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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Keep UltraCalm & Carry On With Dermalogica

By Andrea Claire · July 13, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

If you follow my blog I think you are safe to say that I am an avid Dermalogica user. Bias much?


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 [This montage I put together. I know MAD editing skills]

I got hooked on Dermalogica in 2003 when I was shooting season 1 of Canada's ground-breaking makeover show, Stylin' Gypsies. [producer/concept creator Mary Benadiba who's credits include Jeanne Bekker & Fashion Television's producer for... 20 years I believe???]

In 2003, Dermalogica had a media event in Canada  where we received complimentary facials AND product. I was hooked.

Sure, I try other lines, I have to. I always test and try products - beauty is my career. I am on a need to know basis with the industry as I also get asked by the media for quotes on my faves and clients/celebs will ask me for recommedations.

This takes me to Dermalogica's UltraCalming line. I was sent this line to test,try and feedback. What can I say? I love it.

Who's it for? If you have sensitive skin, redness, itching and reactions that cause your skin to flare up, then this is for you!

My faves from the line are:


Dermalogica Ultra Calming Barrier Repair, a moisturizer that is silky smooth. Great as a foundation primer too! $38.00 USD by Dermalogica at Ulta

Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist, spray on after you wash your face before moisturizer. TIP: You can also spray periodically throughout the day over your makeup to calm and cool your skin, I do! $32.00USD by Dermalogica at drugstore.com

Dermalogica Ultracalming Redness Relief Spf20, this is AMAZING! I couldn't believe how quickly the redness settled down on my skin. I am a natural redhead who is prone to redness in my skin, more-so as I age. $43.00USD by Dermalogica at Ulta

Looking for Dermalogica?

In Toronto: Gee Beauty, Hammam or Stillwater

In Singapore: Leonard Drake. NOTE: I haven't been to any other Dermalogica spa here - if you have a suggestion, I am happy to try. :)

Globally: Try the online locator for a spa near you!


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Singapore: Balcony Safety First!! Gum Chewing Second!

By Andrea Claire · July 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I'm paranoid. But I'll get back to that in a moment.

As a North American living abroad in Asia... specifically Singapore [known as Asia-light cuz it's Westernized]... I find it very interesting that safety is not always taken seriously. But gum-chewing is. In case you haven't heard it's kinda illegal here in Singapore to chew gum. I can't say I disagree with the extreme stance on gum chewing. I too have had the soles of my shoes attacked on the streets of Toronto by chewed up melting goo.

[BTW: we call tossing the gum on the ground littering which is illegal in Canada but NOT enforced, ever, judging by the black dots on our sidewalks]

ABOVE IMAGE SOURCE HERE. All other images are mine.

My first time in Thailand I saw many MANY families travelling on one motorcycle. Really. Families of up to five, layered on one bike, baby in a papoose. If someone is wearing the helmet 90% of the time it was the father...

In Bali I saw the same but with an EXPAT family! Well, at least they all had helmets on. The horror. I went into spasms. Not really but still shocked.

Or in Cambodia when we saw the floating villages where small children were minding babies while the parents left and sold fish at the markets.

Dorothy, we aren't in Kansas anymore.

Back to my paranoia:

 I have this horrible feeling that something bad is going to happen. I've always had this. I blame my shitty childhood.

Friends make fun of me. Examples:

