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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

New Work || Veux Magazine

By Andrea Claire · June 11, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Imagine the local fish market stall owner's surprise when I asked him for fish skin. I tried to explain that it was for a photoshoot.

Not sure where I come up with my ideas. Pretty sure it's either a) from tequila or b) sleepless thinking of shoots, beauty and art.

Clicking on the images above will give you clear makeup credits. I used a collection of YABY, MAC, Benefit, Shu Uemera, FACEatelier, Make Up For Ever, L'Oreal Paris, Kryolan and MINX nails.

Note: The pinkish/red nails were a MINX knock off I found in Far East Plaza in Singapore.



View Veux online here.

Buy Veux online here.

Get the look: Keira Knightley

By Andrea Claire · April 28, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Keira Knightley stunning; sure at times you want to toss a cheeseburger at her but, posh accent, great actress and a great face for beauty. Ya gotta love her.

Here she is at the A Dangerous Method - UK Gala Premiere.

Keira's skin is showing through but with a semi-matte finish, especially through the t-zone, using a mousse-like foundation will give you this complexion.

Elizabeth Arden-Flawless Finish Mousse Makeup $33.00 USD at Ulta

Starting with great skin? Touch up imperfections with concealer and skip foundation. By Terry Touche Veloutee Concealer $58.00 USD at Barneys New York

To keep the focus on the eyes choose a matching soft pink lipstick and blush.

Bobbi Brown 'Neons & Nudes' Blush $24.00 USD at Nordstrom


Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick, Pink Sugar 006 $8.99 USD at drugstore.com

Apply a warm brown shadow onto your lid, into your crease and under your lower lash line. Love 21 Love & Beauty Eyeshadow Quad $2.80 USD at Forever 21


Line the eyes top and bottom with a smudge-able black liner. Try  MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved (colour shown is not Engraved) $15.00 USD at Dillard's


Layer a lot of mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Benefit Cosmetics They're Real $22.00 USD at Ulta

If you need to add some lashes mix and blend for a full yet natural look. Ardell Trio Pack $12.99 USD at Sally Beauty.


The lovely highlight in the corner can be achieved with MAC Shroom Eye Shadow and add a glow to the cheek with Jemma Kidd Makeup Dewy Glow Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Creme, Iced Gold $30.00USD at Beauty.com

I love Keira's relaxed Prada inspired hair. A great way to show a runway to real way translation. [I snagged this Prada backstage photo off of another hairstylist's blog. No need to credit him as it's a public image but his work is FAB, check it out.]

Hair Do: You can get Keira's version by wrapping your hair in front forward on your curling tongs and brushing smooth with a boar bristle brush. Pull back into a bun.

Hair Don't: Just like Keira, don't spray all the hairs down as hair too frozen in place can look like a helmut going from chic to eek!

See a look you want to know how to get? Let me know; I'll break it down for you.


Neon Makeup

By Andrea Claire · November 8, 2011 · 0 Comments ·


Lips: Blue Zinka and MAC Violet pigment 

Multi Neon lips: MAC pro Primary Yellow Chromaline, Yaby Just Orange , Yaby Hibiscus (eye shadows were mixed with MAC pro Shine mixing medium lip base)
Multi Neon Eyes: Yaby Total Alien Zinka Electric Blue MAC pro Primary Yellow Chromaline



American Apparel Neon Red, Neon Yellow, Neon Violet, Neon Green - all packaged nicely here: Nail Polish (7-Pack) $42.00$32.00 at American Apparel

NOTE: You need to work fast with the American Apparel nail lacquer; it dries insanely fast and is prone to streaks. You can add a shiny top coat that will help with some streaking.

Photo credits:

Photography: Joel Chan for CHIC

Makeup: Andrea Claire, assisted by Mag Yang

Makeup Brushes And Baby Oil || the final installment

By Andrea Claire · August 10, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I cannot tell you how many hits I get a month on my blog with the keywords 'how to clean makeup brushes with baby oil'

And recently Joanna Koh, [another makeup artist who had seen my other blogs on 'how to clean makeup brushes'] told me that schools are telling makeup students to wash their brushes with baby oil.

