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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

DIY Bridal Beauty with Luxola's CEO

By Andrea Claire · February 18, 2015 · 0 Comments ·

There are two things that we can bank on for positive vibes in this world: weddings and babies. Not necessarily having to go together, unless you're in grade one, since according to my six year old, she's never getting married because having a baby will hurt... I'm ok for her to believe that until she's 30.

In the colder climates, like my home and native land of Canada, they are just starting to gear up for wedding season, but here in Singapore my home for now (and the past 8 years), wedding season is all year 'round, but one thing we can say: bridal beauty is global for brides and their beauty basics. 

Meet Alexis (bottom left is before, right is after) whom many of you in Asia may know already and certainly know of her company: Luxola. Last year, Alexis was having a destination wedding and found that she was in the most likely position of doing her own makeup. I've done many one-on-one bridal beauty classes for brides-to-be and when Alexis asked me we thought, why not film it so you all can benefit from the tips?  [which never got posted because the sound was blah proving why sound techs are important... you can still shop the look!]

Bridal beauty generally has a rule of thumb: be you, only better. Princess for a day. What comes to mind in this short description is not trendsetting runway but classic beauty. Think subtle highlights, luminous skin with some definition which was our theme here for Alexis. 

Here's what we used:

ZOEVA Sunpower Blush and Bronzer Palette n/a
MODELCO Summer Classics Peach Bellini - top left is where I demonstrate that blush should be applied two finger-widths away from the side of the nose so you aren't dolly-blush heavy.
*EDWARD BESS All Over Seduction - a must have star highlighting product! Use on your highlight points including decolletage and inner corner of your eyes
*TWEEZERMAN Precision Eyelash Curler LOVE this curler! Better than the Shu! I had great tips here. Too bad you miss out... essentially you gently squeeze & pump as you turn your wrist up towards the ceiling, this gives you a smooth curl. Don't curl after mascara and don't do one forced bend at the roots.   
EDWARD BESS Ultra Slick Lipstick </p> <p>Top right: is that a) how to keep a bridezilla quiet or b) a makeup artist trick for locking in lipstick with powder being delivered through the pores of a single tissue ply?
I've '*' my must-haves from this list as I know it can be over-whelming for the noobs. </p> <p>
Snippets from my hair & makeup portfolios</p>
NOTE: You aren't limited to natural looking makeup of course; smokey eyes and the bride are dramatic for sure while still remaining classic. Most professional makeup artists will recommend classic looks vs trendy because you want the timeless appeal in your photos. Those poor 80s brides... </p> <p>

Canadian beauty brand launches in Asia! da lish Cosmetics now on Luxola!

By Andrea Claire · September 16, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

da lish campaign with hair & makeup by David Goviea

Yes, Canadian beauty brand da lish Cosmetics can be found on Luxola.

Can I get a Woop Woop!! 

I'm so thrilled because the brand is awesome AND I introduced them to Luxola. *dusts shoulders

Before you get all 'Oh! I see... finders fee!!' Nope. 

I've recommended brands to the good beauty peeps of Luxola before *cough* Red Burlesque *cough* Shadow Shields

I recommend brands that I have had the pleasure of testing out first hand and know that they are as fabulous as they sound. Red Burlesque gave me two lipsticks to try and Shadow Shields... I think I bought them...

da lish Cosmetics met up with me this summer while I was in Canada and was GIVEN their entire line gratis. um HELLO! Thanks dlC!!! Canadians are awesome! Fellow makeup artist David Goviea mentioned me to them as well as years ago I had met the CEO Melanie through a friend. 

da lish is gluten free. I know, you aren't eating it. Gluten is an unnecessary filler in cosmetics and with many people having allergies, sensitivities or just plain basic trendy girls why even bother with it?? 

The foundations blend beautifully. I used the blush, lippy and cream shadows from da lish Cosmetics here on this shoot for the new Thai restaurant in Singapore, Soi 60 shot via my recommendation by Joel Lim of Calibre Studios. Our model was from Basic Models in Singapore - also recommended by me. WOW! I bring the world together don't I? I'm nice like that. See more of my work here. 

And this behind the scenes lovely for an upcoming shall not be named editorial has da lish foundation, blush and highlighter. 

Zurina Bryant was on Channel News Asia talking photography and travel. She's a photographer. duh I dolled her up for camera and here she's wearing da lish blush B05 and a lippy that I'll have to double check which one it was. (I tried to embed the video but CNA was not making my post stick - as soon as I removed the video - pas de probleme!)

Here Zurina is before jetting to the news station with her 'Hurry the F up Andrea! I gotta go' smile.

