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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

The Art Of The DIY Updo: Only 8 Bobby Pins Required

By Andrea Claire · July 23, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Updos can be costly and keep you in the salon for hours. Not every occasion requires such posh styling. What you didn't know is that most updos can be created with a maximum 8 bobby pins. True story!

I say most updos as some of the more intricate styles or thicker hair may require extra pins, elastics or even hair extensions.

Here is a simple chignon:

  1. Hold hand tight at base of tail
  2. Twist tail until you feel the tail twist in your hand
  3. Keep twisting and let bun shape naturally go in shape (trust me - it really does)
  4. Pin with 2 bobby pins crossing in an 'X' at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock (the 'X' pinning locks hair in place therefore less pins and longer-lasting style)
  5. For a twist on the texture braid tail (pics below) and twist into bun shape



You can be Red Carpet worthy in moments.



Below is the how-to for the above deconstructed 'do. Note, I did it 2x. The beauty about this style is each time the updo is slightly different - organic beauty!


  1. Separate the hair in 2 sections
  2. Twist each section in your hands
  3. Cross over the sections and twist the ends together
  4. Tuck and roll the ends, secure pins in 'X' formation


A reverse twist, a new take on a ponytail with a french twist seam. This is from a bridal editorial I did but you can easily DIY this hairdo.


Here's the how-to:


  1. Gather hair at the sides as if to secure in a 1/2 up style
  2. Roll hair continuously downwards as if you are gathering and rolling a ponytail (maybe the visual is better than the description)
  3. Pin along the seam in 'X's' with one pin going pointing down and one pointing up
  4. Tail can be left out, curled, teased or even twisted into a chignon/bun shape


Want a more finished appeal to your style? Set hair on ceramic hot rollers first and then continue with how-to's.

Looking for a hairdo with a modern approach? Why not your hair in a bow? Check out that how-to here.

 Special thanks to Faz for working the camera for my hair-brained idea and to Winnie C for the input and holding up some white curtains to bounce some light in!


Monday Morning Makeup

By Andrea Claire · June 28, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

From frumpy to fab; getting you out the door and into the kiddie car pool in 7 – 10 mins
As a mother of 3, celebrity makeup artist, Andrea Claire can too find it hard to look the part of Glamour-Puss 24/7. Avoid the awkward: ‘Are you ok? You look so tired!’ with these easy steps:

1. Tinted moisturizer in place of moisturizer. Why? Tinted moisturizer adds luminescence to the skin and coverage in one step combining separate steps for moisturizer and foundation.
2. Bronzer in the cheek hollows and eye contour.  Subtle bronzer slims the face and adds a healthy glow and bonus:  bronzers pop any eye colour.
3. Brush on a little peachy-pink blush slightly above the apples of the cheek.  Placing the blush above the apples of the cheeks avoids the ‘Dolly’ look.
4. Line the eyes with an earthy, cool brown shadow. Why cool brown? Warm shades will exaggerate tired puffy eyes. Why shadow? Shadow, unlike liner, is softer in texture and when you have limited time, go for the quick and easy application method which is also forgiving with make up mishaps.
5. Curl lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara to the top layer of lashes. If you have circles under your eyes avoid mascara on the bottom lashes which only adds to the dark circles.
6. Awaken tired eyes by applying a champagne hue into the tearducts and browbone, which both lifts and brightens.


 Andrea Claire’s faves for your Morning Mommy Make Up bag:
Jemma Kidd pro finish moisture tint spf 20 tinted moisturizer 
NARS  South Beach bronzer
FACEatelier Peach Glaze blush
Yaby  Earth eyeshadow
L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon mascara
MAC Shroom eyeshadow

Carrying around excess baggage? For extreme measures conceal under the eyes. Try YSL Touche Eclat

*This make up takes so little time you could almost tell people ‘Make up? No time! I wake up this way!’ *

Makeup Tip Montage with Andrea Claire

By Andrea Claire · May 31, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

So Chic Canada with Andrea Claire

Looking for some other beauty tips not found here:

  1. Look Great At Any Age here
  2. Getting married? Bridal Beauty tips here 
  3. Brow Help here
  4. Date Night Beauty makeup here
  5. Travel Beauty tips here


Makeup Brushes: care & cleaning

By Andrea Claire · April 22, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

A common question I am frequently asked is... How does one clean makeup brushes?

drum roll... Brush Cleaner! [or a gentle shampoo]

There are so many kinds out there. Simply using a mild shampoo works perfectly fine but for that extreme clean, brush cleaner is available from many cosmetic lines.