So - even though 20 years industry experience and common sense would prevail I figured I would ask my peeps at MAC their thoughts on the subject.


MAC Cosmetics Sr Artist Jane McKay suggests their Cleanse Off Oil for any brush or the MAC Brush Cleanser. Baby oil could potentially leave a residue on your brushes.

I agree.

So - I took this one step further and washed some of my synthetic bristle brushes with baby oil. [baby oil on natural hair bristles will wreck them] The baby oil broke down makeup in the bristles faster than my typical brush cleaner BUT as Jane suggested, there was a horrid 'slick' on my brushes that I needed to remove with dish soap.

I can definitely see the benefits of pre-washing some brushes with MAC's Cleanse Off Oil to loosen some foundations, cream shadows, lipsticks, heck even glitter that may need a bit of slip to get out of your brushes but... to repeat again...


Hopefully this blog is 'third times a charm' and the baby oil washing of brushes will come to a halt.

NOTE: MAC Brush Cleanser is safe on all brushes. Some brush cleaners that come in glass bottles are not - they will disintegrate your synthetic bristles.

If after all this you need to know how to clean your brushes - we don't judge - just click & clean

Review: Cailyn Cosmetics

By Andrea Claire · February 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

The past two days I have spent my afternoons at Beauty Asia. I am a beauty addict. A junkie. The last thing I need is more makeup. But I am drawn in by shimmer, lotions and the promise of pretty. [I made the right career choice]


This is me wearing the listed products below by Cailyn. Note: my lip gloss and blush are MAC.

I wore this out to an evening event in Singapore. My makeup withstood the heat - zero fading, flaking or bleeding.

Cailyn Cosmetics is a mineral makeup based out of LA; I guess they are doing the trade show circuit to get the word out. I bought a few items to try as the woman in their booth was very precise and had all the answers to my questions which means... she knows her stuff.

TriAction Tinted Moisturizer is a tinted moisturizer with a beaded texture that with more blending you get coverage and hydration. Works on ALL skin tones... Tested? You betcha! My colleague and gal pal, Faz was with me. I was ready to prove Cailyn Cosmetics wrong; you see in the scale of 1-10 (one being the lightest) I'm a 2 and Faz is an 11. The TriAction blended out perfectly on me and as well as on Faz! Shocked. Still I don't believe it - but my eyes were clear and sober - it did work on the both of us. [Note: Faz's skin looked a little chalky and when prompted the Cailyn people agreed that darker skin needs to base with a moisturizing cream prior to applying the TA Tinted Moisturizer.]

Faz - your thoughts since it was on your skin??

Gel Liner, now I can start a gel liner exhibition. I have black ones in MAC, Bobbi Brown and Shu Uemura and now in Cailyn Cosmetics. Frankly - they are all the same. So if you are brand loyal then get the one you prefer to dump your money into. Cailyn's price point is lower and will deliver internationally! Hello VISA! The Cailyn liner comes with the brush as part of the packaging - so clever and handy.

Loose Pigment Powders are one of my favourite cosmetic items. They are hyper-pigments that are easily layered and blended. You can achieve simple daytime to dramatic looks. I layered two of Cailyn's pigment powders on my eyes above. They were great. I also use MAC's pigments and FACEatelier's Shimmers.

My overall review on Cailyn? I love it. I wish I would have bought more than one of the TA Tinted Moisturizer as I know I will use this on myself daily. I would have to test how it photographs before I use it on set. [My number one and two foundations I currently use in my kits are FACEatelier and Yaby

Makeup Brushes: care & cleaning

By Andrea Claire · April 22, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

A common question I am frequently asked is... How does one clean makeup brushes?

drum roll... Brush Cleaner! [or a gentle shampoo]

There are so many kinds out there. Simply using a mild shampoo works perfectly fine but for that extreme clean, brush cleaner is available from many cosmetic lines.

