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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Exilis: the tummy melting pot

By Andrea Claire · January 21, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

If I could talk to my 16 year old self I would suggest that she not be so cocky and complacent with her lifestyle. I would tell her to just pick something physical to make a regular habit - like swimming and get over the fact that some women like to flaunt their biznatch in the change-rooms. Or bike ride leisurely as I did but more often - of course these need to be in a climate that is consistent without winter which is only fitting that I ended up in Singapore years later.

You see, I never really worked out, although I was active - I know there is a difference. I wasn't the lazy teen who sat around watching TV all day. I did stuff. I walked around my small hometown of (Preston) Cambridge, Ontario (Canada). I went dancing every weekend at The Forum - it was the 80s (thus that hair) so we danced totally awesome too. I rode my bike a lot. I didn't eat horribly. I was pretty average - in body type anyway - I was slender, not skinny and without weight issues.

I had fallen in love with boxing and light kickboxing in 2004 but as luck would have it as soon as I have a love for something I hit a brick wall. Thanks to a f*cking mosquito illness that has left me with a degenerative bone disease since 2008. sigh...

But now I am 41 - still average in body - maybe a little below the North American average but I am not in Kansas anymore. (Wizard of Oz reference. I have never been to Kansas) I am pretty ok with myself. I look younger than I am - thanks Dermalogica!

What I am fighting the most right now is not only my mental torment of the belly that won't go away post 3 children. Not only the age that creeps up on you and then stomps all over your metabolism.

I think I am also fighting my HB's midlife crisis. I think he forgot that unlike what media shows us - women age - we don't turn into Baywatch Babes as we get older - even the Baywatch Babes get older.

As we venture on the road of ageing ageless perfection you do have options to help things along - and although I personally can't see myself getting rat poison injectables or spending 2 months recovering post-surgery there is one thing that I have been trying as of late: Exilis. Introduced to me as part of my InSing Vanity Project I was given a one time trial and after seeing the results I wanted to continue with the treatment.

FYI: they are giving me a media rate which means that I am paying for the balance of my treatment.<strong>

Exilis</strong> is not meant to replace any healthy lifestyle - it is meant to enhance it. Speed things along from a little helpful friend who melts your pot.

It is a scalpel-free body sculpting aesthetic procedure that can be done in clinics over your lunch hour, still leaving you time to actually eat lunch. Exilis uses both Ultrasound and Radio Frequency to melt and firm at the same time reducing waistlines up to 4 inches! Results are virtually immediate with zero downtime and no side effects you bet I wanted to put this to the test. I'm sold.

How it works: Thermal energy melts fats with a deep heat. Typically 4 sessions are required with many seeing results after just one treatment. I read that one woman said it felt like a hot stone massage - I 100% agree. I find it relaxing - although it gets a little hot over my belly button.

After my first treatment (December 28th) I pleasantly saw a little change but it was more about how I felt that made the most impression on me – my tummy felt less bulge-y in my clothing. After my second treatment (on January 4th) I was able to fit into a dress that was too tight in the belly prior to the Holiday season. My measurements after just the first treatment had lowered 2-4 cm and that’s a measured fact!

Results last up to two years but of course with the right lifestyle and good eating habits the results are up to you to maintain.

No pain (unless you have a really low heat tolerance) and zero downtime. Side effects can be a little redness but that’s temporary. Your body eliminates the melted fats so drink a lot of water before and after your treatment to speed up the process.

This is not meant for obese people. Exilis is available for other body parts including the dreaded double chin so check with the dermatology clinic near you to see what is offered for your troubled areas.

In Singapore Exilis starts at $800 per area per session at the <b><a target="_blank" href="http://www.thedermatologypractice.com">www.thedermatologypractice.com


The not-so-festive Turkey Neck!

By Andrea Claire · December 21, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

The turkey neck waddle and the decolletage are areas that we have neglected over the years. Guess what? A neglected neckline reveals more than you want to share - your age! Sure - maybe you are face focused and looking youthful with your creams serums, boosters, fillers and the Botoxed Barbie extremes from the neck up but what about below the chin?

Have you learned nothing from Ally McBeal?

Judge Jennifer 'Whipper' Cone (Dyan Cannon) gets some turkey waddle love by Richard Fish (Greg Germann) as seen on Ally McBeal.

When you apply your face creams are you stopping at your jawline? Yes? Are you using a neck cream? hm...

Our skin needs to be treated with love and devotion.

You can't ignore the beauty industry's influence just like you can't ignore the fashion influence of cerulean blue.

We don't make the aging rules but you do need to learn them to win the fight against aging! Maintaining hydration and elasticity focusing on collagen rejuvenation as we age is key. Of course we think of prevention - suncreen and regular skincare habits and that should not be limited to our face.

As you age do you ever wake up with creases on your bust? I am not talking breasts - just above the top of your cleavage to your collarbone. Those creases in the morning are signs of dehydration and over time they will stay, deepen and sag. Do you look at an older relative wondering if your decolletage area will become leathery like theirs? Are you focusing on Aunt Bertha's neck waddle when you are chatting with her? Don't get her confused with your Holiday turkey.

Delaying the signs of aging can be done with proper care. Keeping your skin nourished with creams is proven to be effective. This is me. I am 41. I have had no work done and there is no Photoshopping here - yes, a little Instagramming - I have used creams all over for years. If I get lazy with my body / neck creams I notice the difference within a week on my decolletage. Lather up with lotions Ladies and metro-Gents!

You can get a jump-start on your waddle and extra chins with Exilis. [I may or may not be giving this a go elsewhere... stay tuned.] But no helping hand is efficient without upkeep. Never too late to start with your magic potions.

Radical Skincare Firming Neck Gel  $125.00 USD at Barneys New York

Experience an immediate lift and a smoother, brighter skin tone on your neck and décolleté with this unique antioxidant-rich creamy emulsion. Kelp Extract smoothes and Green Tea and Resveratrol fight aging free radicals. Antioxidant-rich Vitamin C and collagen-defending Sepilift help firm sagging neck tissue, while Soybean and Jojoba Oils provide high-performance hydration. 50ml

La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream A Cellular Firming Complex  $225.00 USD at Bloomingdale's

Is your neck hinting at your age? The skin of the neck and chin ages differently from the skin of the face, and with aging, the chin may lose its youthful streamlined look. Scientists at La Prairie have developed a formula containing a complex designed to help re-contour the chin and neck area to a slimmer, firmer look. Other ingredients work to hydrate, smooth, and promote even skin tone. With regular use, the skin of the neck becomes silkier, smoother, and tighter. Benefits: Helps slim and re-shape the chin and neck area Boosts skin function to help restore density, firmness, elasticity and texture with a youth-restoring complex and an advanced peptide Renews skin hydration system to increase moisture retention Helps reduce age spots and promotes even skin tone through an anti-pigmentation complex The Application: Morning and evening. Using two hands and beginning at the bustline, stroke upward quickly toward neck and chin in rapid alternative strokes. Use more cream if necessary and apply to back of neck and upper shoulder area.

Perricone MD Perricone MD Firming Neck Therapy 2 oz (59 ml)  $98.00 USD at Beauty.com

The science to address specific skin concerns. Helps to firm, nourish and hydrate Minimizes appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. The first signs of age often appear in the neck area. This anti-glycation cream will help tone, tighten and form a barrier to increase the appearance of skin's overall elasticity and thickness. It nourishes and hydrates the skin to help minimize developing lines and wrinkles. It is odorless, non-greasy and non staining. Skin will appear more firm, smooth in texture and youthful. Made in USA


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