Some of the more 'quick dry' professional ones use a dry cleaner fluid so you need to be aware of what you are using. The pro-brands that dry quickly can also dry out your brushes causing them to wear quicker.

  1. Using tepid water get the bristles a wet.
  2. Swipe bristles gently back and forth in shampoo
  3. Rinse with the water flowing down off the tip of the bristles so as not to trap water into the base of the bristles
  4. Leave to dry hanging over a sink or counter edge


<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/v_5jPAwy8q4" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/v_5jPAwy8q4" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/v_5jPAwy8q4" /> </object>

On Andrea Claire:

Black Off The Shoulder number: JACOB Canada

Fabulously cool gold hoops: H & M


Foundation: Kevyn Aucoin Radiant Reflections SolidStick in Linda, a great finish, this foundation went on with a great cooling feeling that seemed to depuff my eyes.

Eyes: a blend of  MAC Rich Metal Highlighter on the lids, Kevyn Aucoin Goddess in the crease, YABY grey shadow as a liner with Cargo EyeLighter in the tear-duct

Cheeks: MAC Peachtwist with Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Glow layered on top

Lips: Stila 24 kt gloss in Precious Coral

On Zoie Jean:

Pink Top: H & M

Shorts: Target

Zoie Jean is wearing no makeup as she does not require the help that her mother does.

Labeling your brushes is a great idea for those who work with teams or if you have a house full of girls!

Big thanks to Mabel's Labels for our labels!

Vlog: Inside the Beauty Box with Andrea & Her New Zuca!

By Andrea Claire · April 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Over the years (20 to be exact - OUCH!)  I have had many hair and make up kits come and go. My long time favourite has been my vintage circa 1993, MAC aluminum kit which I need to replace the rivets... for the second time.

Well - it's no (beauty) secret that us make up junkies/artists tote around every colour under the sun; just see for yourself as I take you through both my hair and make up kits as I organize them into my new Zuca Pro! There is more to my kit than you see, pins, capes, elastics etc but this is about 87.6% of it,  afterall, if you've seen one pair of scissors, you've seen them all!

Here are 2 versions. I know, a little anal but... you have a choice of seeing a complete tour of Andrea Claire's hair & make up kit or since a lot of us artists have an attention span of a 8 month old spider monkey - you can 'Just Cut to the Case!'  


<object height="350" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/n7aGLPE_eRg"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/n7aGLPE_eRg" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/n7aGLPE_eRg" /> </object></p>

 Now - I know I look tired! We can't always look good. I call it 'tired, organizing to move chic'! But I am wearing make up - albeit very little!

<object height="350" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/4ub26r5hlhY"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/4ub26r5hlhY" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/4ub26r5hlhY" /> </object>

Foundation: Rae Cosmetics Climate Control Mineral Tint - SPF 20 (I'm testing this one out - day 2 and so far I like it.)


Blush: Jemma Kidd Blushwear Cheek in Paw Paw. I really do love this blush! Blends well and just enough colour.






Eyeliner: Cargo High Pigment Pencils in brown. I applied this only to the top inner rim for a smidge of definition.




I did curl my lashes, but then that's all! I know: Where is my concealer?!? Mascara?  Well... again, we can't ALWAYS look good!


Zoie Jean had a little sidebar to add. You can sit on it, you can pull it and as every toddler knows how... you can push it! :)


<object height="350" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/tXG1zQ8FBd8"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/tXG1zQ8FBd8" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/tXG1zQ8FBd8" /> </object>


PS: Zoie would like you to know that we paid for our Zuca Arist Pro. Although we aren't against gifts - this was not. :)

Red Lipsticks: Uncapping The Red Truth For You

By Andrea Claire · March 11, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


photo courtesy of: Maybelline New York


Choosing to sport red lips can be bold, daring, trendy, glamorous and classic or, e) all of the above. But really, any one can pull off a red lip.

Determine your own natural lip colour as well as your lips’ natural undertone; use this to inspire your red shades– ie if you naturally have a light lip shade with a slight berry undertone, for drama you can choose a dark lipstick with a berry undertone. 

