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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Beauty Books Reviewed

By Andrea Claire · August 20, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

As a beauty guru/junkie/artist I am also a proud [beauty] bookworm. I have a reference library at home filled with all the top beauty books. Here's a selection of what I use for inspiration and reference. Oh, and one NOT in my library and why not everyone should get a book deal. [did I just??? yes, I did]

Rae Morris is a makeup artist from Australia. I discovered this book while walking through Kinokuniya, a GINORMOUS bookstore in Singapore. Why is this a great book? She writes it seamlessly concise that anyone from an average Jane to a senior pro-artist can follow. I LOVE her tip on using tape. [You'll have to buy the book to discover her tip] I've used tape before as a tool for sharp edges or to lift off unwanted glitter - but Ms Morris has some other uses.

Beautiful Eyes is another great book by Ms Morris; great tips with beautiful imagery. An easy read for all from the one who needs a 'makeup for dummies' to a pro who likes to keep a library. If you are unsure about what colours you can pull off with your eye colour she has a fabulous guide at the beginning of the book.

Don't 'click' to look inside as I clipped this off of Amazon! But click to go buy Making Faces! I have ALL of his books The Art Of Makeup, Face Forward and the biography by Kerry Diamond, A Beautiful Life. For those who don't know about Kevyn, he was a ground-breaking makeup artist. He really set the stage for us celebrity artists and took the art [and commerce] to the next level. In 2002 Kevyn passed away - he has an amazing story. Wiki sums it up, but read A Beautiful Life, it truly was.

Beautiful Brows, 121 pages of eyebrows. Riiiight. I'm sure Damone Roberts will disagree with me, but it's about 100 pages too long. If you are a makeup artist or an eyebrow fanatic do get this. However, if you are looking for random books to fill your library, skip it. Read ALLURE's beauty tips on brows, that's all you will need on the brow topic.


The Mane Thing by Kevin Mancuso, if you like hair books or if you are a hairstylist this needs to be in your reference list. I hear Kevin is a nice guy too. Funny story: I was asked to assist him for a Clairol ad and said No. I had been done with assisting for a while - was already on my first TV show doing makeovers and frankly, my ego was too big to assist anymore. I sent my assistant at the time who was going to assist the key makeup artist with my copy of The Mane Thing and had it autographed. LOLZ. [sidebar: Kevin had gotten stuck in a New York snowstorm so his flight was delayed by a day, so I actually had been called in to prep all the models' haircuts and oversee the colourist who was matching extensions that were once in Britney's hair to the lead actress' hair for the commercial.]

And with a title like Spectacular Hair you would expect it to be so... this one actually got rave reviews. I flipped through it at Borders, shuddered and put if back on the shelf. The cover looks promising but then most of the styles look like bad Southern Belle prom hair from the 70s. [must be self-published]

UPDATE: Good To Great Hair, I have this book and flip through it a lot for reference. I can't believe I forgot to put it on here. Want to DIY hairstyles? Are you a hairstylist? Do you have some hair? Get this book, truly one of the best hair books on the shelves today. Robert Vetica, the brains behind the magic hands, has styled many Red Carpet A-listers, many of whose hair I have LOVED. Check out his work.

Makeup Is Art is on my 'to buy' list. I haven't even seen the inside of it but it comes recommended by two artists so therefore I must have it. *smiley face



Bobbi Brown Beauty is also a staple for your beauty library. She has some nice techniques that she shares. She has nice makeup too. [LOVE the Shimmer Bricks!]


Carmindy's The 5 Minute Face is a cute book with fast tips. I like it. It's simple. Not much more to say. [In the past I've been referred to as the Carmindy of Canada. Thanks; I'll take that!] I hear she's super duper nice too.

Some honourable mentions: Vogue and InStyle occasionally publish beauty books. InStyle's tend to be a great celeb tip/bang for your buck, although some of the tips of 'drink water' are a little tired. We all know to drink water.

Have a great beauty book to share? Don't be shy. Comment below.

posted by dani@callitbeauty

Oh goodness, I *need* those Rae Morris books in my life! Time to track them down...

posted by

Hi Dani!

You won't be sorry! They are great books. :)

Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.

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