I've pretty much hyper-linked like a MF what I can here for the affiliate program with Luxola. It doesn't really do me any good. I know MANY have bought on Luxola via my recos yet the links do nothing for me... FACE atelier is another fave of mine there but they introduced me to Luxola - so credit where credit is due in the reco dept. 

Happy shopping Beauties!

MatchMove Wallet, your answer to online funds for shopping

By Andrea Claire · June 29, 2014 · 0 Comments ·
Trying to shop online but tired of having to dig through your house looking for your wallet when your clapper fails you? Now you can virtually do it all virtually! </p>

MatchMove Wallet, a subsidiary of AmEx, has an online prepaid credit system that you top up funds storing them securely online accessing them with a one time pin pass code sent via SMS to your handphone. </p>

Registering is quick and easy. No problem here, I don't do laundry. I just buy new clothes.  (my HB believes this to be true)

Have a university student living overseas that needs access to money but you want to keep an eye on their spending? No problem. Just sadly, they needimmediate access to you in order to get the OTP that is sent to your handphone.

I recently got to try just how easy it is to utilize by ordering on Luxola my go-to virtual beauty store in Asia where I recently ordered the self-customizable Z palette. You just toggle between pages. 
Login to get your virtually money sack here
*sponsored post 
(I am currently travelling and using my iPad to write this post which won't allow me to hyperlink. I will finesse this post at home in a few days)

Luxola presents Rachel K Cosmetics || A Google Hangout

By Andrea Claire · February 28, 2014 · 0 Comments ·

It's been a crazy year for me to say the least and we haven't even started March yet.

I've had two surgeries - one on January 13 and one just a week ago; thus the very few blog posts to 2014 too.

And needless to say, I haven't been working. In fact I am officially not taking clients (sorry) or able to do hair and makeup on set for another 3+ weeks, so when Luxola asked if I could particpate as a beauty expert on their Google Hangout, where I didn't have to leave my house and could sit the whole time, I was all like "YES PLEASE!!"

I was very excited to be participating in Luxola's first ever Google Hangout and turns out, Rachel K's first hangout, as well as mine - we are were all just a bunch of virgins.

I've tried to join a few hangouts in the past with TV host Angelique Teo; I failed that join; and I also tried to join with Zurina Bryant and Angela Jacobson (Oz Supernanny), failed to join that one too. I didn't think I was a tech spaz... or am I?

Behold! The fruits of our (Luxola) labour! [there's video below, if you don't see it please refresh the title]

#AZMondayMakeover || Mylinh

By Andrea Claire · December 9, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

After a slight #AZMondayMakeover hiatus - we couldn't get our sh*t together because I was having to rush a colonoscopy. (see what I did there) My life = glamour 24/7.  (don't worry, that part of me is ok) And because I am so full of useful tips: If you ever need a colonoscopy / gastroscopy, mix that crap you have to drink with orange pop. Seriously... enough with my medical drama - these makeovers are becoming my therapy. :)

*If you don't see a video above here, please refresh the post title

Monday Makeover!!!

Today's beauty is PR exec Mylinh Cheung, CEO/Founder of Epic PR. Honestly, her barefaced before is super cute - the swan remains a swan. just a little glammed up.

I prepped Mylinh's skin with Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Serum and Make Up For Ever HD Primer.

FACEatelier Ultra Foundation #4

Benefit Cosmetics Fake Up Concealer $24.00 USD at Sephora

An ultrahydrating crease-control concealer. What it does: Cover-up goes incognito. This moisturizing crease-control concealer with vitamin E and apple seed extract hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines for a silky smooth, ultranatural look. Available in three shades, it’s proven to keep skin hydrated for six hours and won’t cake, crease, or settle.

Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Dixie (colour not as shown) $26.00 USD at Bloomingdale's

Lightweight formulation delivers a radiant finish. Apply Cream Blusher to enhance your cheekbones, use over foundation for impact or under for a captivating glow. Key Benefits: 1. Hydrates: contains moisturizing Vitamin E 2. Versatile: can be used on cheeks and lips Application: Build and blend with fingers or brush.

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Light/Medium Matte Bronzer $30.00 USD at Sephora

A light matte bronzer infused with real cocoa powder and long-wearing pigments. What it does: Too Faced has combined the natural detoxifying effects of real cocoa powder with their signature bronzing pigments to create a lighter version of their bestselling Chocolate Soleil original matte bronzer. The Milk Chocolate shade is perfectly suited for pale to medium skintones for a touch of summer warmth all year-long.

