is global for brides and their beauty basics. 

Meet Alexis (bottom left is before, right is after) whom many of you in Asia may know already and certainly know of her company: Luxola. Last year, Alexis was having a destination wedding and found that she was in the most likely position of doing her own makeup. I've done many one-on-one bridal beauty classes for brides-to-be and when Alexis asked me we thought, why not film it so you all can benefit from the tips?  [which never got posted because the sound was blah proving why sound techs are important... you can still shop the look!]

Bridal beauty generally has a rule of thumb: be you, only better. Princess for a day. What comes to mind in this short description is not trendsetting runway but classic beauty. Think subtle highlights, luminous skin with some definition which was our theme here for Alexis. 

Here's what we used:

ZOEVA Sunpower Blush and Bronzer Palette n/a
MODELCO Summer Classics Peach Bellini - top left is where I demonstrate that blush should be applied two finger-widths away from the side of the nose so you aren't dolly-blush heavy.
*EDWARD BESS All Over Seduction - a must have star highlighting product! Use on your highlight points including decolletage and inner corner of your eyes
*TWEEZERMAN Precision Eyelash Curler LOVE this curler! Better than the Shu! I had great tips here. Too bad you miss out... essentially you gently squeeze & pump as you turn your wrist up towards the ceiling, this gives you a smooth curl. Don't curl after mascara and don't do one forced bend at the roots.   
EDWARD BESS Ultra Slick Lipstick </p> <p>Top right: is that a) how to keep a bridezilla quiet or b) a makeup artist trick for locking in lipstick with powder being delivered through the pores of a single tissue ply?
I've '*' my must-haves from this list as I know it can be over-whelming for the noobs. </p> <p>
Snippets from my hair & makeup portfolios</p>
NOTE: You aren't limited to natural looking makeup of course; smokey eyes and the bride are dramatic for sure while still remaining classic. Most professional makeup artists will recommend classic looks vs trendy because you want the timeless appeal in your photos. Those poor 80s brides... </p> <p>

ENABLER ALERT! The power of your selfie

By Andrea Claire · February 17, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

It's a funny, funny world we live in these days. Everyone is an expert and everyone has an opinion. Personally, I like people with opinions – I prefer if they share mine, but unlike my elevator selfie, it's not obligatory. Opinions lead to conversations and for the most part, conversing is good; unless you're my child, then just do as you're told.

I'm not retouched because I'm a) not that dedicated and b) have no idea how, but I am lit with an LED light. I'd link it here but I can't find it online. $150 at a camera shop. You can also just buy a $5 camping light from Walmart which does the same thing - just the LED has a controllable dial which has the power to blast fine lines.

One controversial conversation these days is the selfie. I personally don't get why it's so controversial; maybe I don't understand because I am a player in that game so...don't hate the player… Selfies instill such anger in many who cry accusatory words of narcissism. Really, why do we care so much?

In the beauty world in which I live and breathe, I have to say what I'm not a fan of are arm swatches, yet I understand them. Why I'm not a fan is simple: the skin tones that are swatched on aren't always relevant to a makeup artist. I work on many skin tones and age brackets so as a pro – they mean nada to me. BUT, I can see how if you follow someone with a similar complexion to you, to a layperson, this would make sense to you. There are more laypeople in the world vs makeup artists. This is the theory behind what I think of for the selfie; it's relate-able.

I understand that me, as a redhead, most of the world is not going to relate to me however, there are many who are and just may want to know what blush I wore or a fellow makeup artist might have a shoot day with a ginger and peruse what I've worn to get some inspirations. There is nothing wrong with inspiring each other.

Let me toss out another proven perspective:


Now, I'm not going to mention any names here and I mean no disrespect – but an internationally respected industry person was publicly bashing fellow artists and their selfies (I'm sure there's been more than one); saying that selfies are for amateurs… I've been doing hair & makeup for 25 years, I ain't no amateur; and I know plenty of other pros who selfie as well.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Let me share something with you… come closer to your screen and shield it from others so they don't learn our secret:

Pros: you can get work from your selfies!!

