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Sleeping Beauty || a Skincerity review

By Andrea Claire · October 29, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I have to be honest - generally MLM beauty industries scare me. When I get an email starting with: 'have I got a business opportunity for you!' I think - great someone is trying to sell me on the American Way again... I'm neutral - like Switzerland.

Well, I have a client who approached me in a slightly different manner: Andrea, I have been trying this product with great results on myself. Can you try it [and blog about it] hopefully you will like it too!

She asked me for my feedback regardless of my desire to blog post about it.

[This is my daughter Sage - she is really sleeping. Thanks Sage!]

Skincerity is a nighttime breathable mask. How it works is it seals in your moisture / products so you get the benefits from your evening skincare regimen amplified. One caution is do not use this when using steroid creams as you do not want to enhance the active ingredients in steroid creams which are known to thin the skin.

I have been using this for a month now. Zoie (4 yrs old) at first didn't want me using it as it freaked her out a little. The mask dries onto the skin looking reminiscent of the peeling masks so my skin looks like it's slightly peeling off. Now she is used to it and rolls her eyes at me. Yes, my 4 year old rolls her eyes. It was cute and funny the first few times...

I have used Skincerity over my Dermalogica Ultracalming Relief mask - I tend to sleep with this on when my skin is sensitized, a redhead thing. [masks generally pack their punch within the first 10 minutes so sleeping with them on is unnecessary - it's just a thing I do]

Face of 41 Bitches! No botox - I know my crazy eyebrow looks Botoxed. It's not. A LOT of Dermalogica and my immaturity keeps my youthful glow... and my Pippi Longstocking freckles.

I have seen a difference in my skin. My monthly breakout has minimized. My pores seem tighter to the point that I was analyzing my own skin in a magnifying mirror in disbelief. Definitely one deeper line in my brow is almost gone. True story.

Can you use this mask on it's own? Yes. If you are not a night skincare person you will will still reap some anti-aging benefits as there are ingredients such as grape seed oil and Vitamin E. Read a little more here.

Some other products that I have tried Skincerity over with great results:

Bio-Oil 2 Oz.  $14.99 by Bio-Oil at Folica.com

Age Smart Overnight Repair Serum $60.00 by Dermalogica at DERMSTORE

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream $39.00 by Dermalogica at Ulta


From the Skincerity FB page: Skincerity® Nightly Breathable Masque is a revolutionary cosmetic barrier that helps your skin feel smoother and look younger in just days. Skincerity is the world's only cosmetic product with patented Breathable Barrier® technology that seals in your own natural moisture to deeply hydrate your skin. While the Breathable Barrier® holds in moisture, it both infuses antioxidants and allows oxygen molecules to penetrate the barrier to help restore and rejuvenate your skin. The results are nothing less than amazing.

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Where can i get this?

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You have to buy it directly from a distributor I believe - message their FB group that I did a link in pink. ;)

posted by Tara milne

Hi Rashida, I am a Distributer for Skincerity in Singapore. You can contact me through the FB page in Andrea's link or email skincerity.singapore@gmail.com.

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Hi Rashida i am also a distributor in the Uk :) www.dennymac76.mynucerity.biz is my website or contact me rennie.denise@yahoo.co.uk :) it really is a fantastic product love your post Andrea :)

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Thanks dennymac76!


posted by Skincerity Reviews

If you are looking for more reviews and testimonials, do visit our site for more information.
We feature real testimonies from Singapore users who have seen success in Skincerity in areas like eczema relief, milia seeds removal, improved complexion etc.
You are most welcome to submit your testimonials to us as well.
Finally, thanks Andrea for this wonderful post.

Best Regards,

posted by Anonymous

Hi please follow Nucerity London Uk on twitter. If you send us a direct message we can order this product for you. Thank you

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Hi - This product is amazing. I've been using it for 3 weeks now and definitely around the eyes and forehead, my wrinkles are a lot softer and a dry red patch around my chin has disappeared . I am selling Skincerity in Scotland (and obviously rest of UK) either directly through me or my website (where you can sign up as a preferred customer and get it cheaper) at www.mynucerity.biz/uk. This product is for anti-wrinkles, psorasis, eczema, acne, stretch marks. I believe skin conditions calm down very quickly with this product and with wrinkles you are looking at 2 - 3 weeks for big differences. Personally, I have not had another product (even the overpriced ones!) which works like Skincerity does.

posted by Anonymous

Hi, this product ia amazing. I'm and independant Nucerity distributore, please email me to order j.bedford240932@gmail.com or see my website

posted by Belinda Rees

Like the other's the first thing I say when someone asks me what is Skincerity? I reply with "It's AMAZING!!!"
I fell in love with this mask after only 3 nights & 2 months later decided to throw out every other product in my bathroom! Everyone who has bought a bottle from me are absolutely loving their results.
When I was first asked to try this product I was skeptical (it's in my nature) but I have never looked back.
If you are looking for a distributor in Australia then contact me through my website http://belrees.mynucerity.biz/

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