  •  My youngest daughter Zoie, is 3 1/2, I still walk her up and down stairs. My friends with kids the same ages mock me. I'm ok with that. She has slipped a couple times and I have caught her. Mock me - go ahead.
  • Recently Zoie was swimming amongst many adults and children. I insisted she stay close to the stairs and not the middle of the pool. A friend told me to relax. I staked my parenting mark by expressing we can all parent how we want to - this is my version, paranoia.
  • I lecture my teenage daughters not to drink underage but if they choose to a) I'll be disappointed and b) don't leave drinks alone. If you walk away from your drink - it's gone. Leave it. Rape is not worth the risk.
  • I lecture my teen girls on internet safety, don't 'friend' and communicate with everyone on FACEBOOK (they should have a YOUTUBE junior and FACEBOOK junior - just sayin')
  • I tell my teen girls not to be easy as no boy wants to bring the easy girl home to Mama. If they want a boyfriend they should be respectful of themselves which includes NOT putting out. I've heard the stories of the other girls... no one wants to be that girl giving BJs behind the school. [ And in a private school too...]
  • I add to the above that girls who are easy have low self-esteem and putting out does not make you feel better.


OK - so you get the point. I think of EVERYTHING and can be blunt with my lectures to my teenagers. But they are my teenagers and I can.

There are times however when I believe that society should take on the "it takes a village to raise a child" theory.


Safety & Balconies.

Hearing of children [and pets] who fall off balconies happens WAY too often here in Singapore. [I know - let's make a law about this here!]

I declined renting a two story condo penthouse here in Singapore because of the safety issues. Windows with no screens on the 23/24th floors??!!

And who would have furniture by their balcony if they had small children? Trust me LOTS!

Now this would calm my nerves.

These safetynets are being brought in by Angels Safetynets

See where I am going with this?

A fall is preventable. In Canada there are laws and building restrictions mixed with common sense. Yes, I know. Accidents happen. [PS: I am not claiming that all Canadians have common sense, I know a lot who don't]

Prevention and paranoia may just go hand in hand.


From Angels Safetynets 
(65) 6680-6460 / 9721-0067

Buy Shadow Shields in Singapore

By Andrea Claire · July 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I have this lovely limited stock of Shadow Shields available for purchase only in Singapore.

DM me for purchase and I will post them out tout suite!

Why do I love them?

Well - you don't get flaky shadow bits leaving streaks in your makeup or on your skin.

Why not use powder under your eyes to catch it?

That trick doesn't work for many reasons, the two major ones:

  1. You are left with powder residue under your eyes
  2. Too much powder under your eyes eccentuates fine lines


There are 30 shields in each box. Check out some of the shoots and stories that I've used them on here!

Not convinced? Another blogger's review here.

How much? In the US they retail online for $9.99 USD so doin' the math to Singapore dollar = $12.25 SGD + postage

NOTE: I have paypal but am failing at adding the option here. :) I can't be all beauty AND brains.

Lavender Obsessed

By Andrea Claire · July 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

IMAGE: Organic Lavender Bloom In Surrey

I'm not sure where this came from as it's not even trending right now but I am Lavender Obsessed.

I've pitched some beauty shoot ideas based on using lavender and, well... no one is taking the lavender bait. Mark my words - lavender will be trending soon.

I may just have some sort of beauty esp(n) or something. ;) [note the Mean Girls reference]

So, why lavender? It's a refreshing colour. It suits everyone from a soft pop of colour...

Lavender Blue No.13, $29.00 at Burberry

 ...to a contrasting statement piece. Sorrelli Harmony Ring  $80.00 by Sorrelli at Max & Chloe [LOVES! Looks like a cuff but apparently a ring]

Lavender can be an accessory, your pop of beauty or your gown; just not all three.

Tadashi Shoji lavender chiffon draped long dress, $259.00 by Tadashi Shoji at Bluefly

Tadashi Shoji lavender asymmetric sequin tulle strapless dress, $259.00 by Tadashi Shoji at Bluefly

Lavender can also be sexy:

Beach Sexy® Sara Sliding Halter Top, $18.00 by Beach Sexy at Victoria's Secret

Or want not rock a pair of lavender skinny jeans?


Rich & Skinny Legacy Skinny Jeans, $128.00 by Rich & Skinny at Piperlime

Nail the Andrea Claire lavender trend with Ms Lippman:

Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game, $16.00 by Deborah Lippmann at Neiman Marcus

The possibilities of fitting lavender into your closet are endless.