I have gotten actual paid work from my selfies!

It's true. And odd. Never my intention for clients to book me from my personal hair and makeup applications. In fact, I've had discussions with clients on set:

Me: "Oh, you've seen this look 100x in my book haven't you? I've gotten known for that look."

Them (more than one client with the same reply): "Oh – no! I saw your selfie."  (I've had clients admit that they've never even seen my portfolios: horror face.)

Even before this personal experience I've always told my juniors and assistants: Practice. And if you don't have a face or head of hair to practice on, then use your own. Take photos with and without flash, natural light etc so you see how the makeup reacts in different lighting situations. And be constructively critical of your own work. To this day, I see my work drop and go over it with a fine-toothed comb mentally noting what I love and what I would do differently.

The one thing we can all agree on from what we've learned with the internet is: you can't please everyone and there will be Negative Nancys, Judgemental Judys and Guffawing Garys* in the world. They can scroll through their feeds or unfollow you. Who cares? Sure we just want to be liked by and get along with everyone but that isn't our [sur]reality.

Not only work comes from our selfies, but they can also be ego-boosting. Who doesn't want to be told they look pretty? Seriously, if it's narcissistic, who cares? And if you feel inspired to try something new on yourself, buy a product or hire [me], than I say 'selfie away!' At least selfies keep us out of the troll-filled forums (BTW -thanks to those people who called me a fat-aging smurf. You're super classy.)

It is all about lighting and angles, as you can see in the above photo demonstrating angles that I can't believe that I'm sharing... LOL - so if you want to jump on the selfie-bandwagon look here via TheLoop for some selfie tips and if you are in the position of taking photos of others, please take note of these tips because snapping a photo of someone is more than just pointing and shooting.

And since I couldn't leave you with the last horrible image of me... LOL

*no offence to the Nancys, Judys and Garys of the world. 

Just in case some of you aren't fully aware of the dictionary meaning;

NARCISSIST: a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish.

I know many selfie artists who are truly giving and kind-hearted.

Do you selfie? What are your best tips? 

ICONS || paying homage to fashion's greatest

By Andrea Claire · February 16, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

The unique constant with these images are the fact that we had no real clothes. Allison illustrated them all. The cropping is not what you see here. I've cropped them because, well, some people are offended by breasts. If you want to see the full imagery, please check out photographer Scott Woodward's blog.

Featuring models: Amanda, Hiroko, Indila, Kristina, Morgan & Paula

Illustrations: Allison M. Low

Hair & Make-up: Andrea Claire [that's me]

Digital Imaging: Agnes Teo & Liisa Maria

Photographer's Assistants: Zam & Fried Rice

Director/DoP: Mike Rogers

Second Camera: Mark Chau

Editors: David Flood & Mark Chua

Music: Tara Mackey [on our BTS videos]

Look closely at the bottom middle image... basket-weaved chignon. It was my second cursed-filled, yet fun attempt. It's actually not hard to do, it's just about combing the sections as you go so you get a smooth weave. I do love hair sculpture

The various hair & makeup products I used include but not limited to: 

O&M Original Queenie Spray $25.95 USD SpaceNK

NARS Lipstick, Jungle Red 0.12 oz (3.4 g) $27.00 USD at Beauty.com

Ardell Duralash Naturals Flare Long Black (56 Lashes) (3-Pack) with Free Nail File $9.88 USD at Amazon.com

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil $16.00 USD M·A·C at Dillard's

Other products used: Da Lish, Kevin Murphy, Maybelline, Benefit, Charlotte Tilbury and lord knows many, many more!

Have you done some homage portfolio work? Have you seen any? Share the links below!  

Antiaging magic happens at The Lifestyle Clinic

By Andrea Claire · February 12, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Update: mention this post and my name at The Lifestyle Clinic and get 10% off!! That's a sweet deal! 

Taken by The Lifestyle Clinic staff in their office. From top and bottom left: the 'before', January 2014; top right and bottom middle: April 2014; bottom right: November 2014.