Benefit Cosmetics Ooh La Lift $22.00 USD at Sephora

This product is great for applying even on top of your makeup throughout the day under your eyes to reduce tired looking eyes.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Taupe is what I used as a base colour for Mylinh's eyes. I love these on their own or as a primer. They grip shadows and don't budge through the day which means your eyeshadow will not runaway from you.

Tom Ford Beauty Eye Color Quad, Golden Mink $78.00 USD at Neiman Marcus

The Tom Ford quads are pricey but if you seldom invest in makeup I recommend his shadows. The pigments are beautiful, easy to blend and long-lasting.

Brows are Star Lash brow pencil in Golden Brown; loving this twist up pencil as it has a lovely angle for a no-brainer application.  I always prefer to add a brow colour slightly lighter than the natural brow for a softer look.

*TIP: Blend the edges with a cotton swab dipped in highlighter.

Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Washable Mascara Very Black 281 $7.79 USD at Walgreens

Unique flexible wand helps to lift and separate lashes to provide the look of more lashes. Patented spoon brush and kera-fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping to complete the false lash look.

Ardell DuraLash Naturals Flare $3.49 USD at Walgreens

I used the medium brown flares (clusters as I call them). I tell you why I use brown vs black in the video.

NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Club Mix, $25.00 USD at Nordstrom


Another sigh with the technical difficulties. Any production company interested in shooting with us you can hit me up here.

Aveda 'phomollientTM' Styling Foam $19.00 USD at Nordstrom

I blew out Mylinh's hair with AVEDA Phomollient at the mid-lengths and ends with Original Mineral Rootalicious at the roots.
I did a round brush set which means with each section, I left the round brush in as the hair cooled for a stronger set. See a visual here.

Photography by:

Hair & makeup: moi.

Want to participate? Email me a photo with the subject line AZMONDAYMAKEOVER.

Why our little makeover project? Speaking for myself, I am tired of women being bullied into beauty with visions of photoshopped perfection that is impossible for us to actually achieve day to day. Beauty should be fun that doesn't breed insecurities but empowers. I feel that enough voices are out there putting the beauty industry to task; let's actually do something about it.

Our images are proudly photoshop-free!  

Andrea Claire

Get LUCKY with Cyber Monday!

By Andrea Claire · December 2, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Colour me surprised when I went to download my latest Vogue and Allure issues. A notification to download the latest issues of many Condé Nast publications for FREE! I got Lucky! (TeenVogue, Brides and Vanity Fair; more are available.)

Alison Raffaele truly makes the best transparent finishing powder. Have a look at what other deals they offer - available until the end of Cyber Monday in the New Jersey time zone.

Luxola is counting down to their beauty sale of the year. Overwhelmed with choices? Get your shopping list for Luxola via our Monday Makeovers.

Cyber Monday checkout code for free shipping on The Outnet.com is FREESHIPWKEND

Don't miss a cyber sale! Check out the lists on:

E! Online



Know some great Cyber Monday deals?? Do share with the rest of us shopaholics.

#AZMondayMakeover sponsored by Luxola || OzSuperNanny

By Andrea Claire · November 25, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Meet Angela Jacobsen the Oz SuperNanny! She has nannied for many VIPs, royals and musicians - have you heard of a singer named Madonna?? Angela has also authored two books.  


*If you don't see a video above here, please refresh the post title (sorry - in the time-lapse at the end my shoulder was bogarting the camera lens)

Before and after by <strong>Zurina Bryant


A rainbow of colours can be overwhelming. Decide on your look before diving in brush first.

I started with a primer on Angela's skin. Primers help by smoothing the skin's surface and can also have colour correcting/illuminating properties. Rouge Bunny Rouge Prelude in the Clouds aqua primer can be applied to the eyes and lips as well but I used Zoeva's matte eyeshadow primer for a creaseless finish with added grip.

Face atelier ultra foundation #4 and #5. I prefer to work with at least two colours of foundation in order to give me the best natural skin tone. Apply and blend foundation using my new BFF.

In the video we talk about how Angela's skin is dehydrated; whenever you have skin issues the #1 thing to look at is your skincare. Dehydrated, flaky skin loves cream and liquid products as they help to hydrate the skin. On Angela's cheeks I chose Bloom Cosmetics cream blush in Coy

I decided to give the Supernanny a super-duper cranberry metallic smoky eye using the grey and black shadows from the Zoeva 88 eyeshadow palette with the LyncaCare in Irresistible (shown), Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Mr Marvelous liner in the waterline.