Butter Women's Seraphina, $290.40 by Butter Shoes at Endless.com

Bow Knot Headband, $16.00 at Urban Outfitters

I could probably use a little of this:

Molton Brown Relaxing Yuan Zhi Sleep Mist, $38.00 by Molton Brown at Neiman Marcus

"As seen in Conde Nast Traveler magazine . Soothe and relax the senses with essential oils of lavender, bergamot and ylang-ylang. Spritz yourself or your environment to promote inner peace and encourage restful, healing sleep."

I think I've actually started to crave the colour lavender; I guess it's better than craving chocolate...?

CRAP! I'm totally screwed!

Moist Earl Grey Chocolate Cake with Lavender Ganache and Cream Cheese icing!

 In case you aren't aware - click those pink words; it takes you to the recipe. [evil does lurk in the world]

Take The Foundation Challenge!

By Andrea Claire · July 10, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Yesterday I had a post on 'Beauty Hits & Misses'. One of my misses was an Armani foundation, well, turns out the Armani Beauty counter girl sold me the wrong foundation; Face Fabric, which after trying, I don't care for anyway. [I have Shop Girl issues.] Comparing FACE atelier to Face Fabric was like comparing apples to steak.

I had asked Ms Shop Girl for the silicone-based foundation that compares to FACE atelier's Ultra Foundation cuz as a hair & makeup pro I need to know for myself. Well, according to Delia Lupan it is Armani's Luminous Silk not Face Fabric that is the comparison. [Dear Armani Beauty: I'll give you my address and you can send me some of what I REALLY wanted to try.]


FACE atelier Ultra Foundation, $45.00

"The heart and soul of FACE atelier – an innovative approach to foundation that allows you to be in control. Ultra Foundation is a silicone-based emulsion that floats on top of the skin, doesn’t crease or flake, and lasts all day long. Hydrating yet oil-free, it obscures tiny lines and pores to ensure a smooth finish. No primer needed! It's built into Ultra Foundation, thanks to the super sophisticated, silicone-based formula. Another bonus - it sets without powder, preserving the youthful, dewy finish."



Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

 $58.00 by Giorgio Armani at Saks Fifth Avenue

Named Best Liquid Foundation in InStyle magazine's "Best of Beauty" April 2009. Capture the glow of perfect skin with , an oilfree fluid with exclusive Microfil technology. So weightless, it redefines foundation. Its hydrating fluid glides on seamlessly with a silky texture and allday, buildable coverage. For all skin types.

So, weigh-in on these weightless foundations.



Beauty Hits & Misses

By Andrea Claire · July 9, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Often I find myself at the beauty counter/sample sale/warehouse sale; too often shopping for something. Like we all can relate, sometimes our money is wasted. Here are a few recent beauty hits and misses suffered and gained by yours truly!

What have been your recent 'hits and misses'? Share in the comments below - it's like a public service!


Armani Beauty Face Fabric Foundation - 4, $48.00 by Armani at Barneys New York

Sorry. This one for me is a MISS. I bought it on a recent visit to Canada. You see, I swear by FACEatelier and I often hear FA compared to Armani. I asked the counter girl which Armani was compared to FACEatelier, Face Fabric she said. Hm. Sorry. I wasted my moolah on this one. If you are looking for an extremely sheer, matte textured foundation - then you may like this one. I found the coverage and texture MEH at best. 

BUT. Not all my money was lost... I tried a few things from Armani Beauty.


Armani Beauty Sheer Bronzer - 1, $49.00 by Armani at Barneys New York

"Create the glow of sun-kissed skin with sheer bronzer, a soft micro-fine bronzing powder. Copper and bronze hues warm skin, creating a sculpted glow with shimmering, honey highlights. Suitable for all skin types."

Big HIT! I loved this as the glow is so subtle and it doubles as a great everyday sculpting shade for in your cheek hollows too. This suits many skin tones.