I cringe at the angles with no makeup or blasted light for complementary diffusion but one cannot deny the results! 

"Wow! I've seen her before she started with The Lifestyle Clinic treatments and she's looking really good now!"  

I choked on my Botox when I heard that one. LOLZ as the kids say. A hug and a slap - I love backhanded compliments from the socially awkward full of good intentions.

My montaged mug from July 2014-January 2015. You can check out my #faceof42 and #faceof43 Instagram pics, soon to become #faceof44! FML

Definitely there are things about my visage that I am thankful to Dr Komathy for:

The mesotherapy on my cheeks to reduce the pinchable. Serious difference. I'm vain and I've hated my cheeks - but they are a thing of the past now all thanks to Dr Komathy and her meso needles. Painless and bruise-less. FYI: some people do experience bruising. 

The Thermage I had a year ago, as you can see has given me awesome results. 

"Thermage is a proven radiofrequency treatment that transforms skin by working below the surface and addresses a wide range of surface imperfections that result from age and environmental factors. Benefits include the smoothing of wrinkly or uneven skin, better definition of facial features around the eyes, jaw and neckline, and even the smoothing and toning of unsightly bulges, dimples and wrinkles on the face and body. Thermage radiofrequency energy works with your body, remodeling your collagen to help your skin get that smooth feel and youthful look you want. Thermage treats targeted problem areas – so the results are focused and effective." Thermage.com

Ladies, you know that crepe-ing that happens to your eyeshadow? That's the result of lack of firmness on the eyelids; Thermage can help with that. In December 2014, I was offered to try Thermage** on my eyes. I'm approaching 44 (March 9th. Send gifts.), and while there's nothing wrong with that, I'm not ready for aging to win without a fight.

Thermage is a heated RF process that helps firm and lift with discomfort levels during the process being from different person to person. For me, it occasionally got too warm but this is what you need to vocalize with your doctor during the process as they control it. 

When you have Thermage done, while you do see results immediately, the process continues to firm up over 2-3 months post noninvasive procedure. I promise to do an eye recap in the upcoming weeks so you can be all judge-y for yourselves.

The price of vanity can be high, so if you can't afford Thermage or don't care so much about it, crepe-y-free eyeshadow can still be achieved. Eye primers or cream-to-powder finish shadows are your flawless friends.

Here are my go-to eye basing products:

Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow $20.00 USD at Macy's  

This is my ABSOLUTE fave for any age and skin tone. If you don't own that, pause and order it. If they discontinue this I'm going to have to double up on my therapy sessions. #truestory

M·A·C 'Prep + Prime' 24-Hour Extend Eye Base $22.00 USD at Nordstrom is a colourless base. 

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24Hr Eyeshadow, Edgy Emerald $6.99 USD at <a target="_new" href="http://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fl=r1&pid=popsugar&pdata=35451263">drugstore.com

</a>Who doesn't love the cheap and cheerful that actually works?? Just like the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow, zero-creasing and crepe-ing with your makeup. Choosing a bold colour like this is also a nice base to a smokey eye or cat eye with an edge; just ask Lady Gaga.  

This is me with Zoie just yesterday. I'm on the left just in case you are unsure - antiaging isn't THAT good. 

**I have paid for most of my treatments. Thermage actually offered the eyes to me via The Lifestyle Clinic because they saw my Thermage post last year and wanted to give back to me for it. Um... THANKS Thermage!! Any time you want to give me an antiaging gift, I'll take it!!

 Do you live in Singapore and want a little of this? Call up and ask The Lifestyle Clinic for the 'Andrea Claire' special. *wink* There's no real special unless Dr K's office wants to offer one... Hey man, I just putting it out there for my readers. I'm doing this for you. :*

My list of what I've done there so she isn't breaking Dr/patient confidence if my name comes up:

  • Botox (minimal so you can't show a movie on my forehead)
  • Thermage (face and eyes, both just once)
  • Mesotherapy (not the miso soup)
  • Peels - I've had two types, my most recent being Blue Peel Radiance. I'll chat about that on my next beauty thesis. ;P 


The Lifestyle Clinic</strong>

1 Orchard Boulevard, #16-03 Camden Medical Centre

65-6733 0788

57th Grammy Awards best in beauty show

By Andrea Claire · February 9, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

As you may be tired of hearing... I'm recovering from surgery and whilst my of-late usual morning routine of lying in bed full of self-pity, I see that the E Red Carpet live Tweeting has begun. I practically ran with my walker to the television.

