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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Eco & scalp-friendly hair colour

By Andrea Claire · November 20, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

photography Zurina Bryant , hair & makeup Andrea Claire

TV Host - Linda Black (pictured above) is a friend and frequent client of mine. Linda had a dilemma that many women share - a scalp that would be on fire after a hair colour. She told me that no matter what stylist or hair colour she used fire would ensue. Now Linda B is a busy bee so I told her to leave it with me (poet / know it) - I would find a colour.

I had a client years ago in Canada with a similar issue, she began to use Herbatint*. Since hives and welts are not pretty in the world of hair colour - nor in TV hosting, I told Linda that I would source out Herbatint.

*HERBATINT™ is a permanent hair colourant gel with a natural herbal base that contains NO AMMONIA, but will cover grey 100% and can lighten you hair up to 2 shades.

I began my search and as luck would have it - I was contacted by the team at Le Bono Collection.

Le Bono Collection is a socially responsible company that distributes luxury, organic, sustainable and ethical products aimed at spiritual, environmental and social wellness that appeal to the health, well-being and lifestyle of people.

One company that Le Bono distributes is Original & Mineral - a professional hairstyling product with hair colour, shampoos & conditioners and styling products. Original & Mineral has a trademarked CCT Color - Clean Color Technology

"CCT™ is a revolutionary hair system that helps dispel the myths surrounding ammonia free hair color. CCT™ delivers clean, lustrous blondes, bright fashion shades and lasting, vibrant colors while completely covering gray. As a technical innovator, our formulating chemists look to remove harsh chemicals wherever possible while including natural extracts and active minerals that deliver real benefits." OriginalMineral.com

Le Bono tells me that only three salons carry this colour in Singapore!! By producing a professional permanent colour that is free of ammonia, resorcinol and PPD it's a wonder why this colour hasn't really hit the markets running.

[Not in Singapore? Check out the salon locator for the salon near you!]

Le Bono was so generous as to give me some colour to use on Linda and a few little extras.

Linda's comments were great! As I applied the colour to her hair - she said it felt 'pudding-like' - 'a cooling calm' of colour versus the heat and irritated scalp that would curse her up to a week after any colour service. We both noted the pleasant scent. [I followed up with Linda for a few days after the colour - she reports zero negative reaction!]

As a pro-stylist I can tell you it's a joy to use. I also tried a few of their high-lift highlighting series on clients with amazing results - the lift in the blonde series so far is quite impressive! The negative is that the salon cost per tube is higher than the average but the tubes of colour are slightly bigger = more product and really, when you have a higher end colour with better results, minus the harsh chemicals which equals better for the client and environment - clearly it's a win-win!

image source: Anita Kapoor cute, self-[back of cab]-portrait.

Another TV Host, Anita Kapoor / friend / frequent client - popped over for a little hair colour so I of course had to use Original & Mineral on her. Anita had simlar feedback to Linda - although Anita never complained about reactions to hair colour in the past , if a colour is available to you that is better for your hair and your health why would you say no?

But that is not all!!

Atlantis Watercolour by Original & Mineral is an at-home hair colour free from harsh chemicals AND peroxide... let me repeat 'ZERO CHEMICALS!' It is activated with hot water versus a chemical activator such as peroxide - this means nursing mothers, pregnant women or women concerned in general of chemical exposure can use this colour. A drag if you are fair-haired lady seeking out this colour in Singapore - look at ordering elsewhere as Tangs seems to carry only three colours out of their colour range of 44 - the lost colour of Atlantis... a tad limiting for the consumer!

Don't expect any lifting action with Atlantis though - aim to give your own colour a richer appearance or perhaps refresh a faded red or add a little honey to your flattened blonde - Atlantis can extend the time in-between salon visits. Also available in Clear which would add shine and a little body to dull, limp hair.

Virtually impossible to screw up,  Atlantis is the ideal at-home colour as there are no chemicals and washes out 4-6 weeks later.

NOTE: Atlantis Watercolour has been known to cover grey with the darker shades - lighter shades it may simply tone the grey. Grey hair is stubborn so any grey coverage with Atlantis consider a bonus!

I'm told Kylie Minogue is a fan of Atlantis Watercolour.

More colour companies should really jump onto this eco/scalp-friendly carbon foot-print reduced bandwagon.

Linda Black on Twitter

Anita Kapoor on Twitter

Concerned about scalp health? Read more about scalp treatments here.

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