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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

New work: ELLE Singapore

By Andrea Claire · June 16, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

You might be able to guess from the background that this was shot in Paris!

I have been asked what makeup I used on this spread (Thanks Noelle for the FB question!).


FACE atelier! You see this brand by my name lots. Nope, not a paid spokesperson - just a little mutual love and affection.

What's dollface is wearing:


Ultra Foundation #2 (Ivory)

Blush in Tea


Eyeshadow in African Violet and Mauve

Black Cake Liner

Lash RX in Midnight


Lip liner in Sand

Lipstick in Cameo

In her hair I used Marc Anthony Hair Care Full Blowout Lotion and Pro FINISH hairspray.

If you watch the behind the seams video you will realize that it was a windy day in Paris and hairspray was a waste of time so I stopped using it at one point. I could have chosen to shellac her hair in place but I personally love movement in the hair and loading up on hair products gives the hair a helmet effect; that is not how I do hair, I prefer effortless beauty. Tres chic.

Photography by Brendan Zhang and styling / creative direction by Furqan Saini.

Click the above image for a closer look at the credits. Sadly, you can't buy ELLE Singapore online yet but there are other ELLE franchises you can find on Zinio for purchase. See more of this spread here.


VLOG: Paris Behind the Seams || ELLE Singapore

By Andrea Claire · June 15, 2012 · 0 Comments ·



Behind the scenes of ELLE (Singapore) July issue in Paris. [See the spread here.]

Photography: Brendan Zhang

Styling / creative direction: Furqan Saini [bloody hell Furqan, get a website already!]

Hair & makeup: Andrea Claire or Andrea Claire using Marc Anthony Hair Care and FACE atelier cosmetics

Song in video Amen by Sarah Slean, used with permission [Thanks SS!]

[PS video and editing mad skillz are mine.]

New Editorial Work

By Andrea Claire · February 9, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

All images hair, makeup & nails: Andrea Claire shot in Singapore.

Inspire, a luxury travel magazine.

Photography Chuck Reyes

Photography: Chuck Reyes


photography Brendan Zhang

photography Brendan Zhang

ELLE, Singapore

photography Jeff Chen

photography Jeff Chen

Thoi Gian, Vietnam

ELLE Singapore, July

By Andrea Claire · July 4, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


As seen in ELLE, Singapore

Hair & Makeup: Andrea Claire

Styling: Furqan Saini

Photography: Mark Gong


Getting Party Fit: Get Ready December - I'm a Comin'!!

By Andrea Claire · October 20, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

This is a selection of quotes I submitted to ELLE, Singapore for their November issue party feature. I was so gosh-darn proud of my tips - used and not - I thought I would share.

Photography Robin Wong, Hair & Makeup Andrea Claire

'Party Ready Special'

You must grab a copy to see the other great tips too!

8 weeks

So you’ve got 8 weeks to have yourself looking foxy for party season. Thank your lucky stars for the advance notice!

Before you rush out, VISA in hand, to buy a dress that you are hoping to fit into in two months, spend a little time to decide what your attainable goals are to slim. Buying a dress two sizes too small may seem like great motivation but you may be setting your expectations a little too high, Girlfriend.

Try to isolate your areas of concern and work on those areas individually as opposed to a complete body overhaul. If you are not a green tea drinker, it’s time to start! Green Tea is packed with benefits; increases metabolism, anti-ageing properties and poured over ice with a little honey, a delicious cooling drink mid-shopping spree!

Get out and get moving!

If you take the MRT/Bus to work, see if you can get off a stop early and walk that extra block.



Image Reebok Easytone

If you are wearing heels to work, step out for lunch in tennis shoes. Walking in heels or flip flops everywhere will slow up your pace, you will be amazed at how, with a proper shoe and a little more movement, you can knock off a KG+ per week! Pick up a pair of cute trainers to get you from A to B; besides your Louboutin’s could use a little break from walking up that corporate ladder. For cute trainers check out Reebok’s EasyTone which, FYI: they have workout videos online at reebok.com that you can watch and follow! If you are a die-hard flip-flopper, try Fit Flops from Sole 2 Sole that are proven to be a butt-lifting experience!