OK. I admit it. I'm red carpet obsessed. There are worse things in the world.

Rihanna arrives in what quickly became Twitterversy. Some lovers, some haters. Personally I loved her Giambattista Valli gown (even though some of the comedic comparisons had me LOL'ing), but I was concerned about her toileting. What can I say? Looking good along with having the ability to pee is important to me. She'll make that equally important to her once she's had three children.

Her makeup was perfection as well. I love rosie golden hues and perfect skin. 

Lady Gaga, the woman knows how to put it together whether pushing the crazy envelope or not. I would have loved to see more definition in her waves aka the Hollywood Mullet, but I died over her eye shadow. At least we know that her eyes are up there... It's all about the Shiseido, not Rimmel. (music humour to entertain myself and the few who get me; hi mom) Want to get the look? I could break it down on what to dupe* but why not just get the actual list? Beauty Geek-out here with someone who's got the actual scoop.

*Of course there are Stila's Magnificent Metal Foil Finish Eye Shadows for the high shine pop of colour but they're only magnificent when the accompanying primer doesn't dry out; even the Sephora staff in Singapore were complaining about it. I tried to buy the primer, now sold separately which is constantly sold out... I have $400 worth of these that I can't use - I've tried other mixing mediums too... nope.

Gwen Stefani's beauty BFF Gregory Arlt can do no beauty wrong. The guy is an approachable master. Here's his Instagram. I'm pretty sure if push came to shove, Gwen would save Gregory from a burning flame over Gavin. 

Jessie J in Ralph and Russo. Her hair was perfectly slick with shine vs the wet look. The best way to get this hair is to blow dry with some gel and a paddle brush, flat iron stick straight and then smooth with a shine product. Oribe has stellar hair products. 

I think Nicki Minaj was my favourite. Her skin. Stop. 

Her makeup. Her dress. Her hair. LOVED. 

There were other fabulous red carpet divas but these were my standouts.

Who were your faves? 

Away Spa-cation || W [omen] Cave Crush

By Andrea Claire · February 9, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

[this large space has a video of the W's Away Spa steam room - you need to refresh the post title if it doesn't open properly - but turn your volume down first do you don't hate me. The song is Sarah Slean's Sweet Ones]

Worms' eye view of me on the massage table. Lucky worms.

I'm totally craving another Away Spa-cation at the W Sentosa!

I don't know about you, but I personally try to be fairly regular with mental health / me days. My commitment to self isn't as frequent as I'd like it to be but I'm trying to reconcile that.   

As a wife, mother, hairstylist and makeup artist my daily life is all about giving. I'm not complaining - I truly love my job and my bonus is the appreciation on peoples' faces for what I can give them - well, maybe minus my HB since what he thinks I give him is my VISA bill... I know many women are in the same boat as me - oh, wait... I hope I'm the only woman giving my husband her VISA bill... (relax feminists, it's a joke)

A woman's job is never done regardless if you are working outside the home or not. *back of hand on forehead *

I've been to the Away Spa a few times and each time I go I remind myself that I need to go more frequently. Writing this post is yet another happy reminder. 

The women's only change-room is very zen. Equipped with everything from toilets, lockers, pools, steam room, tropical shower (!!), infra-red sauna to WOMB BED! 

THIS is the womb bed. It took me my third visit to ask what this mysterious bed hidden behind a soft blue sheer was. It mimics the sounds and vibrations that we heard as babies tucked in the warmth of our mothers, unless your mother was Joan Crawford.


You can chill here both pre and post treatment with a tea. 

Me in the infra-red sauna. I'm sure your life is complete seeing this. 

Steam room.

