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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Manicures: Are you getting what you paid for?

By Andrea Claire · December 10, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

<span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman','serif'; font-size: 10pt;">Do you ever spend time and money getting your nails done to have them chip or smudge minutes after leaving the salon? Sure sometimes it's us; klutzy and leaving too soon - polish still tacky to the touch just begging for disaster other times it's your nail tech cutting corners. Here are some steps to watch whether you are DIY'ing your nails or hovering over your manicurist.

What can screw up your nails

An oil slick- after your buffing and prepping your nail plates you need to remove any excess oil - be it from creams or your own oils as the slickness of the nail will interfere with the adhesion of the polish. Simply wipe with nail polish remover or use a nail brush and scrub with soap and water.
NOTE for the DIYer: Some nail polish removers with conditioners in them will actually leave a film, best to scrub with a nail brush then.

Old polish - this drives me crazy when a nail salon is squeezing the life out of the nail polish. Old polish will bubble and clump on your nails. If you need to add remover to thin it out then you need to toss that nasty ass polish. Like anything old, except maybe Grandma - old things breed bacteria. I also question the cleanliness of a nail artist when she starts dumping in thinner. If you are a pro and love your thinner and disagree don't do this step in front of your client cuz this is what we think.

Tip you off - after the first coat of polish whether DIY or pro the very tip of your nail needs polish otherwise it will start chipping - this photo above is my fresh gelish manicure done in Singapore. *finger wagging* Shame shame nail tech for cutting corners! See that white tip of the free edge? Should have been polished. This sloppy gelish manicure was done at Serenity Cove in Holland Village (Singapore) and I paid an extra $30 for it - my daughter Sage got a gelish too and there were spots missing polish at the cuticle and the nail groove [sides of the nail]

Quick dry - quick dry doesn't necessarily dry below the first coat so don't get all cocky with your mani / pedi but if you have been sitting for 30+ mins, added quick dry and left the salon treating your nails with care and they still smudge - go back to the salon and ask them to fix it as it's their fault. However, if you go home and set up an IKEA bed using your nails as tools and wreck your fresh mani then you are an idiot.

Do fans really work?? I have been told by nail artists that the fans just leave clients with the belief that this will speed the drying process but apparently the actual fact is the lacquers require a certain length of drying time - and fans, cold water and blowing on them are simply myths. Climate does however play a role in drying time. Polish takes longer to dry in humid climates - I personally tested that one out.

In Singapore and need a great nail artist? Yani 8666-8069 - is amazing and she does house calls! Her regular manis have lasted me two weeks!
In Canada - Tips Nail Bar

All nail addicts need to check out Inspirationail and not just to read my interview. *wink*
Are you a nail tech or a DIYer with a great tip? Feel free to share in the comments and link yourself. Sharing is caring. 

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