Some of the more 'quick dry' professional ones use a dry cleaner fluid so you need to be aware of what you are using. The pro-brands that dry quickly can also dry out your brushes causing them to wear quicker.

  1. Using tepid water get the bristles a wet.
  2. Swipe bristles gently back and forth in shampoo
  3. Rinse with the water flowing down off the tip of the bristles so as not to trap water into the base of the bristles
  4. Leave to dry hanging over a sink or counter edge


<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/v_5jPAwy8q4" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/v_5jPAwy8q4" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/v_5jPAwy8q4" /> </object>

On Andrea Claire:

Black Off The Shoulder number: JACOB Canada

Fabulously cool gold hoops: H & M


Foundation: Kevyn Aucoin Radiant Reflections SolidStick in Linda, a great finish, this foundation went on with a great cooling feeling that seemed to depuff my eyes.

Eyes: a blend of  MAC Rich Metal Highlighter on the lids, Kevyn Aucoin Goddess in the crease, YABY grey shadow as a liner with Cargo EyeLighter in the tear-duct

Cheeks: MAC Peachtwist with Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Glow layered on top

Lips: Stila 24 kt gloss in Precious Coral

On Zoie Jean:

Pink Top: H & M

Shorts: Target

Zoie Jean is wearing no makeup as she does not require the help that her mother does.

Labeling your brushes is a great idea for those who work with teams or if you have a house full of girls!

Big thanks to Mabel's Labels for our labels!

Putting the Yummy back into Mummy

By Andrea Claire · January 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Mommy Morning Make Up

From frumpy to fab; getting you out the door and into the kiddie car pool in under 10 minutes<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

As a mother of three, celebrity make up artist, Andrea Claire also finds it hard to look the part 24/7.  But you can steal secrets from her makeup regime – which takes so little time you could almost tell people “Make up?  No time!  I wake up this way!” <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Andrea Claire’s secrets:<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

1.       Use tinted moisturizer in place of plain moisturizer.  Why?  Tinted moisturizer adds luminescence to the skin and coverage in one step combining separate steps for moisturizer and foundation.

2.       Add bronzer to the cheek hollows and eye contour.  Subtle bronzer slims the face and adds a healthy glow and bonus:  bronzers pop any eye color.

3.       Brush on a little peachy-pink blush slightly above the apples of the cheek.  Placing the blush above the apples of the cheeks avoids the ‘Dolly’ look.

4.       Line the eyes with an earthy, cool brown shadow. Why cool brown? Warm shades will exaggerate tired puffy eyes. Why shadow? Shadow, unlike liner, is softer in texture and when you have limited time, go for the quick and easy application method which is also forgiving with make up mishaps.

5.       Curl lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara to the top layer of lashes. If you have circles under your eyes, avoid mascara on the bottom lashes, which only adds to the dark circles.

6.       Awaken tired eyes by applying a champagne hue into the tearducts and browbone, which both lifts and brightens.

Andrea Claire’s faves for your Morning Mommy Make Up bag: <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Jemma Kidd pro finish moisture tint spf 20 tinted moisturizer

NARS  South Beach bronzer

FACEatelier Peach Glaze blush

Yaby  Earth eyeshadow

L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon mascara

MAC Shroom eyeshadow

Carrying around excess baggage? For extreme measures, conceal under the eyes. Try YSL Touche Eclat<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op> <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>No Fuss Hair <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Uber tired? Pull hair into a ponytail between your occipital bone and crown; instant awakening facelift! Goody's no-slip elastic for the chic mom on the go.<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Frazzled mom? Translate to tousled Yummy Mummy, spritz hair with hairspray, wrap in a bun and leave up while doing your make up – loosen & shake it baby! Hair will have great texture. Spray to hold. L'Oreal's Elnett hairspray <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Bed head from sleeping with no time to wash? Dry shampoos not only minimize oily roots but will give great long lasting lift to the roots. Batiste Dry Shampoo<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Brushing up

By Andrea Claire · February 24, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Sometimes I discover uses for things in my kit by sheer accident, this time it was from laziness. I was doing my own make up and my foundation brush was in another room; told you, laziness. I reached for this MAC 187 brush to apply my Dermalogica Treatment Foundation (my fave). The finish on my skin was amazing! I love this brush for blush too - it gives a great glow when applying mineral blushes and pigments. They say it's not the best to use with liquids as the goat hair can ruin but I wash it right after and well, so far so GREAT!