Here's a 15 second video recap on my Instagram from one of my 2014 visits, but please take note: the Wet pool access is no longer part of the 2015 spa package. 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, there is a couples Away Spa package.

"Fuel your passion and pamper your loved one with an AWAY Spa signature treatment this February.

Package includes a soothing massage, scrub, body wrap and mini facial

Enjoy a complimentary 15-min floral bath

Package priced at SGD640++ per couple. Offer valid on weekdays (Mondays - Fridays) from 10am - 3pm for the month of February 2015." Away Spa

*If you're consciously not into spa coupling, choose any AWAY Spa signature treatments to release that weekday stress.

Here's my recommended itinerary for your next AWAY Spa journey:

12.00pm  AWAY Pool, Sauna & steam room access

01.00pm  90 min AWAY Signature treatment

02.30pm  other treatment

03.30pm  Relaxing room

04.00pm End of the day at AWAY Spa

*  Book on weekdays (Mondays - Fridays) from 10am - 3pm and receive 30% off on your 90 min AWAY Signature treatments and an extra 10% off other treatments.

More spa details here.

Away Spa Menu (See page 12 for Signature treatments) 

NOTE: Using the code #ANDREAxWSG will get my readers a complimentary 15-minute foot reflexology or head massage! A happy ending from Andrea Claire

AWAY® Spa, W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

Daily 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Tel: +65 6808 7290

Email the spa here

photos taken with my CamOne

#howto: HEART UPDO?! Yes please! For Valentine's Day, bride or heck, Red Carpet!

By Andrea Claire · February 7, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

This is what hairstylists do when they are bored and are recovering from surgery: balance a mannequin onto their walkers and create.

I'm sure someone has done this before although I've never seen it, there is no such thing as an original idea anymore...One night, as I was drifting to sleep I visualized this (probably morphine-induced) and woke up craving a head of hair to play with.

How-to do the 'do:

  1. Curl hair with your fave method (tongs, hot rollers or as I did: GHD)
  2. Tease the roots from the front section (ear to ear) of the hair 
  3.  Gently comb back the front section to just below the crown in a reverse vintage Snooki *wink*, twist and cross lock your pins creating a seam                                          
  4. Divide the rest of the  hair as if you were doing low Mary-Ann ponytails, but don't tie them off.
  5. Take each section and roll into a flexible hair rat, foam or wrap up pinning just underneath, securing to the scalp. Leave out any tendrils or wispies as you like as you roll up the sections.

*Try your best to pin without leaving a trial of unsightly bobby / hair pins. Unless there are intentionally visible they look awful.

BEST hairspray ever: O&M Original Queenie Spray $25.95 USD at SpaceNK

**When smoothing fly-a-way hairs (I did not do that here), aim your hairspray down the hair shaft vs spraying up or into the hair which just adds more. A little deconstruction is fine if you like that; my only suggestions is to spray the 'halo' area of the hair smooth as then it just looks messy vs intentional - otherwise it's preference really. 

SARAHPOTEMPA 'The Wrap Up' Hair Styling Sponge $12.00 at Nordstrom

***Hair rats can be homemade; store bought; or if you know how to properly tease (in steps for easier brushing out with zero breakage), you can create enough build and stability with yours or your clients own hair to create the shape.

I love hair sculpture! This is some of my work; I'm sure that top right is recognizable to many of you. The bottom left basket weave is a behind the scenes with photographer Scott Woodward on a project out soon. The rose bun was fun to try and unexpectedly easy, but take that with a grain of salt because I've been doing hair for 25 years now (I'm 43, not as old as the surgery would imply). I'd love to shoot a hair sculpture shoot so if any photographers / magazines want to collaborate hit me up here! I can return to work in 2 months. 


Vogue Italia

Beauty tip! Rethinking lipstick: the diamond application

By Andrea Claire · February 6, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

As a hair & makeup artist who's been working for... a looooong time, it's been challenging for me to do nothing post-surgery; doctor's orders - no work for two months! URGH How to keep one, as my mother says: 'busy & amused?' By playing with my beauty kits of course!!!  

