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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

The face of 42 || my skincare quotes and more that hit the cutting room floor for FLARE magazine

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By Andrea Claire · September 26, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

I remember the first time I saw my credit in Canada's FLARE magazine tagged to my hair & makeup work. I toted it around like a beauty trophy proud to share it around to anyone who would indulge me; that was 16 years ago. Some things never change.

Wing Sze Tang, writer and editor included me in her October story Eastern Promises for FLARE and since many of my answers had to be streamlined (I tend  to go on) I thought I would share my complete answers.

WST: Is it accurate to say that North American women prefer multi-duty products and simpler skincare routines, whereas women in Singapore (or Asia in general) prefer hyper-specific products and multi-step routines?

AC (me): Yes, in fact an example of this is BB creams. Women in North America have taken this on as a do-all when really it shouldn't take the place of your skincare.

Face wipes too! They are huge for women to skip washing their face properly back home. We have them in Asia but women here don't use them in place of cleansing.

WST: How did your own skincare routine change when you moved to Singapore? (Please briefly detail what steps/products you used to use in Toronto, and what you do currently.)
My Instagrammed #faceof42

AC: I have to say that I was on a multiple-step program already introduced to me by Dermalogica (circa Stylin Gypises 2004) double cleansing was already part of my beauty vocab followed by exfoiliant, toner, eye creams and moisturizer. But since moving here I have added serums and pre-serums.

WST: Was there anything that surprised you when you talked to other beauty industry pros in Asia about what they use/do for skincare? Any beauty "revelations"? (Feel free to describe specific anecdotes if you have any.)

AC: What surprises me the most are the injectables women get here and how early they start. I worked on a print ad where the model in her early 20s had pig fat injected into her upper cheek area - she said she had it done in Korea under the advice of a dermatologist there. Injectables (Botox is huge) are common here at a young age and people are surprised when I tell them I haven't had any... Yet...

Also - you may recall the viral video of the women slapping faces for lifting in Thailand? Well, I have had many facials in Singapore where the slapping isn't as violent but they apply serums with a subtle slapping motion. After living in Asia and seeing first-hand how Asia influences the rest of the [skincare] world I figure it's only a matter of time before that craze 'hits' the globe so I have been (subtly) slapping on my serums for a couple of years now. Hey - can't hurt!! ;)

WST: I've read that in certain parts of Asia, it's not unusual for women to use 14 or more skincare/beauty products throughout the day. Is this true? And what are the commonly followed steps (for day, and for night)? For example, I've heard of:

1) double cleansing (first oil cleanser, then foam cleanser)

4) layering serums plus emulsions, in addition to regular lotions or creams

5) putting on multiple SPFs (sunscreen + pre-makeup primer with SPF + BB/CC cream with SPF)

AC: Women are definitely into pre-cleansing with oil here which helps to breakdown pollutants and makeup before using your cleanser. There are the same options here of cleansing bars, cleansing milks, gel cleansers or foam cleansers etc... It is still about preference.

And yes, followed by masks, serums, moisturizers - targeting treatments are big here too - no one wants to see one sun spot of freckle. I often joke that I see more umbrellas on sunny days vs rainy days - not far from the truth. Women do take the steps they need to maintain a 'milky' complexion so in Singapore many women do invest and use separate sunscreens for the face vs a multitasking bb/cc etc.

I have heard that Chinese women here will save cooled water from rice to rinse their face as it has natural exfoliating and brightening qualities - interesting since SKII is based on rice water fermentation.

Skin Inc is a brand here that has many serums targeting specific needs which I love. It's not about generic skincare anymore. Bespoke your needs.

WST: Do you find that women in Asia are generally more obsessed with skincare compared to North Americans? Do they invest more in anti-aging skincare, or begin using them at an earlier age, than women in North America?

AC: Yes! Women in North America tend to leap for creams at the first signs of fine lines and hope for the reversing miracle cream whereas in Asia skincare is used as prevention and anti-aging.

WST: Are there any skincare practices or skincare products common in Asia that you would rarely or never see in North America?

AC: Whitening. It's huge. Sadly. Even the advertising here ignores the diverse colours of skin. Just because a woman's skin tone is darker than a level 2 or 3 doesn't mean she isn't beautiful. Many brands here - at least Singapore - don't carry darker shades of foundation. Yes, you can find them but not with all brands, even the counter artists oversell makeup that is too light. The obsession for skin that is light, free from 'spots' is not fading.

