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Update On The 'S' French Braid Updo: Step By Step How-to

By Andrea Claire · January 22, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I am flattered that the response is so great on the French Braid Updo.

Here is a series of steps in photos that hopefully sheds some light on how to do it.

Brush your hair. If it goes big, that's OK! Better actually.

*For curly hair, don't brush it, just run your fingers through your hair.


Start slight off centre of your crown. I started on the left. Break the section into 3 to start the braid.

Braid slightly diagonally towards your ear.

Curve back from your ear and braid in the same manner to the other side.

Keep braiding as per above back and forth until you run out of hair. Tuck up ends and pin.

Et Voila.


Let me know if this a) helps or b) confuses more.

Even though I've been a hairstylist for 20 years, I swear you can do this if you can master a French braid.

TIP: Next time you see your hairstylist, ask her to watch how you French braid and correct any mistakes you may have. 

 I know, this just may be the Rubik's Cube of hairstyling. Sorry. :)


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posted by Julie Ellis

a) helps for sure! can't wait to try it out

posted by

Thank you so much! This perfect. I just needed to see the start point clearly and where you made the S turn. Fantastic! I am going to try this right away.

posted by

Yeah! Glad it helped! Happy braiding. :)

posted by


could you post a link to the tumblr image? basically, is it this: http://pinterest.com/pin/1722777/

if it isn't, could you post a tutorial on how to do THAT hairstyle?! it looks so crazy and cute

posted by


No, this was not inspired from that image but you are right - it looks so cute and a little close to the step by step here. Let me play with it and figure out how-to- I think it's just dropping the braid down and not have an 'S'.
Also, I'll ask my daughter for a link to the original inspiration she showed me.


posted by Anonymous

Was it perhaps http://www.fashiontoast.com/2011/01/thursday-inspiration.html
I saw this and wanted to know how to do it for prom.

posted by

Hey Anon,

It is the same braid updo but not the same image from tumblr. I'll get my daughter to get me the link [I keep asking her for it]; but, yup - this is how you do it! :) An excellent choice for prom!


posted by Krystle Young

Awww thank you for clarifying your S braid tutorial for me like I requested! You're the best! UNFORTUNATELY I just got my long beautiful hair cut and the guy who cut my hair still thinks women like their hair layered short like Prue from Charmed in the 90s so now I can't braid anymore !!! :'(

posted by


Oh no! Poor you! The upside - this is a timeless look so when your layers grow out you can do it. Helps?

PS Even me, a hairstylist, had a horrid haircut once. I wore it in a ponytail for 4 months.

posted by RebeccaLomp

I just did this hairstyle on my 11-year-old for her school dance. Absolutely beautiful, and easy to do! Thanks for the pictures. It wouldn't have been possible for me otherwise.

posted by


That's great! I am thrilled you could do this with my step by step!


posted by NatalieLenora

I would love to see some side pictures...

posted by

Sorry NatalieLenora - Why I miss comments from time to time, I'll never know!

The side view isn't very exciting. You can look at any updo options that are straight back, side parts etc... the interest is all in the back. Hope this helps!


posted by Anna Mlestone

Can you point out exactly where it ends? I can't seem to imagine where that is. Is it behind the right ear?

posted by

Hi Anna,

Yes, the end is tucked behind the right ear! I finished the ends with an elastic put didn't pull them all the way through, so the end has a 'bulb' look to it, then I tucked it in and pinned it.

Depending on the length of your hair would depend on were you would tuck in the ends. You could tuck the end into the nap easily just be sure to 'lock' your pins as I explain here: http://andreaclaire.onsugar.com/Art-DIY-Updo-Only-8-Bobby-Pins-Required-9035732


posted by corsicar

Thanks so much for this tutorial, ran across it with StumbleUpon. I just tried it on my sister and it turned out great!

posted by


Oh yay!!! I love hearing that!


posted by Alexis :)

Hi! I really LOVE this hairstyle, because I love doing my hair and my sisters and stuff. I tried it out on my sister, and for some reason I just can't get it... I've got the normal french braid down, easy, but this is hard, do you have any tips? Also, do you think you could ever do this to yourself?
I'd just love for YOU to do MY hair every morning! haha :)))
Email me back or reply by comment? Thanks

posted by


It is just like the normal French braid, just angle and twist as your braid to form an 'S'.
You might need to slide bobby pins in to connect the braid as it curves around. Where do you think you are having trouble? Send me a pic of your end result and I'll see if I can tell where your issue lies.

And, yes! I have done this to myself, but my arms get tired mid-braiding! :)

You sound like my daughter - she cons me into doing her hair practically every morning! LOL

posted by Fashion Blog

Wow! this is great! only issue I have is that I'm not real coordinated with doing braids on myself, it literally takes me hours to do one good plain old braid. Any suggestions?

posted by


Is it because your arms get tired? Try leaning back on a couch/sofa to support your arms. If you need to see maybe you need to watch yourself in the mirror by lining up 2 mirrors? Although that would throw me off! :)

Worst case: ask your significant other, friend, mother, sister, parole officer to help you out. :D


posted by Ariiaa

Wow..beautiful! I have black hair..but i think it'll look good on black too..so i think i'll be trying it soon! thanks for sharing. :)

posted by


Black hair would look great! You can spray some shine on it after to help accentuate all the curves from the braid. It would be very pretty! :D

posted by osaid

lovely idea... i wana wear it.. thanks for sharing

posted by

Yay! Thanks Osaid!

I'm doing a show on Yahoo now where in the next few weeks there should be a video of this up as well - just in case you need the live action version:


posted by Anonymous

can you do a video tutorial? evertime i try it looks gross and childish

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