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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Beauty Lust Haves || February 2015

By Andrea Claire · February 2, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Seriously! February?!  Time does NOT go by so slowly like Madonna claims. 

If you want to relive the past, my previous beauty lust lists can be found hereotherwise, no intro needed let's just jump into my latest beauty favourites.

Eye spy a new favourite eyeshadow! This is me. Considering I'm 43, *dust shoulders* not too shabby in the wrinkle department. Just like those who work out non-stop for killer bods, I'm kinda like a skincare / anti-aging fiend. Yes... I've had a little nip into the Botox and Thermage but skincare is also a massive commitment. Genes only gets you so far... urgh! Where was I? R-eye-t! Eyeshadow... 

Clearly there's a few on my eye here, but I'd like to draw attention to the liner which is based with a NARS grey pencil, but the one I applied over top with a bent liner brush is the one I want you all to get:

NARS 'Eye-Opening Act - Yeux Irresistible' Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition) (Nordstrom Exclusive) $48.00 USD at Nordstrom

NARS Thunderball (top right) is a midnight grey. I've used it a bit more dramatically here too. A fairly versatile colour that most skin tones can wear. I was surprised by the lack of fallout too.

Erborian CC Crème HD Soin Illuminateur Haute Définition €15.90 at Nocibé (you can find it at Sephora France too) was introduced to me by my good friend and fellow artist, Sital Patel. After asking me if I had tried it, without hesitation she dropped it into my basket while we were in Sephora Paris last summer with an enthusiastic 'You're going to love it! It's amazing!' She was right. Don't be afraid of the 'radiance cream' on the label - the finish is beautiful with a slight blurring effect. It consists of magical ingredients that sheerily (word?) mimics your skin colour so it works on everyone. As a makeup artist, I always use the (germaphobed cleaned) back of my hand as a palette - I like the warmth of my body to help melt cream products into the skin for better blending. It's my thing; but I do find that when I apply this to the back of my hand first, it affects the colour when I use it on the person in my hot-seat so I've gotten into the habit of dabbing it onto my model's skin first and then stippling with a sponge. Brushes I find tend to keep the warmth out of products so I utilize sponges too now and again. We all have our bag of tricks.

Lightbulb Foundation and Sponge Set
 $55.00 USD at Shu Uemura - if you are looking for chalk-like coverage than buy this foundation (that wasn't a compliment) but the sponge though!!! Love it. It's buttery texture is beautiful for blending. 

Have you ever wondered why your selfies aren't as sweet as some? Lighting! It makes all the difference. Looking towards a light source helps but if there isn't one available to you, shine your own. Here are two examples:

<script async="" defer="defer" src="http://platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Valentine's Day gifts for her

By Andrea Claire · February 1, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Behind the scenes of Clara / Now Model Mgmt for a Her World Plus Valentine's fashion feature that I did hair & makeup on. 

I know many of you (my HB included) grumble about Valentine's Day being a Hallmark holiday, treating it more as a Doom's Day than having the desire to carry out any romantic gestures. Don't hate the players, hate the game!  If it's a partnered decision than I say: meh. You clearly don't need the hassle of romance in your life once a year. Maybe you aren't romantic or maybe you are everyday.

Me? I'm a Pisces therefore an incurable romantic suffering the pain and withdrawal from the lack of flowers and romance in my life. There. I said it. No longer suffering in silence... wait! Unless you count my HB lowering me onto the toilet post surgery last week? That's romantic... kinda... 

[my HB tends to read my blog on occasion to check up on me and see if I've shared any recent shopaholic purchases that he isn't aware of out of interest, so I will either a) get a romantic gesture or b) a discussion about this blog post...]

For those protesters: I mean reeeeaally... the amount of energy it takes for you to complain about the Hallmark holidays, you can be gettin' frisky from the warm aura you created with a bouquet of flowers you had delivered. 