Mysteriously Yours

Dark plums can be a rich, demure option, suiting everyone and especially those with yellow under-toned skin.  Try: Benefit’s Lipstick in Sassy-Frass, a lustrous texture with a magenta hue or M•A•C Lipstick in Dubbonet , a deepened claret with a creamy texture



Berry Pretty
Gentle berry toned reds, such as blackberry, cherry, raspberry are an easy way to add colour if you just can’t cross over to the true red side. Try: Maybelline New York lipsticks in Soft Azalea or Pink Bloom

Mellow Yellow Reds
Yellow reds, known to be softer reds, are best with blue under-toned skin; whether dark or light skin if you are generally ‘pasty’ or ‘ashy’, this is you. However, this red comes with caution, if you have yellow teeth, they will be exaggerated with orange or yellow red lipsticks. Try: M•A•C Lipsticks in Lady Bug with a lustre or Brave Red Lipstick with a creamy, wearable texture


Bluish reds add more glamour and classic appeal.
M•A•C Lipstick in Russian Red - a matte red stays on really well

or M•A•C Lipstick in Ruby Woo, a vibrant bluish-red

Gloss Appeal

Modernize your lippy by adding clear gloss to your red of choice or try one of these red glossy laquers:
Chanel liquid lip lacquer in ROUGE ALLURE LAQUE DRAGON - intense rich colour with a shine that lasts for hours.
M•A•C Lipglass in Russian Red – glossy, intense bluish-red

Redding tips:

• Get longevity with your red lipstick by basing your lips with a red stain or even food colouring.
• A red lipstick must is to use a red lip liner, which helps to seal the edges to prevent bleeding of colour. Apply over your entire lip which helps with the longevity of your lipstick. Try M•A•C Redd lip pencil
• Still unsure how to pick a red that will suit your skin tone? Apply a strip of scotch tape on the back of your hand, mark with various red lip shades – pick your favourite. 
• Nice day for a Red Wedding? Get ‘Vow’ ready, close your mouth around your index finger and slowly slide it out – this is a trick to keep the lipstick off your teeth.  (Be aware of who’s watching you do this, it’s not very ladylike, but it does do the trick!)


Putting the Yummy back into Mummy

By Andrea Claire · January 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Mommy Morning Make Up

From frumpy to fab; getting you out the door and into the kiddie car pool in under 10 minutes<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

As a mother of three, celebrity make up artist, Andrea Claire also finds it hard to look the part 24/7.  But you can steal secrets from her makeup regime – which takes so little time you could almost tell people “Make up?  No time!  I wake up this way!” <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Andrea Claire’s secrets:<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

1.       Use tinted moisturizer in place of plain moisturizer.  Why?  Tinted moisturizer adds luminescence to the skin and coverage in one step combining separate steps for moisturizer and foundation.

2.       Add bronzer to the cheek hollows and eye contour.  Subtle bronzer slims the face and adds a healthy glow and bonus:  bronzers pop any eye color.

3.       Brush on a little peachy-pink blush slightly above the apples of the cheek.  Placing the blush above the apples of the cheeks avoids the ‘Dolly’ look.

4.       Line the eyes with an earthy, cool brown shadow. Why cool brown? Warm shades will exaggerate tired puffy eyes. Why shadow? Shadow, unlike liner, is softer in texture and when you have limited time, go for the quick and easy application method which is also forgiving with make up mishaps.

5.       Curl lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara to the top layer of lashes. If you have circles under your eyes, avoid mascara on the bottom lashes, which only adds to the dark circles.

6.       Awaken tired eyes by applying a champagne hue into the tearducts and browbone, which both lifts and brightens.

Andrea Claire’s faves for your Morning Mommy Make Up bag: <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Jemma Kidd pro finish moisture tint spf 20 tinted moisturizer

NARS  South Beach bronzer

FACEatelier Peach Glaze blush

Yaby  Earth eyeshadow

L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon mascara

MAC Shroom eyeshadow

Carrying around excess baggage? For extreme measures, conceal under the eyes. Try YSL Touche Eclat<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op> <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>No Fuss Hair <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Uber tired? Pull hair into a ponytail between your occipital bone and crown; instant awakening facelift! Goody's no-slip elastic for the chic mom on the go.<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Frazzled mom? Translate to tousled Yummy Mummy, spritz hair with hairspray, wrap in a bun and leave up while doing your make up – loosen & shake it baby! Hair will have great texture. Spray to hold. L'Oreal's Elnett hairspray <op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Bed head from sleeping with no time to wash? Dry shampoos not only minimize oily roots but will give great long lasting lift to the roots. Batiste Dry Shampoo<op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op><op></op>

Mascara: What Tammy Faye should have asked.