4 weeks

So you are halfway there! Reassess time!

Where are you in your expectations? Have you adjusted any of those bad habits?

You can’t be chomping down a burger and fries complaining to your colleagues that you just can’t seem be where you want to be for your LBD. (Trust me, if this is you, your friends’ inner monologues hearing you go on and on while eating your burger? Yeah, well, they are currently rolling their eyes and internalizing a groan. If ‘hand to mouth’ disease is what you suffer from, then maybe institute a backup plan, slimming creams! Nivea’s My Silhouette firms and tones with a positive result at the four week mark.

Increase your vegetables and water intake. Sometimes it’s that simple. Oh, but, do decrease your French fry intake, it’s not a one for one system as they don’t cancel each other out.


Tummy troubles? Sit ups will help to tone the muscles and flatten your tummy; but don’t be fooled, sit ups alone will not reduce fat. You need to put your eating in check as well as get your heart rate up to exert some calories.

Yoga is great for all over core strength, muscle tone and balance. Where can you see this difference? Flatter tummy means less ‘When’s the baby due’ comments. Definition in your legs will appear sleeker and without the cankles. When you wave at a friend across the room you whole arm won’t be waving, just your waving hand. Balance from yoga is great as the more cocktails you sip the least likely you will find yourself toppling over – messy drinking is never in style. If you are drinking, don’t forget to take comfort in taxis!

2 weeks

The 2 week crunch is upon you, better step up your game. For a quick fix, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Eat soups and salads with protein, healthy breakfasts and don't snack after dinner. If you are having a hard time skipping that midnight snack, brush your teeth; you will most likely not want to snack with freshly brushed teeth.

1 week

In the final week of the party season countdown, visit a day spa. Whether for a slimming massage, facial, lulur (my fave) or hydrating treatments, spa visits will add a glow to the skin as well as the pampering you get keeps you feeling pretty as a Princess and party perfect. Lush Spa, Leonard Drake and Aramsa The Garden Spa are just a phone call away to your sp-ahhh oasis.


Photography Richard Dubois Hair,  Makeup & Nails Andrea Claire 

Soiree Day Upon You

These quotes herein were used in the mag by:

 "Freelance Makeup Artist/Fashion Guru, Andrea Claire" (billing in the mag! THANKS! FYI: I'm a hairstylist too!) The day has arrived. No need to fret if you didn’t quite make it, there are magic tricks to looking fabulous. Start by channeling your inner Ballet dancer and stand up straight! It’s amazing how great posture can take off 2 kg.

Have you been nail-biting during the countdown? Get a manicure to keep your hands looking posh for the party. You can accessorize your nails with a Minx manicure. The latest celebrity-loved manicure with such fans as Beyonce, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, you can’t go wrong. Nail armor is sealed onto the nail with a heat lamp and with zero drying time – in many textures, designs and colours, you can choose Silver or Gold Lightning or even Snakeskin. Log on to Minx for styles and salons.   

Snakeskin MINX nails by Andrea Claire

Dress for success! Spanx, aside from diamonds, this is women’s other best friend! Lord knows, I'm a lover of Spanx! Available globally, and with the Haute Contour line or Spanx original, you can smooth out the bumps, folds and rolls of your skin so your dress will lay smoother. Opt for the high-waisted Spanx especially if you have a tummy to tuck. The ones that sit at your waist will just push the tummy up folding over the top, aka muffin-top! [The mag referenced Triumph with my tip - both are great!]

Image SPANX Haute Contour

Undergarments are an essential part of dressing. An ill-fitting bra can ruin any dress. If you have never been fit properly see a bra-specialist for sizing and style recommendations for you. La Senza has a broad range of styles and colours and don’t forget to look into the convertible bras before you rule out wearing one! Never go braless especially to a party- you may look like a Picasso with breasts out of line and if people are looking ‘there’ you want it to be out of envy, not laughter.