Today I bring you: the Diamond Lipstick Application. Ta-Da! [no applause please, just throw money!]


I started with Trust in Red  M·A·C 'Pro Longwear' Lip Pencil $20.00 USD at Nordstrom.

Make an 'X' on the lip bow, and a 'V' on the lower lip leaving you with a diamond shape in the middle; continue with outlining your lip.

The star of this lip show is Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red. Apply on outside the diamond cut-out. The awesome thing about the CT's lippy is the tube shape - if you aren't a fan of lip brushes, you can apply directly from the tube with ease and precision. 

The inner diamond shape I filled in with Tom Ford Beauty Lip Color, Flamingo $50.00 USD at <a target="_new" href="http://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fl=r6&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512">Neiman Marcus


As a final touch, I added a highlighter to the upper line of the lip bow and also, just below the lower lip line. Roll a cotton bud along the line for a soft blend. Try Mally Beauty Mally Lip Defender Clear Magnifier and Highlighter Duo $29.00 USD at QVC


*I know that from when we were all little girls mimicking our mothers (and some fathers), the habit of pressing and wiggling our lips together with fresh lipstick is hard to resist; but please try to resist. Not only will you muddy the colours together but this can cause your lipstick to travel and bleed outside the line. 

Give this lip a go and feel free to tag me on Instagram so I can see your version; whether a makeup artist doing this on a model or doing it on yourself! 

BEAUTY BLAHS?! Do you suffer the dreaded camel knee?

By Andrea Claire · February 5, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

*This post should come with an 'I'm a little saucy minx today' warning. Beware of sarcasm, and I may have used the word 'penis' once... darn, that'll be twice now.

image source 

In beauty history we've learned:

image source

  •  facial exercises*  (above) to keep firm and lifted 


  •  'see ya later 'gator!' all over body creams

  •  lip scuffing to reduce dry lips and keep them soft and plump

And now I bring you the fight against camel knees (and elbows)! Not as rude as the dreaded toe, but just as irksome! 

Our knees and elbows have taken a backseat for a while now and I know many who complain about either the feeling of the skin or the appearance. The complaints of the appearance of our knees makes me giggle a bit - I'm not trying to belittle your knee-phobias but - knees, just like a penis, are not the most attractive things in the world - but both serve a purpose and sometimes at the same time. C'mon! That's funny!  

The dehydrated texture we can do something about, and just like our faces, if you take proper body care by exfoliating with scrubs and re-hydrating with creams, your knees and elbows will not suffer the consequences from lack of attention.

Here are some products to target these problem areas:

dermalogica Hydro-Active Mineral Salts $28.00 USD at Nordstrom  - of course I have this in my Dermalogica cabinet!! LOVE. You know I'm Dermalogica OBSESSED - HINT: Ladies, you'll want to tap click that!

LOVE me some oil / salt scrub combos! This Leaves of Trees product is (do we still say) AMAZEBALLS! I've had elbow issues lately and when I use this in the shower they feel like butter in the warm spring Canadian sun - breezy and fresh. I follow with one of their skin butters too. 

DIY'ing your own concoction with coconut oil, sea salt and freshly squeezed lemon juice works.

Follow with creams or body butters.

Josie Maran 5-pc Ultimate Argan Oil Moisturizing Collection $85.00 USD at QVC

I like to:

  1. get into the shower
  2. get my skin damp
  3. turn off the shower
  4. rub my exfoliating product all over for a few minutes using a soft cloth
  5. rinse 
  6. pat excess water but while still moist apply body creams focusing on troubled spots

image source 

**Did you see this latest Crisco beauty tip?? Well, it's not new but great as a reminder that Crisco's hydrogenated cottonseed oil (fat remains solid at normal storage temperatures) can help hydrate your knees too! Animal lard is great for beauty as well, but that can gross people out.  

*I vividly remember when I was in elementary school (grade 6-ish) reading my step-mother's Chatelaine magazine with an article on facial exercises and actually doing them because A) I clearly needed that at that pre-pubescent age and B) clearly I was shallow from a young age

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