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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

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By Andrea Claire · August 5, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

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posted by dogearedjewelry

i am married, but in hindsight, i would have LOVED to know that the best investment - one that no woman should be without - is a wedding day coordinator!!! Small investment - big savings on the sanity!

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I'm not going to walk down the aisle anytime this year, but here are a few questions/ scenarios:

1. My boyfriend of 23 years has just proposed to me and we'll be married in a year! I have a rock bigger than yours, sister! How do I start with my hair & makeup prep? Where do I start?

2. I went for a makeup and hair trial before the wedding and it looks great - but it's the morning of my wedding and - I don't think it's the jitters from never being able to screw a rockstar ever again - but my makeup looks awful! What do I do?!

3. How should I pick a makeup artist? Should I pick separate people for hair & makeup or should they be the same? How do I know if someone that worked very well for my girlfriend would work for me, seeing how we're from completely different ethnicities?

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Great questions! (But you cannot win the brushes since you are within my bff circle! :) ) I will certainly inspire from these. I do want to answer them now since some readers may love the info:

1. To start prepping for the big day a year in advance is a little early for hair & make up thoughts, however, you can start a file folder of hair & make up you like. Rip out pages from a magazine, {'tearsheets'} to show your artist. I also recommend to show what you DON'T like. This will give the artist a nice rounded idea of your hopes and desires for your bridal beauty.

2. It is not uncommon for hair trials to look different from one day to the next as hair can set different - usually inconsistent weather will play a part in that - ie if your hair trial day was rainy but your wedding day was sunny your hair would probably set better on the sunny day. An experienced stylist will use product according to your hair type and weather.
Now, make up - if you used the same make up artist as who did your trial, I would assume you did - then think about these factors: a) did she write down what she did at your trial (if not, shame on her!) b) how is the lighting? Look at your make up inside and outside - your pictures will be taken under various lighting situations and you should look stunning under any setting AND to the naked eye.
How to fix it: If you are comfortable talk to your artist, point out what you are not happy about. If you are not comfortable call in your maid of honour. (Do not grab the gaggle AND aunt bertha- too many cooks in the kitchen will add to your stress) A professional artist will not leave until you are happy. But do think about it - do you look STUNNING and it is jitters or ...? Trust your maid of honour, if she tells you you are turning into Bridezilla then thank your artist and send her on your way. Also, trust your artist. If you say 'i think I need more blush' and she explains why you should not - listen to the trained professional. Ultimately, it is your day and you are paying her, but there is a fine balance as you are paying a trained professional not a trained monkey.
*At your trial take a 3/4 length shot of your hair & make up for reference.

3. To pick your Glam Squad for your big day you can surf the internet, look in bridal magazines, ask for referrals as well as look up hair & make up artist agencies. ( ie www.judyinc.com/andreaclaire ) Ask to see portfolios from any artist you are considering. If you have the budget to hire separate hair and make up artists then you can consider that option. You can also hire one hair & make up artist just for you and a slightly junior artist for your bridal party as a gift to them. I have done bridal parties with assistants, with other senior artists, where I have done just the bride - so many scenarios. Most artists who do magazine editorials will also do weddings; find the hair and make up credit on the pages of the editorial which should have contact info and contact them. A freelance artist will not need to be booked more than 2 months prior - however, if you are sure you want them book them.
Finally, a well-rounded artist will have a full kit and experience for all ethnicities, if you have concern then you may not have chosen the right artist or you may need to have another conversation/trial with her to put your mind at ease.

Andrea Claire

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I don't know, I think people skip comments, no? My readers ask the same questions over and over again [usually about my hair, of course! lol] so I assume people don't read them!

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