By Andrea Claire · November 2, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Ahh... Tammy Faye-Baker; the mascara icon! I tried to find a picture of what I remember her as, the blackened tear-stained wife of the tv evangelist - not one pic could I find - but holy layers of mascara! If you are a mascara lover but want to avoid the smears, clumps and raccoon look, well, what's a girl to do?



Mascara is often one of the answers to 'what would you take on a deserted island'? Which suggests that mascara is the ONE thing us woman do for ourselves and not for men and not for other women. (ah- yes, I say for other women as we can be competitive bitches - go on admit it! (At least to yourself - no one is listening.)

The Nitty-Gritty

" The first mascara product was invented by Eugene Rimmel in the 19th century. The word "rimmel" still means "mascara" in several languages, including Portuguese (rímel), Turkish (rimel), Romanian (rimel), Dutch (rimel), Italian (rimmel), Persian (rimel) etc." (Thanks Wiki!)

 Well, we have come a long way Baby, from coal dust mixed with petroleum jelly! (maybe the term 'love is blind' came from reality and the reason why marriage stats are lower is because we have the gift of sight since there is no longer coal dust impeding our vision?)

Peep Magic

No matter what ingredients make a curling mascara - as a make up artist with 18 years in my back pocket, you MUST CURL your lashes and the only tool - Shu Uemura's eyelash curler. I have tried them all - there is no real competition out there for this tried, tested and true tool. Don't waste your time and money - just get this one. And, yes - curling makes the world of difference. How and why? Well...

  1. It opens up your eyes and pops them out more (in the pretty sense, not the literal one)
  2. Upper lashes get turned away from the lower lashes therefore less mixing of mascara, less bleeding of colour
  3. Why curl if the mascara says 'curling'? Frankly, I don't find curling mascaras really curl and if they do it is so subtle, if anything, the curling agent will reinforce the curl you put in
  4.  Trust me.


Cake - the original application technique (now without coal dust). Frankly, I haven't had much experience with this one. I've tried it - I'm not a fan of the technique - not for any particular reason. If you want my opinion - it looks chic when people watch you apply it, but I would settle for a tube. Try Paula Dorf's Cake Mascara

Waterproof - THE MYTH: It will make your lashes fall out! NO, it won't. If your lashes fall out from too many layers then try washing your face daily. ANDREA Eye Q's Make up remover pads are the BEST and cheap and cheerful. (no, I do not have anything to do with the company.)  Try L'Oreal Voluminous in Waterproof

Semi-permanent - This new innovation in mascara is gentle on the eyes and can last up to 7 days. The downfall, if you are a Tammy Faye-r, then you will not see lushes lashes as it strictly coats for colour. Try Jemma Kidd's Semi Permanent Lash Tint

Thickening or Volumizing  - my personal favourite as I want to see lashes! L'Oreal Voluminous or SmashBox DNA are the must-haves here; I use these both personally and in my kit: I find they don't flake or bleed.

Separating - this mascara puzzles me as generally it creates thin, spikey lashes - great for editorials but who wants spidery looking lashes? And if you are blessed with such thick lashes that you need to separate them, well, that leaves me just plain jealous.

Clear - see above! If your lashes are so thick and naturally dark, I will slither out of my jealousy shell and suggest a clear mascara and a lash comb. The clear mascara will give your lashes hold for the curl without darkening them. Try MAC's Brow Set in Clear

Vibrating - 'I know, how can we charge a gazillion dollars for mascara and get women to buy them??' Ok, maybe I am being totally unfair here but COME ON! We had an economy crash - spend the $12 on the other mascaras and put the rest on your VISA bill. I tried a few of these so called 'innovative vibrations' - the only one I found really did the trick - Estee Lauder's Turbolash, so if you are Ms FancyPants with extra money and need a gimmick in your make up bag - this is the one for you.

Those little extras:

* My 2-cents on bleeding mascara?? Give your skincare 15 mins to absorb . The emollients in the creams can break down your mascara creating the undesired raccooning. 

 * Line your bottom lashes with clear lipliner ON TOP of your finished make up– the wax helps minimize smudging. Try Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipliner

* Reapply layers of mascara vs too much on your wand which will clump and smudge - Tweezerman's Folding Eyelash Comb works to de-clump 

* Mascara primers - do they work? Yes. Try Milani - I LOVE plugging the cheap and cheerful - this is a GREAT make up line!