Also, carbon cleansers are creeping up. Do you have those yet? I believe they are geared to more acne prone / oily skin

WST: What other observations do you have about women's different attitudes and approaches to skincare in Asia vs. North America?

AC: Women in Singapore will try anything and everything that promises the fountain of youth. I think women in N.A are more skeptical and want to hear about it after the research and development teams have conclusive results - neither approach is wrong - although I can't say I will be injecting pig fat into my cheeks anytime soon...

Women are so obsessed here with looking perfect that there are a lot of iPhone apps that give you big eyes and clear skin. Check out Cymera that comes out of Korea (I believe?) - it's fun to give yourself 'big eyes'

**Get FLARE magazine in the app store

Yes, I am 42. le sigh And without Botox or any other outside help except a great skincare regimen which I am often asked about. This is what I use:

There are a few things missing from my skincare arsenal. My Dermalogica eye cream, Bio-Oil, Skin Inc placenta (don't worry - it's plant) and my Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum... These need replenishing.

Are you looking for Botox?? I have sent many clients in Singapore here. I have heard nothing but rave reviews on this place. I made an appointment but cancelled 20 mins before my Botox because I just don't feel I need it right now... but I am really curious... Have you Botoxed and regretted it? Loved it? Recommend it? Do tell!!

**Read my interview on A Fashionable Leo for more of my favorite beauty products

Beauty Lust Haves || June 2013

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By Andrea Claire · June 12, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Wow! We are half way to Christmas!! Sorry. I know my friends in Canada don't even want to think about winter right now especially since their winter was lingering into summer this year! Oy!!!

On with my beauty faves for June! Remember: lust haves because I love them and you must have them.

Julie Hewett Noir Collection in Nude Noir. [I love her Noirs - the formulas are formidable!] In Asia? Buy it here.
Sigma Beauty brow highlighting pencil. I love the duo colours. Great for highlighting cheek bones, brow bones, inner corner of the eye and the bow of the lip (pair with Nude Noir as I demonstrate on my Vine.) In Asia? Buy it here.

Highlighting pencil and Nude Noir in action! No, I am not jaundiced - my Vine app wouldn't white balance.  [If you don't see a video here click on the  post title again, merci]

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick- 6     $34.00 USD  at Barneys New York. Sometimes I want to just curse duty-free at the airports because if I am not getting tipsy in the business class lounges before my flight I am spending at the cosmetics counters  - thus stumbling upon these YSL lippies. I bought two - #1 (a pinkie nude beige) and #2 (a vampy merlot-syrah). I love the moist textures. They glide on smooth and last without fading - a great lipstick for everyone especially if you want pigment with moisture.

Jonathan Humidity Lock Out Shine Spray - I LOVE this stuff - which seems to be on their last call section on the website. Discontinuing? Say it isn't so?!? Hurry and buy it up then... I bought 4 cans. I used this on a shoot in Singapore for a Clear Shampoo ad - it is amazing - like a frizz fighting caped crusader!

 **Get an update on all of my previous Lust Haves here.

Zoie Jean & The Bunny Easter

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By Andrea Claire · April 6, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

This post was originally up April 6th 2010!!! I thought I'd repost for a little vintage ZJ. Time flies. Zoie is still as cute as ever. I can't wait to eat her chocolate on Sunday. *wink*

Hoppy Easter everyone! xo

Now on with the original post:

It is my job as the mother to say I have the cutest baby EVER - but, I do.

Zoie Jean, 22 months calls the Easter Bunny... Bunny Easter.

Notice the hyper child near the end... yes, well - anyone who says chocolate does not affect children would be lying.

Effect vs Affect?? If you are an English scholar please comment. I chose affect, but maybe I am incorrect? It has happened once or twice; me being wrong.

Andrea Claire In The Media

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By Andrea Claire · May 22, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Andrea Claire is honoured to be a 'Go-to Beauty Expert' with the media globally. Here is a collection of quotes throughout her career!

[click on images to view larger]

It's a Hair Revolution!

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By Andrea Claire · September 29, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Who doesn't want a makeover with a celeb stylist in L.A or NYC?!?