Flowers all too common? Try these gift ideas instead:</strong>

Kate Spade New York Dear Valentine Love Bangle Bracelet
 $78.00 USD at <a target="_new" href="http://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fl=r7&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512">Saks Fifth Avenue


Valentine's Day Keyfob
 $58.00 USD Juicy Couture and why not attach your apartment key while your at it?! This would be for couples dating. If you suddenly give your wife your apartment key, she's going to have questions.

<a target="_new" href="http://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fl=r7&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512">

</a>I'm dying for this Shikari Gown from Gnossem. If you order now for her it just may get there in time. I don't think that there is anything sexier / more romantic than a man buying a dress for his fairly more significant other and topping it off with a dinner reservation. Want to make it a grand night? Add in a blowout and makeup for her too - just be careful; if you aren't married yet she just may expect a ring if you go too full on.  

Kiss & Tell! Give her the gift of Bombshell by Charlotte Tilbury via NetaPorter

Hug Me perspex clutch by Charlotte Olympia, approx $724 SGD on The Outnet

Yes. These are what you think they are. BALLLLZZZZZZ! I stumballed upon them yesterday - things you find while on bedrest. ;P 

"I started making balls because I had an inspired dream when I was in Italy... that I could do ANYTHING I wanted to if I JUST HAD THE BALLS. It's about having COURAGE... It's about having HEART . . . and I like shiny shit. I like GOLD!"<a href="http://gold-balls.com/collections/all" target="_blank"> LA-based fashion stylist, Karina Torrico / GoldBallz.com

</a>Give the gift of courage. <a href="http://gold-balls.com/collections/all" target="_blank">

</a>Nothing says 'I love you' like balls around you neck.

New meaning to 'ball & chain'?

Boaring beauty will have you squealing your way to the cosmetic counters

By Andrea Claire · January 31, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

via SASA

<span>The 'latest' anti-aging craze is being tagged as originating from Korea but that just may get the goat of the porcine industry and have the US all up in hooves over it. 

Korea apparently has the one of the lowest pig populations in the world with China now hailing 1st place for boss hog; for many years the U.S was the 'hog capital of the world'. I guess it is possible that the labs order in the pig skin to render the collagen? I'm stretching. I have no clue.

A great piece on this collagen craze can be read on Daily Mail  and has a comment from someone who claims to work in biotech who says this:  "...it is almost impossible to break it up unless you're using the most severe methods. I doubt it is ..." read more 

Korea is definitely known as the beauty pioneer, not to mention that I had worked with a model years ago (she was roughly 23 at the time) who told me that she had just been to her dermatologist in Korea for pig fat injections... for anti-aging... Gosh those poor aging 23 year old's... 

image source

I wonder if this 'recent' trend just gained some legs because someone took a trip and then their Instagram likes skyrocketed adding to a new found popularity...  
I've been doing my best to collect a lot of information on this to share with you (lord knows I have time) - I've found the earliest tidbit of info dating back to 2006 on pork collagen in supplements, but there isn't much to read there and the link is broken so I'll save you that wasted time. 
Using animal by-products for beauty is certainly not revolutionary and neither is pig fats in beauty. Pig by-products can be found in hair care, cosmetics, ice cream and more. Fatty acids from pig gives you that pearl-essence in shampoo?! Also high street creams with glycerin... most likely pig glycerin.

Abattoirs (less grim word for slaughterhouses) typically look for ways to sell everything but the squeal; chances are you've already smeared snout on your snout.

see also

Modern Farmer


I even have the name of my skincare line picked out: The Farmer & the Belle copyright Andrea Claire.

So - would you try these products or only when pigs fly?

#hipreplacement for the under 45

By Andrea Claire · January 29, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

They say that the key to having successful social media posts is being able to reach out to people with professional information or topics that they can relate to while tying in personal experiences that connect you with others or an audience. 

Being a beauty pro, women are interested in my pro tips and tricks; gosh-golly-gee, who isn't interested in hearing shortcuts to looking fabulous! What else? An enabling shopaholic. A natural redhead, and then of course, being a mom of three; two young women (20 & 18) and the entertaining #stuffZoiesays… that's clearly a lot for someone who is not a blogger with a blog

My main career focus has never been 'writer' – I'm sure that's very clear to many of my journo-friends and also why this outlet has random postings… I'd rather be working on a supermodel than writing* about it… but here I lay, practically bedridden; day 6 of 60 of my medical leave post hip replacement.