* Loose fiber lash builders - do they work? YES! But they are scary at first! If you are a contact wearer, apply this first and then pop in your peepers. I have tried this, I do like it but for the life of me can't find a specific product to recommend. They seem to be random brands and available all over as I have seen them in Canada, the US and Asia.

I always love a new product so, if you come across something GRAND be it a mascara or something else beauty - please share!

Thanks for reading!


Andrea Claire 

 A version of this was printed in Motherhood Magazine, Singapore

And the winner is..... Casie! (aka I really am giving away a great set of brushes!)

By Andrea Claire · August 22, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Sorry for the delayed end date! 
Casie writes:
Obviously most brides are going to cry on their wedding day, and most importantly standing in front of everyone during the ceremony. What are your tips for looking great even with the water works??
Casie, great question and the answer goes beyond waterproof mascara!
There are many make up lines with water-resistant/waterproof formulas. When my article is done for the bridal booklet I will post where you can pick up your free copy and read the many make up tips for brides to be including how to deal with the water works!
Like any giveaway- it's always tough to pick a winner. I had so many great questions posted and emailed to me!
Thanks again to all!
Casie, please email me your address so I can post your brushes! andrea@aclairebeauty.com

Top 10 Beauty Faves for August '09!

By Andrea Claire · August 7, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

In no specific order, the latest and greatest beauty products added to my kit:

  1. JK Jemma Kidd Mannequin Skin complexion enhancer available at Target, which is where I am spending my time these days! This beauty veil is stunning on it's own or mixed with your foundation for a dewy glow. Since it reflects light, there is a gentle diffusing feel to it camouflaging fine lines, imperfections and pigmentation.
  2. Weather Works by John Frieda - Shampoo, conditioner and style sealant creme, the trio's claim: 'seals out style-ruining weather effects'. Tried, tested and TRUE! In Austin Texas anyway where I have relo'ed to.  Whether I straighten, air dry or curl, my hair lasts all day y'all!
  3. MAC lustre lipstick in Most Popular - I would classify this as a rich purple-pink that would suit all. I love it with clean skin, subtle cheek colour, little mascara and MAC Shroom in the tear-ducts - pretty-oh so-pretty! 
  4. Skin Food's Avocado Lip Balm - enough moisture without leaving your lips slippery so layering lippy on top is fine since you don't get the 'lip bleed' like other lip balms can cause.
  5. Joe Fresh matte lipstick in Ruby - for that true Coco red - to die for for fall! Cheap and cheerful- the score with this is the red is a GREAT shade, there is no 'flavour' like some cheap lipsticks have AND the packaging seems to 'click' so the lid does not randomly come off in your bag. Available in Loblaws grocery stores around Canada.
  6. REVLON magnifying mirror - No one really likes to see their imperfections magnified x10 BUT this handy tool helps with those fine hairs in the 'unibrow' area- another plus - if you are a spaz for applying dark lipstick applying while looking into this mirror will give you a perfect pout. Obviously this tool I use personally and not on jobs - when I am working on beauty specific jobs I have my specs :)
  7. Joe Fresh Faded Violet eyeshadow - purples are in for fall beauty. This violet is a soft sheer colour, for more of a punch layer this on top of charcoal or black liner - I prefer MAC's Powerpoint liners to layer on as they are smudge-proof and therefore your shadows will stay put.
  8.  Sephora Express compact eyelash curler - a little tricky at first to figure out so as not to pinch your lid but, once mastered you get a great consistent curl to your lashes. Don't forget to curl in 3 steps - roots, middle and ends. Most women curl the roots only which give a sharpness to the lashes; creating a curve gives you sexy doe-eyes.
  9. Batiste Dry Shampoo - I have used this for years but have noticed it is now available more globally. This is fantastic for humid weather, oily scalps or just stretching in-between washes. On fine hair, a little spritz at your roots will give you volume and the beauty about this trick - it will help your 'do last all day since it will absorb oils and heavy pollutants throughout the day.
  10.  Yaby - ooooh! Where do I start? The Yaby make up line has so many gorgeous products! My fave this month - the Pearl Paint Palette! Say that 10x fast! No need to be a make up artist to have fun with this palette - any age, any time - the colours are stunning and the blendabilty is to die for!


Honourable mention: Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Firm - yes, I speak about this miracle product to everyone I know! I seriously get asked by strangers what I use in my eye area. When I have my teenagers with me people gasp out-loud and ask what I use. This is my fountain of youth!  As long as people guess I am 25 I will keep using this eye cream!



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