Revlon New Complexion  another big HIT! I am sooo picky with foundation. This one I've tested for a few days now. I love the coverage but it doesn't feel heavy. Foundations that claim to be breathable leave doubts in my mind. I have gotten blackheads from such claims... not this one. I love it. Easy to apply for those lazy mornings where we need to look gorge! (Isn't that always?)

"Covers everything, but feels like nothing. The lightweight formula with Revlon DermaBreathe™ science gives you perfectly smooth, even-toned skin that breathes. The cream to powder formula glides on creamy smooth and finishes powder light, in one step. Oil-free, irritant-free, and won’t clog pores. With SPF 15."

 **Hey FACEatelier please make a compact cream to powder foundation!!

While flying from Singapore to Toronto I had to do something on my 14 hour Hong Kong - Toronto leg... Duty-Free shopping on Cathay! I bought this Chanel Travel Makeup Palette - Voyage HIT! Love it. I layer the soft golden-peachy blush ontop of my new Armani bronzer - great combo! [I don't remember what I paid cuz I bought a few things...]

 STAR Hairways International were selling their hair extensions online for CHEAP on SingSale. Now... I am a hairstylist so I can make these work. BUT... MISS! Please don't waste YOUR money. They are very thin and even though fake FAKE hair can look good - these don't. [NOTE: SingSale does have great deals just don't buy these if you see them on sale] Now: I am curious if Hairways International is going under because I could not find them anywhere via Google. 

If you are look for good fake FAKE hair see my friends at GirlHairDo and ask for the good fake stuff [boys can get hairdos too] she has fab fake hair. Check it out here on my celebrity cover shoot for The Kit in Canada. 

To help dress up and hide your bad hair you may want to try Ophelie Hats! Their site is a smidge confusing so try this too CLICK!

Ophelie Hats Cocktail Reception Headband $64.99 by Ophelie Hats at ModCloth. I found these at Winners in Canada and purchased three headbands; I justify my beauty shopping as it goes in my hair & makeup kit.  


Cool, right? Fit for a Royal wedding.

I'm sure this is a cool headband but don't wear it like this otherwise you will look like a dumbass like she does. It's a HIT if you buy it but a MISS if you wear it this way.




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Andrea Claire In CozyCot Magazine

By Andrea Claire · July 8, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

In March I was awarded the honour as one of Singapore's 100 Most Inspiring Real Women. [thanks!] I bet you will have trouble picking me out in the photo... ;)

CozyCot has now launched a print magazine and the premier issue has a cross-section of us real women! [I'm not so keen on my 'pose', but I guess it is real.]

I was asked to do a Day to Night makeup workshop using Lancome at the event too. Check it out here.

Thanks to CozyCot for supporting all women on International Women's Day 2011!

Check out their upcoming Beauty & Fashion Awards! My friend [who was also my 1st assistant in Singapore!] Joanna Koh is up for the honour! Click and support her!

ELLE Singapore, July

By Andrea Claire · July 4, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


As seen in ELLE, Singapore

Hair & Makeup: Andrea Claire

Styling: Furqan Saini

Photography: Mark Gong


Eco-Beauty: Beautify Mother Earth & Yourself

By Andrea Claire · July 4, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Eco-Beauty by Andrea Claire [me] originally seen in austinwoman magazine

Flushed skin? Going Green Gets The Red Out

By Andrea Claire · July 2, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Red sensitized skin can be a pain in the a**.

Being a natural Redhead and living abroad on a tropical island, my skin tends to gravitate to the pinkish. My new fave for combating redness? Dermalogica's Redness Relief! It cuts the red immediately and is also matte so you can wear under your makeup with no shine issue. [and the green tint is not too pigmented and it blends out to sheer skin so you won't look like Kermit the Frog] Another great one that is good for touch-ups throughout the day is Physicians Formula Talc-Free Pressed Powder in Soft Green, fellow makeup artists, this is a GREAT addition to our kits. 