Bored? Where to buy. 

First time here?? My medical drama recap

Before my slice and dice, I started the #hipreplacement research. I needed to find others whom I could relate to since hip replacement, although not common in 43 year old women, it's not uncommon either. So I write this for those like me, who are tired of helpful grandfathered anecdotes.

I know that personally, (especially the past two years) I've had days where I've had extreme physical pain that has affected how I look (tired) and also my attitude. Let's call it 'pangry' - not unlike its cousin 'hangry'.

Pangry: pain that affects your mood where you're just crabby for no other particular reason. I also suffer hangry issues, so on days with excess pain and hunger anyone near me was pretty much facked.

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about."

You see that #QOTD often. Everyone has something to deal with.

"My mommy is having surgery and my daddy doesn't know how to do manicures." 
#stuffZoiesays (6) went to the nurse's office while I was in hospital because she broke a nail... Resourceful child.  


Whether a devastating broken nail, an illness, your jeans shrunk, debt, death of a hamster etc etc... what does not kill you makes you stronger…

I returned home on January 27th after 4 days in the hospital.

Getting into the taxi at the hospital was a bit of a gong show which included me leaning on my walker, yelling in a morphine rage at the lineup of cars beginning to honk as my husband, hospital staff and driver stared at my forth attempt to get in.

Yes, I was cursing.  No. I'm not exaggerating. 

Before you leave the hospital I would suggest you research a clear way of getting in and out of a vehicle. It's not fun. Glad that's over for now.

Home supplies checklist

  • toilet seat raiser
  • walker (perhaps if granny** is done with hers you can borrow it)
  • crutches
  • grabber thingy
  • ice packs
  • white board I've listed all my painkillers and medications with times that I check off as I take them. I refresh the times as I go – ie if I nap. Generally I'm not clueless but a drug hazed memory is a tad unsafe.
  • support system whether virtual strangers ['sup Cleveland!!] or FaceTiming friends... oh, ya - I do have a husband. Our relationship hit a new level as he  regularly lowers me to the toilet... he leaves. I can't cross that line.
  • tequila nope... just checking if you're paying attention
  • scar therapy

I know that I said I hate talking about this but… I highly recommend a high fibre diet and any stool softening whatevers that they recommend; don't poo-poo them. Another gong show. That's all I'm gonna say…

Have a story to share? Link or comment below, that's ok with me.

And, for those who think I'm sharing too much… www.getalife.com 

Bell Let's Talk. I know some people tell you to keep silent about ailments; but strength comes in numbers. Don't go it alone. 

*FYI -I do like writing. It's just another creative outlet for me. If you like my writing and want to pay me for it, I'd happily accept; your money is good here.   

**I'm allowed to make the granny jokes. You cannot unless you've had this surgery under 45 too. I don't make the rules. I just play by them... Actually... I made that rule. 

Hip Replacement: not just for grandmas #chikungunya

By Andrea Claire · January 26, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

The lead up to my hip replacement surgery has been quite daunting.  Since 2010,  some of the answers started to unravel as to what havoc the chikungunya had actually began to unleash into my body in 2008. It's been a medical drama consisting of many tests and egos - both professional and personal.

Quite frankly, borderlining on the unbelievable, Hollywood could quite conceivably have a new award winning docu-drama on its hands.  We do need more redheads in Hollywood! I'll do it!

As you (hopefully) have previously read, my health has had a 7 year hiccup - kind of like an itch, but way less fun; that stemmed from chikungunya - so as not to bore those who have kept up-to-date, I'll flash forward to January 16th, 2015

Recently I went to see my orthopedic surgeon; almost a year to the date of the arthroscopic surgery, to repeat my MRIS. My right hip had hit a sudden decline where the pain became unbearable. Walking was something that I couldn't do at reasonable speed at my age (43) and without grimacing or tears was virtually impossible. My ortho, Dr Leong looked at my latest scans and confirmed that my cartilage was pretty much nonexistent. Bone on bone equates to intense pain.

