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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Are BB Creams a waste of time?

By Andrea Claire · April 2, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Being a Canadian transplant in Asia, I have been asked from all sides of the pond my thoughts on BB creams. "Are BB Creams a waste of time?"

That all depends... I know, non-committal answer, but read on...

If your skin is perfect then you don't need heavy coverage; so BB Creams are for you, the one with perfect skin. Add on some sheer tint that smooths out your dewy perfect complexion that you've been saddled with.

If you have problem skin ie acne, dull, aging etc then prepping your skin with a vitamin enriched, slightly tinted formulation BB Cream is for you too. You just need to look for a formulation that targets your skin type.

If using a BB Cream, choose one formulated with both SPF and PA++ protection*.

BBs were an invention by a German physician made famous by Koreans for post-surgery healing. Originally formulated for healing and jam packed full of vitamins and skinseuticals, traditionally BB Creams have been known to look chalky and grey. Too many women were using this in place of their foundation and really laying it on thick. Not that way to do it. If you feel that you need to layer your BB Cream with the intention of more coverage than you are misunderstanding the BB Cream's place in your beauty routine.

BB Creams are not to replace your skincare nor to replace your coverage.

BB Creams can be for that woman on the go with perfect skin who needs a quick morning routine to get junior out the door and off to that meeting; but bare in mind that if you rely on the BBs for your skincare overtime you will suffer the consequences.

"But Andrea, my skin is tight and glowing. I'm sure BB Creams would suffice for me" hm. Well, I am older than you think and I have never relied on the fast-track beauty regimens...I don't advise that you do either.

BB creams are useful for all but I like them mixed with foundation for an extra treatment for the skin with a complexion enhancing dewiness.

I love the Bobbi Brown BB Creams. I'm a lux skin kinda makeup artist. But, are they a waste of time? I don't think that they are a major asset to your routine. [BTW: I purchased my BB BB's, no discount or freebies and I've reco'ed it to some models and celebs who are hooked on it now too]

Perfect skin? Then apply it all over after your skincare and opt to skip foundation. Touch up the odd blemish or dark circle with a concealer. Why mess with perfection? Maintenance. For a night out or a more glamorous look mix your BB with your foundation.

Troubled skin? Then apply as your first step after your skincare before your foundation to prep for your perfect skin. Decide whether or not you need all over coverage or spot coverage.

Using a primer?? Apply your primer just before your BB. [Being a woman is a pain in the ass, isn't it]

Some other quotes in the media on BBs by me:

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Former senior beauty editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Singapore Alli Sim loves her some La-Roche Posay BB Cream SPF 50

My friends at BeautyGeeks, Canada has this great feature on BB Creams.

PS: SPF & PA++ ; WTF is that?

SPF protects skin from the UVB rays which are a medium wavelength, affecting the surface of the skin. The skin's surface is replenished in a 28 day cycle.

PA++ protects the skin UVA rays which are long wavelengths that penetrate into the skin's second layer. The second layer has a renewal of five to six years which would show you just how important sun protection with PA++ is. The more '+' after the PA the better the protection.

I haven't tried a lot of BB Creams since they are not the B-all for me, so do share if you have a fave. Are you a fan of the BB?? Share that too.

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