 Check out the Hair Revolution contest for rules on how to enter!

Vote for your fave! Encourage your entourage to vote for you!

Check back often on the Hair Revolution for hair tips, tricks and of course, how the voting is going!

Good Luck and Happy Hairdo-ing!

VLOG On Location: The Fullerton Bay Hotel

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By Andrea Claire · September 19, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


On set for Simply Her, November issue:

Photogapher: Ellen Lim

Stylist: Furqan Saini

Hair & Makeup: Andrea Claire (my glasses Marc by Marc Jacobs, grey dress with pockets shop on Haji Lane)

Assistant/ Mulberry Covetor: Sage (mother and daughter may have to fight over the bag - so cute with the charms on the chain)

On Location: Wanderlust Singapore

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By Andrea Claire · September 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Nothing excites me more than a fabulous creative team and an uber hot location.

Wanderlust Hotel, a boutique hotel in Singapore was home for a day for the dream team of Seventeen (Singapore) magazine.

Hair & Makeup: Andrea Claire

Assisted by: Norah Salazar

Styling: Furqan Saini & Alisa Chopard

Photography: Ellen Lim

PS This is for November!

On Location: Haji Lane, Singapore

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By Andrea Claire · September 14, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Last week I was on location for Simply Her magazine at the store, Wonderwool on Haji Lane. Watch the video to see just how cool the location is.

A huge benefit to shooting on location, you get to see your surroundings!

Haji Lane is a very hip street that is certainly NYC Fashionista-worthy. With cool shops and cafes, there are many great finds to be had!

I bought a dress... and a top.

I need help.


Editorial: Scenes From Behind The Lens

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By Andrea Claire · September 11, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


Ever wondered what it's like to be on set of a magazine shoot?

I guess with ANTM the puzzle pieces are really not so puzzling...

This is from a recent shoot I did hair and make up on for Harper's Bazaar, October 2010.

I pinned in some red hair extensions for a splash of colour.

Consider it a tease.. buy the issue - it'll be awesome... as always.

Vlog: Luxe For Less

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By Andrea Claire · September 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

How does one go from this:

To this:


Recently I had the honour of being shot for Simply Her for their Luxe For Less page. (Thanks to Faz, my partner in crime for suggesting me.) It will be out in November! I was thrilled to be asked!! And, apparently, I'm told a little ground-breaking for the Singapore magazine to feature a Western (ang moh)  woman! (above photo and guest appearance on the video below courtesy of Alisa.)

Where do I shop to find my Luxe For Less?

Well, I do travel so that is an added perk to great finds but here's a list of my go-to stores, including online:

JCrew Quite frankly, I only hit the sale link. I love their dresses! (I fit the JCrew U.S size 8 perfectly, makes online shopping a little too easy) 

JoeFresh is a MUST when I visit Canada.

 Target is my U.S must. When I was living in Texas I went to Target more often than I changed underwear. However, my thoughts on their designer collaborations, although cool in photos, the fabrics and wearability tend to be a little disappointing with the odd exception.

AllSaints I discovered ALLSaints while working with Lady Antebellum. Hint: check out Hillary's dress! I double-checked my measurements with their size chart; according to that I would be a UK 12 - I could actually have a UK 10 in everything I bought. I believe they would exchange it but what I bought does not require a tailored fit.

BCBG is another line that takes up a huge collection in my wardrobe. I think I own 10+ of their pieces! My plea to BCBG "Dear BCBG, please sponsor me a dress a day for a year - I will wear it wherever I go. Even to get groceries." Click their sale link too!

Winners, a brands for less store. Seriously. For. Way. Less. I got a Kate Spade bag for $98! Everytime I travel back to Canada, I shop, [to my husband's dismay] and one main stop on the shopping trail is Winners. You should go!

Nordstorm Rack , Saks Off Fifth, DSW.... oh my list could go on and on!

It's the thrill of the find! At Saks Off Fifth I found, sitting lonely on a shoe rack, calling my name.... python leather knee high boots. They were my size. It was a sign. Regular price $1500. What I paid.... $100.

To sum up:

  1. Yes, I realize that I may have a problem and retail therapy may not be the answer.
  2. If I am an example of LUXE For Less then one of many reasons to subscribe to Simply Her to get the inside scoop on where to shop and get stretch your dollar!


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