Surgery was scheduled for January 23rd: complete right hip replacement. Yay me!!! 

I decided to go with the metal, bionic, turbo combo vs ceramic. they didn't have much difference but the ceramic did have a risk of an audible 'squeak' which since I clearly  have the worst luck on the planet I'd be the one with a squeaky hip and you know what?! I'm getting close to being all out of Andrea Claire's special sense of humor right now.

Speaking of... As my anesthetist is about to send me off to a surgical slumber he says, gripping my arm, "You have a LOT of freckles'" (I'm glad he's observant since he is going to be monitoring my heart-rate) 

Why yes, educated doctor man; I do. 

"Can you do anything about that?" Educated Doctor Man

(I'd want to why, exactly???)

"I'm a redhead. We have freckles. It's part of our genetic makeup."

"So, you won't do anything about it?" 

(Bloody hell. Seriously?)

(I'm not kidding. I can't write this shit. I'm not that clever.)

(Dude, please just put me to sleep) 

I guess they don't talk genetics in anesthetic school. 

Where there is a will, there is a fashionable way.


This ain't no Jell-O shot.

And apparently the whole Gleneagles world is on edge as to if Andrea Claire will be toileting today; or as they say here: 'passing motion'. 

I understand that everyone 'passes motion',  but I'd rather not discuss it.

If you are are having a hip replacement, I highly recommend morphine. Sure - I may have had a heffaalump sighting... Well worth it.

Know someone who is bedridden? These are awesome. 

Aside from being reminded that I'm covered in unthinkable brown spots, being asked about my #2 status continually, I am thrilled to announce that I just may be able to wear heels again one day. Thanks to my hip-bff Janna and her words of encouragement.

*again, reserving the right to make corrections and links later cuz, if I wasn't clear... I'm on morphine right now.

#Health @LindsayLohan better get her #chikungunya under control

By Andrea Claire · January 23, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Lindsay Lohan better get her chikungunya under control or she'll be needing a new hip too. (hey LL, ask your medical team about being treated for 'reactive arthritis'. That's what the doctor in the US said; that they should have treated me right away as a reactive arthritis patient and have physio.

Yup. I suffered that horrible illness in 2008 and have had a roller coaster of a medical ride since. 

I found it interesting that when I got the virus I was told that once it's gone (after the fever goes away 7-10 days), you are no longer contagious (transmitted by a mozzie) however, the aches and pains can be (meaning they have no idea) persistant for months and if that doesn't end there... this was my experience: your body can start to attack itself: autoimmune disorder. Can I get a woop woop!?

Now because I have no access to statistics I can't give you exact numbers however my arthritis specialist (I don't test positive for arthritis btw) that I'm seeing tells me that I am not the only one with aftereffects of chikungunya. Every story can vary; I have a client who got chikungunya and said that her knees have been continually bothering her. Another who had waves of aches come and go throughout her body, but nothing settling into any specific joint area.  

*Chikungunya (walks like a chicken) makes you feel like your bent and contorted when you are in the initial fever stage. I woke up one morning unable to walk and diagnosed myself with MS - clearly I'm a doctor. Some people have lesser symptoms. I had the extreme aka my medical drama.

When I first got the illness in Singapore, I had gone to emergency, hospitalized for a couple of days and assigned to an infectious disease specialist. I was breast-feeding my daughter Zoie at the time and was told by her pediatrician and a lactation consultant that I could continue breast-feeding her, that it would not transfer to her; in fact it could build up antibodies so she could possibly not get the virus in the future. She never got the virus and so far, knock on wood, has not gotten chikungunya. 

That's awesome news for her. 

In the meantime, I have seen countless doctors, both in Singapore and the US. I've had second, third, fourth, fifth... gosh I have no idea what the number goes up to you but lots of medical opinions - osteonecrosis was one 'diagnosis' - nope - don't have that.