From MAC: www.maccosmetics.com/product/spp.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CAT146&PRODUCT_ID=772

A large full circular brush used for lightweight application and blending of face powder or pigments. Use to create soft layers or add textures. Made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibres.



Andrea Claire

Beauty stories and one fashion tip - 'do not pee on Bottega'

By Andrea Claire · February 4, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

It's been a busy week here on the tropical island of Singapore and I'm only embarking on day 3. I have shot for VIP - a cover and super sexy 8 page inside story. This is the premiere issue of a high end men's magazine; oh, did I mention Heffner owned - wink


Yesterday, I shot for Harper's Bazaar, Singapore. I was the hairstylist on an 8 page beauty spread. The make up artist, Bobbie, did a fantastic job on the make up. I, being a make up artist as well, can have a very picky inner monologue - but, I was very pleased that we were paired up as a team. Not to divulge her secrets, but I have to mention that Bobbie used a MAC cream colour base in Pearl, as a highlight that we quite stunning. I, myself am a fan of the Jemma Kidd DEWY GLOW ALL OVER RADIANCE CREME which gives similar results only slightly more dewy and more sheer.

Our theme for hair was finger-combed, romantic hair. First, I misted the hair with water and then applied a handful of Label M Extra Strong Mousse which I blow-dried with a large CHI round brush to help with volume at the roots and finishing the ends. I then set the hair on Remington All That Quick Curl Setter hot rollers (love these and they are ionic AND super cheap - www.target.com) for a great 'S' shape - think Veronica Lake. For the finishing touch I was using L'Oreal Elnet Hairspray- which is a working spray, which means I can spray and spray, and spray some more and the hair will not go dull and will not get those crusty white bits anywhere. [if you get crusty white bits from your styling products and you do not have time to rewash your hair - give your hair a mist of water from Evian Facial Mist - this re-hydrates the product and makes the white disappear.]

Our model, who was quite stunning, had a focus on a Prodigy concert so she was a little 'jumpy' about getting out in time for the concert. As sweet as she was I found it challenging to do hair on someone who would be on set, in position and then jump up with anguish over the time. [We were all there to work.] Of course she never dared when a representative from the magazine was there. But, from a great day, if my only challenge is a model who acts like a 5-year old with ADD, then so be it.

Today, in my world of insomnia - it's 5 am here - and what am I doing to pass the time away? Updating my blog and drinking a macchiato, which seems absurd to me because if I can't sleep then why make a coffee?? No one said I ever made sense.

 I have a clientelle for haircuts and fabulous foils (toot toot goes the sound of my horn blowing) on my agenda for today. I've always loved doing private clients at home. Two reasons - 1) I prefer my laid back atmosphere as opposed to a salon and 2) I have a baby, Zoie who is 8 months. When I have clients at home it gives me the chance to play with her between clients. I don't get that option when I am shooting so it's a nice bonus to work this way.

[but... speaking of being onset and babies.... ]

I shot beauty for Hong Kong Bazaar last week and our day was going WAY over so I did what I would never do - asked if the baby could come to set (they were a.ok with this as we were shooting 8:30 am until 1:30 am!) - my nanny brought her to set so I could feed her and then.... Zoie got asked to be in a shot - so, just an option, but watch for the April issue of HK Bazaar and if you see a little baby with a 'mom' wearing Bottega Veneta - that would be 'Baby, hairstylist's own' :) I was asked if I mind if Zoie was shot naked. I said sure 'but if she pees on the Bottega, I am not responsible.'

fyi: Zoie did not pee on the Bottega!


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