*TIP: Too much sun? Use these anti-redness correctors  vs packing on foundation. Too much foundation on sunburnt skin can be irritating as well as won't match you skin anymore so give up the attempt. And remember... Sunscreen!

Dermalogica Ultracalming Redness Relief Spf20

 $43.00 by Dermalogica at Ulta

Neutralize redness and defend against inflammation with this soothing moisturizer by Dermalogica. Formulated with UltraCalming Complex to neutralize, relieve, and defend against inflammation and redness induced by skin sensitivity and rosacea. Increased SPF for added solar protection against UV rays.

Although I can personally attest to the Dermalogica Anti-Redness, there are other options waiting for your blending fingertips if you have got a royal flush.



Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup SPF 15

 $24.50 by Clinique at Bloomingdale's

Soothing oil-free makeup instantly color-corrects flushing, blushing. Calming ingredients help minimize flare-ups. Beneficial probiotic technology helps strengthen skin’s barrier. Keeps environmental triggers at bay with SPF plus antioxidants. Apply after using your Redness Solutions Redness Regimen or 3-Step Skin Care. Shake bottle well. Squeeze a few drops of foundation onto the back of your clean hand. With Foundation Brush or clean fingertips, smooth makeup into skin, starting in center of face, blending out toward hairline and jawline. Remove with your favorite Clinique oil-free makeup remover.

  • Anti-Aging
  • Redness & Discoloration
  • Targeted Treatments
  • SPF
  • Liquid
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Foundations


June Jacobs Redness Diffusing Serum

$60.00$40.20 by June Jacobs at DERMAdoctor

June Jacobs Redness Diffusing Serum is enriched of fresh flowers and plant extracts to cool, calm and help reduce redness and surface discoloration on troubled skin. Concentrated natural anti-inflammatory extracts help reduce and diminish the appearance of borken capillaries, rosacea, sun damage, redness, discoloration and dark circles to promote a clear unifom complexion.


gloMinerals gloRedness Relief Powder

 $26.00 at DERMAdoctor

gloRedness Relief Powder reduces redness on the spot while also providingyou with therapeutic benefits.This unique formulation neutralizes surface redness and soothes skin with ingredients including honeysuckle, zinc oxide, licorice and caffeine. Ideal for even the most sensitive skin, and after advanced chemical and microderm treatments.


Fusion PrimeResults Anti-Redness Primer, 1 oz.

 $42.00 at Macy's

Ultra-soothing peptides and mineral-rich algae strengthen & protect skin against stressors that trigger redness and irritation. Extra gentle formula neutralizes the look of visible redness and irritation and helps calm and soothe sensitive skin & restore a healthy, even complexion. Cool green shade neutralizes visible redness. Reduces irritation by 30% compared with baseline with max reduction of 65% at 4 weeks, and 80% at 6 weeks. PrimeResults Anti-Redness Primer

  • Extra gentle formula
  • Neutralizes the look of visible redness and irritation.
  • Helps calm and soothe sensitive skin & restore a healthy, even complexion.
  • Ultra-soothing peptides and mineral-rich algae strengthen skin & protect against skin stressors that trigger redness and irritation. •
  • Cool green shade instantly cancels out redness.
  • Reduces irritation by o 30% compared with baseline - 65% at 4 weeks - 80% at 6 weeks.


Big Pimple Wrecking Havoc On Your Avatar Pic? Spot Correct with heavier coverage.

Boots Botanics Complexion Refining Concealer, Stick Anti-redness

$9.99$8.49 at drugstore.com

Boots Botanics Complexion Refining Concealer, Stick Anti-redness Green shade is easy to blend, covers up blemishes for a clearer complexion and provides anti-redness action relief. Oil-free and non-pore blocking. Complements existing Complexion Refining Concealers.


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