I finally filtered thorough and settled on doctors in Singapore whom I felt were giving me proper care. But there was something that just wasn't sitting right with me. I was constantly feeling unwell with achy joints and my right hip hurting. The doctors said I just need to rest, to take it easy, not work so much. hmmm. I couldn't just leave it at that. The arthritis specialist had put me on blood thinners, saying that I had developed sticky blood syndrome because of the chikungunya. So here I was at 40 taking blood thinners, along with a ton of other medications and being told to basically live a lethargic lifestyle... at 40. Riiight.

I love my job 25 year career - I ain't sittin' around eating bon bons, lunching and watching Ellen. I'm not judging if you do - I just don't want that for me. 

My husband and I discussed me going to the US for a kind of one last ditch medical opinion. Although supportive, he was definitely getting a little frustrated, needless to say as I was too, with the constant flow of medical bills and doctors opinions that always seem to vary. Numerous tests and every doctor wants to add a new one for list... (our medical insurance sucks)

So off I went to the University of Minnesota Hospital to see a team of doctors there for my last and final opinion - that was 2012. (Minneapolis is dope. Love that city! My aunt lives there - she's dope too)

Well, they redid my MRIs on both of my hips since that is where I have most of my pain specifically my right hip (which btw, is getting replaced tomorrow) The scan confirmed a labral tear, some bone cysts, degeneration etc etc... all issues that stemmed after chikungunya. I never full recovered from the 2008 virus.

They also redid all of my blood work. This is interesting.

Funnily enough, I saw a hematologist who asked me where the paperwork was, as it seemed to be missing from the Singapore hematologist. Well I had never even heard of a hematologist before. He says that an arthritis doctor would never diagnose you properly with a blood disorder without consulting the hematologist (blood doctor)... Apparently that's just how it's done.

So he redid my blood work. The doctor said that this so-called sticky blood syndrome that I 'have'... NOPE. I tested negative for the blood disorder that I had been diagnosed with and on blood thinners for; for a year already. He strongly recommended that I get off the blood thinners immediately because I didn't need them and in his opinion, if I continued taking blood thinners I would have most likely been dead within the year. (this is why I have pretty much started calling this whole experience as: my medical drama). I mean gosh-golly-gee renovation nightmare reality shows aren't as bad as this! 

So I stopped taking the blood thinners in fact threw them in the trash bin immediately. 

Now, I saw an orthopedic surgeon, an arthritis doctor, a hematologist and a boatload of lab technicians in the US all for the grand price of $27,000! The $27,000 was worth paying just to be told that I don't have a blood disorder. Basically my US medical team (just adding to the dramatic affect) saved my life. 

So I returned from my US experience, found a new arthritis doctor who connected me with an orthopedic surgeon to consult with, who did my hip arthroscopy last year and tomorrow will be doing my hip replacement, all thanks to a pesky little mosquito who gave me: chikungunya. 

Many people have actually asked me what medications that I'm taking, I'm happy to share my list which is :


To add to all the challenges, I had a Steven Johnson syndrome reaction to an NSAID while I was in the hospital in 2008 from the chikungunya which then also put me through a round of drug allergy testing which came out as inconclusive and the doctor said that he has never seen that in his entire career for someone to have inconclusive results so therefore he'd just consider that I'm allergic to them because if you don't know anything about Steven Johnson syndrome, just like the mosquito, it is nasty.

This has been challenging in and on so many levels since 2008, but I'm focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel - and hopefully that light won't be what I'm traveling towards during my surgery tomorrow. 

One of the biggest challenges I've had is the fact that I'm 43 and hip replacement surgery is something that you hear about for our grandparents,  great aunt Bertha, uncle Harold etc. It's not a procedure that we associate with somebody in their 40s or younger. I know people are trying to help by saying that great-great-grandma had it done and was planting petunias in no time; but that is not helpful to me. It makes me want to hit you with a chair. (living with pain makes people short-tempered)

I've done social media searches for #hipreplacement and I've come across many individuals from ages 25 to 50, an age bracket that is not typical for hip replacement or I guess typical for what we think of. Huge shout out to Janna Mann who has shared her hip story on Insta! See?!? Social media can be used for good! Strangers helping strangers!! Hips across the water!  

