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How Does Your Lip Liner Pucker Up?

By Andrea Claire · July 21, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Lip liners, love'em or hate'em.

I've never been a huge fan as alongside eyebrows (help is here),  lip liner can be another grande faux-pas. But sometimes, a little liner is necessary. The important thing to remember with liner is to be aware of the need to touch up, a ring around your mouth looking like you just ate a fudgesicle is never a pretty sight.

Top left: Clinique quickliner for lips in Cocoa Rose - a smooth, creamy application with rich pigment, great for pairing with sophisticated creamy lipsticks

Top Right: Bourjois Levres Contour in Enjoleuse - subtle application, great choice if looking for just a hint of liner

Bottom left: Estee Lauder DoubleWear Stay in Place Lip Pencil in Tearose - glides on with a strong reflective colour, fill-in entire lip  then top with a clear lipbalm

Bottom right: Dr. Hauschka Lipliner in 3 - a light waxy texture, pair with long-wearing lipsticks

When applying your liner anchor your pinkie to your chin and work the liner upwards as if tracing a slight smile.

If you find the liner looks too harsh soften edges with a Q-Tip or apply liner after your lipstick.

Applying liner after your lipstick will have your liner fade off with your lipstick.



  If you're not a fan then why use lip liner? Liner defines a fading lip, adds drama to a Femme Fatale colour and can prevent lipstick from bleeding. Not convinced? You can never go wrong with au naturale and a smokey eye.









* A one-stop shop liner for all lipstick colours from nude to bold? Try Cargo Cosmetics Reverse Lip Liner. 

posted by PetalsWellness

Its a tedious work for me, using lip liner by myself..
I'll try out your tips.

posted by Anonymous

I have used it for years. Draw it on, smudge it so it covers the lip, add some Burt's Bees chapstick and I have the perfect nude mouth that lasts.

posted by

I love it. As a "mature" woman, I find it a necessity. As we age, the outline of our lips becomes lighter and our lips aren't very defined. Liners really help.

posted by

Thanks for your comments!
Marian55 - you look fantastic! I hope I do when I'm a 'mature' woman too! And you're right about that disappearing lip line - these are my lips in the post... *sigh*

posted by

I like liner just because it helps lipstick stick, so I just got a clear liner that I use with everything.

posted by Anonymous

Oh a great way to do lipliner without getting the gross ring around your lips is to also fill your lips in with the liner, lighter on the lip than the line. It looks much more natural than just having a ring.

posted by

KeLynns - Good tip! And clear lip liner is also great for sealing eye make up under your eyes; prevents bleeding even with eye make up!

Anon - Another great tip: filling in the lip liner all over the lip - you're right! The only thing to consider when basing your entire lip with lip liner is that it may intensify your lipstick (which can be a desired effect) or change the lipstick colour if the lip liner is only 'close' in colour.

Thanks for your comments and sharing your tips!

posted by

I wear lipliner daily and one big tip is to draw it on in short connecting strokes, rather than one long line. It looks more natural and doesn't tug at the skin as much.

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