 Prior to dressing, lather up your skin with luxurious lotions that have light reflective pigments which moisturizes, and evens out skin tone by diffusing the appearance of cellulite, light bruising (if you are a clutz like me) and sunspots. Try MAC Strobe Body Lotion or Jergens Natural Glow Firming Daily Mositurizer.

Highlight up your life! Perfect glowing makeup can make anyone look like a Drop Dead Diva. Turn heads without the need for stressing out if your dress isn’t perfect, your makeup can be. For perfectly glowing skin use a light reflective foundation and highlight your brow bone and cheek bone with MAC Shrimpagne. 


Picking one of your assets and having that as your focal point will draw away from the not-so-good and directly to the ‘yes, I’m gorgeous!’ For example; if you have stunning eyes, play them up with makeup; if you have great gams (legs) play them up with an extraordinary heel. 

Elongating your neckline is very slimming. Whether a plunging neckline or a draping shawl collar, the subtle skin you reveal in a fashionable manner can create a slimming illusion. 

FACT: most women do not wear clothes their proper size, most wear one size too big; don’t be fooled if wearing clothes slightly bigger makes you think you look slimmer, it actually makes you look frumpy. Buying off the rack can also mean slight alterations – take it in in all the right places will automatically slim. Eva Longoria Parker has been known to tailor t-shirts!

Monochromatic outfits are flattering. Patterns are risky, especially in photos as if the pattern sits at the wrong spot your full booty could look fuller. Darker colours are safer.

If you are short, go for a shorter hemline with heels. A long dress will have you looking shorter. Also avoid gladiator shoes – too many straps up the angle will shorten your legs. Opt for a heel with fewer straps and an open-toe for added length. Make sure you are freshly pedicured – you will feel more confident if you don’t feel the need to try to hide your Shrek toes. 

High heels could also be referred to as ‘hide heels’. Heels are great for a slimming effect of the leg as you create a longer look to the leg once you wear a heel. Just remember to walk with confidence, head up, tummy in. 

Twisted fabrics, origami-inspired folds and asymmetrical lines are not only in style but also very forgiving! Abyzz by Desmond Yang, has some gorgeous pieces that you will be head-turning beautiful in.

You are now party perfect with your glowing skin, Spanx-ed and LBD’ed up to the nines; you may want to continue sipping your green tea/honey concoction but maybe add a dash of Absolut in there. 

This Season, It's All About The November Issue

By Andrea Claire · October 14, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

In the world of shameless self-promotion; I am thrilled to share some links to editorials and stories I collaborated on for November! Now, I do realize I am taking advantage of 'bragger's rights', but I do promise you some helpful tips are on these links and it's not just about 'Me-Me'. 

[NOTE: Please click on the pink links to see more.]

Harper's Bazaar, Singapore had invited me to be one of their Beauty Judges for the Bazaar Beauty Awards. Another beauty judge was Grego, a fellow hair and makeup artist who I worked with on a Lancome/Bazaar shoot. I adore Grego! Contrary to this photo:

Photo credit to wicked photographer and friend Jingna / Zemotion

Check out my Bazaar little teasers here and here, and don't forget the issue I believe is out NOW!

Simply Her Singapore featured me in their Luxe For Less - ah, yes! The shopaholic in me was validated! I also did hair and makeup for the fashion spread.

Motherhood magazine I wrote a beauty story on Beauty & The It Bag; essentials for everyday and what you need for you trendy makeup bag.

Her World and ELLE has me quoting some fun little tidbits.

The Singapore American Paper is printing a censored version of my Japan Airlines fiasco.

In the U.S, I have a DIY manicure beauty story in austinwoman magazine on the DIY manicure inspired by my Marble Manicure blog that EVERYONE seemed to love! Thanks EVERYONE! (ok - this one is actually in October - but I do have another story in November - LUXE face creams!)

In Canada's GLOW magazine I was asked about some of my favourite beauty products. Check out what we top hair and makeup artists' are recommending as the 'Best In Beauty' products! (mine is page on 80, #34!)

Whew - I certainly do get around, don't I! ;)

Run out now and stock up on your November issues! XO

A HUGE THANK YOU to all for picking my beauty brain! 


Andrea Claire 

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