The day before surgery prep from the top left:

*For those who I told I was having a face-lift, no I am not that was just a joke; but I will seem very well rested because yesterday I went and had topped up my Botox, a little bit of mesotherapy injections and a peel at my favorite Lifestyle Clinic in Singapore. I will definitely be well rested anyway because I am supposed to take it easy for the next month or two, but it's not a face-lift; yet.

Selfie book cover?? Thoughts? (it's a joke - don't really give me thoughts, especially if you are one of those internet trolls)

*And let's talk about this lame headline.... a cold is an incurable virus too. Duh. 

*I'm tired and reserve the right to come back to this to make corrections. If there are spelling, grammar errors - can you deal??

Lust Haves returns!! AC's Beauty Lust List: loved by me that you must have!

By Andrea Claire · January 15, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

Happy New Year beauty peeps!!! 

Here we are embarking on 2015!

I know that I have not been keeping up with my beauty faves like I've been keeping up with the Kardashians. The lust haves of Andrea Clairehowever I had discovered that somebody was pulling off my idea and my knickers knotted. Sure... I don't own the copyright to a hair & makeup artist monthly of new favorites -and we all know that copying is the biggest form of flattery me so I should be super-duper flattered... But it really gets my goat (hair) when people (namely ex-assistants with less than a year of experience who you chose not to work with anymore because they don't want to learn, they want to steal) do this...

But on the note of being flattered and I've had quite a few emails (thank you so much) from people asking me if I was ever going to resume my beauty lust haves, so because you're blowing up my ego, here you go... *winky face*

Top of the Andrea Claire beauty pop charts, let's start with makeup:

Charlotte Tilbury. Man oh man everything I have tried from her line I have loved!! My number one request to Ms Tilbury: Would be can you please make a liquid or cream version of your Filmstar? 

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, 16g $65.00 at NET-A-PORTER.COM

So one could guess Filmstar is on the beauty lust list. I love how it photographs be it via selfie or pro for editorials. I can say in real life looking within 10'inches of a mirror it can look cakey but, as I say to clients - look at your makeup conversational length away - it's a better perspective for your makeup and if anyone is nose to nose with you I would hope it's for a make out session, in which case, who cares what your makeup looks like... It better be getting smudged!!

image via <strong><a href="http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/collection-exclusive/" target="_blank">L'Oreal Paris UK

</a></strong>The next up what you need to have is L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche collection exclusive aka celebrity barely nudes lipstick line (I hear they have a red line too). I love the creamy textures and the pigments are intense without being dark because they're barely nude, duh. What I love about these too, is that you can compare your skin tone to the celeb who best reflects your skin tone for your daily go-to nude, but the colours can crossover so don't get stuck on just one! 

Whenever I travel I LOVE checking out grocery stores for local snack foods and pharmacies for beauty products. Recently I was in Jakarta, Indonesia for a beauty campaign shoot and in Watson's there they had a brush line: Masami Shouko; I bought a few of their pro brushes (so cheap!!) the foundation brush #19 is amazing! Synthetic, dense hairs, tapered at the tip for a smooth application of your foundation, concealer or even use it for cream contouring and highlighting. What makes this unique with some of the cheapo brushes that I've come across is the fact that there are a lot of hairs - very important for the ability to pick up enough product.

Is it ok to have a human being on your Lust Have list? Don't worry HB - it's not what you think... not THAT list.

I had the pleasure of working with Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach, recently. A lovely man who is changing the meaning of  the word: DIET. Seriously - if you don't know of him yet,you NEED to jump onto his Instagram, like, yesterday. 

As Joe and I were diffusing in his coiffe-y time with me, we chatted about how many people believe that you need to starve yourself in order to lose weight and get fit... who wants that?!! We have a digestive tract for a reason!!! Well, Joe shows you how to work out AND eat. I don't think I could muster the correct words to express how charismatic Joe is (I'm sure the writers for Cosmo SG can handle that in their upcoming feature). He cares about all of his 108k and growing followers; currently he answers every email addressed to him personally and one lucky fan of his on his program (a client of mine) got a personalized video message by Joe himself!!! I was telling him about her and he said 'hey let me send her an encouraging video message!' That's just the kind of guy he is. My client was speechless with a simple 'OMG!!' 

He has amazing recipes and fitness advice, tips and regimens!! A good fit to get fit! Beauty is inside and out!! What are you waiting for??? Oh, finish reading this post first...

Curly Qs: Let's finally get this straight!!!! If you want to help lift and shape your curly hair then I highly suggest you click here and order the DevaFuser! (which wasn't sold separately before...) 

Countless clients of mine over the years have complained about their uncontrollable curly hair. Some succumbing to *shudder* rebonding because they just give up. Please don't give up. And I promise you that if you diffuse your hair, you will NOT look like you are skipping on the Good Ship Lollipop. I promise to do a blog on how to diffuse curly hair... watch for it!  

Previous Lust Lists.

Gnossem behind the scenes

By Andrea Claire · December 29, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

* click the title if you do not see a video *

I love shooting with Gnossem.

First - they believe in creativity and teamwork.

Second - they have amazing clothes. 

It's boring when you don't work as a team.

In the words of Diana Vreeland: Don't be boring.

Hair & makeup by me using Yaby, Charlotte Tilbury, Da Lish Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, Kevin Murphy and Original Mineral.

Video was by me too using my Canon 600D.  There was a song: Prince Diamonds and Pearls but YouTube muted it. Copyright. sigh AND I need to work on my focus... it'll get there; but some of the soft focus works - we call that art.

#H2BAR || Ginger Gala Gorgeousness!

By Andrea Claire · December 7, 2014 · 0 Comments ·


Actress Amy Adams arrives on the red carpet for the 20th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, January 18, 2014 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles

I'm pretty sure that all of us gingers across the globe stood a bit taller, proud as a peacock as one of our own, Amy Adams graced the Red Carpet for the SAG Awards in this top-to-toe breathtaking look. 

Premiere Of Lionsgate's "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" - Red Carpet

I always encourage bridal or gala clients to peruse Red Carpet images for inspiration.

Read my latest on How To Be A Redhead for all y'alll gingers to get holiday gala ready!  

Mamma Mia: Zoie has been excited since the day we parted!

By Andrea Claire · December 4, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

Last week Zoie and I were invited to a backstage tour and dance class on stage at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre with the Mamma Mia choreographer! I found this lovely snippet on InSingTV.and you can see #stuffZoiesays and I with our sweet new moves. 

[don't see the vid? click the post title again]

Zoie has been so excited that every day she talks about Mamma Mia (which BTW, is extended to December 14!) She even came home from school yesterday telling me that at recess she was teaching her friends the dance she learned! CUTE! Oh to be a monkey on that wall! (we have monkeys in Singapore - not as small as a fly on the wall though)

Ok. So... maybe I'm a little excited too! Thanks to the Mamma Mia stage manager for grabbing my camera! 

Zoie's been bugging me on when are we going... Well, a huge smooch and a thank you to Base Entertainment Asia, we're going this Friday!

I saw Mamma Mia, the Canadian production years ago in Toronto. One of my neighbours, whose hair I cut at the time, happened to be in the show and invited me - he gave me a front row centre* ticket. The dancing was dynamo, the choreography was brilliant, and I'm not sure if the production here in Singapore does the same routines - but there were lots of back-flips, backhand springs, and truly loads of human dance trickery going on.

(*Might I suggest that you do NOT pick the first couple of rows of seating. One reason is that you truly don't get a perspective because you're so close, you get whiplash from cranking your neck back and if there's lots of dancing in the production, you get covered in sweat (not yours)! Ew! So... front row isn't the best seats in the house!)

Seriously, my kids have the best life. When I was the lead L'Oreal Paris hairstylist for Canadian Idol my girls got to come backstage all the time. Also during that time of my single-mother life, (often my babysitters would flake out) I had a rock band come to my house to get ready for a concert and while I was dolling up Andrea Wasse my kids were colouring with the rest of the band! Where was Instagram then! Rockstars are adorable

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