<strong>Let's talk eyebrows. Simply, if you drew a line from the side of your nose straight up, that would be where your brow should start. Angling that line from the side of your nose through the outer edge of your iris is where your arch should be, finally if you drew a line from the side of your nose angled through your brow towards the temple, your brow should taper roughly parellel to your temple.

I hope you don't think I'm shouting at you with this bold type but eyebrow shape is very important. No need to panic. Just seek professional help for the shape that suits your eye and face shape best.

</strong> I did a little reconstruct with Angela's brows. When you've accidentally kept your tweezers hard at work it's best to hide them on yourself for a few months to allow your brows to fill back in. I used the edge of a folded tissue and a few shades of brown to reshape Angela's brows. Finally, soften the edges with a cotton swab and a highlighter to help blend.

For Angela's hair I wanted to keep some texture to her hair by blow-drying it with a volumizing spray and then I created a wet look at the roots running through Original & Mineral Rootacious. Pinning the hair at the crown keeps the hair from falling and losing that rocker chic. A slight deconstructed texture is fine as long as you make it look intentional.

Photography by

A huge thanks to our November sponsor

Stay tuned for our December makeovers.

Why #azMondayMakeover? Our industry does have an element of fantasy, especially when we are using 17-21 year old models in campaigns targeting the 30+ or the body types 000 to US size 6. I will never stop participating in the fantasy side of fashion and beauty but reality isn't so bad either.

Want to participate? Email me, Andrea Claire with #azMondayMakeover in the subject line. Please also attach a recent photo yourself.

#AZMondayMakeover sponsored by Luxola || Beth

By Andrea Claire · November 18, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Welcome to another episode of the #azMondayMakeover, an online collaboration with Zurina Bryant where we leave the extreme photoshopping to the beauty campaigns. 

*If you don't see a video above here, please refresh the post title

This week's makeover subject is Beth, a mom and yoga instructor.

before and after photos by Zurina Bryant

<strong>Beth's beauty (all products available at Luxola):

Rouge Bunny Prelude in the Clouds - </strong>a multi-purpose, water-based highlighter that you can mix with moisturizer or foundation. I applied this as a step one for a lit from within glow under the foundation

Rachel K CC Cream - applied under the eyes to smooth out the skin tone

FACE atelier ultra foundation #5 - truly a foundation unlike any on the market; a buildable second skin that allows your skin to breath

Bloom Cosmetics concealer

Bloom Cosmetics cream blush in Coral -
a lovely flush of colour, creams are great for dehydrated and/or aging skin

Smooch Cosmetics duo eyeshadow in Suede

Maybelline Gel Liner - using a hard edge from a folded tisse helps when applying a slight wing-tipped liner

Magnifibres brush on false eyelashes paired with black mascara - I'm getting addicted; Tammy Faye would love this product too.

Dr. LIPP original balm mixed with Edward Bess Eternal Passion


Blowout fine hair with Rahua Voluminous Spray and then flat iron for a modern, edgier feel.

Sponsored by

In collaboration with

Next week we makeover the OZ SuperNanny!

Here is Angela / OzSuperNanny's before.

Why #azMondayMakeover? Our industry does have an element of fantasy, especially when we are using 17-21 year old models in campaigns targeting the 30+ or the body types 000 to US size 6. I will never stop participating in the fantasy side of fashion and beauty but reality isn't so bad either.

Want to participate? Email me, Andrea Claire with #azMondayMakeover in the subject line. Please also attach a recent photo yourself.


VLOG || #AZMondayMakeover sponsored by Luxola: Annia

By Andrea Claire · November 4, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

*If you don't see a video above here, please refresh the post title

This week's azMondayMakeover is Annia, a risk director for an investment bank.

We thank Annia for taking a risk with us!

Never be afraid of a colourful palette. The best way to tackle an overwhelming number of colours is to simplify. Decide on your look before jumping in brush first. As you can see - I decided to give Annia an edgy tight-lined eye with dark colours.

Products I used to create Annia's look:

Dr Jart+ Pore medic recover pre-base
everyone needs a primer to suit their specific needs whether colour correcting, smoothing pores etc<strong>

</strong>Face atelier Ultra Foundation using #1 and #3 
apply the lighter colour under the eyes and where you want to subtly highlight

BLOOM secret weapon concealer kit
-for blemish touchups and precise correcting<strong>

</strong>On Annia's cheeks I used a little bit of a Zoeva bronzer into the cheekbone hollows, along the jawline - essentially any place you want to add sculpture and shape and then lightly buffed the cheeks to blend out the colour a little<strong>


Zoeva 88 eyeshadow palette

In the eye crease use a medium to light brown colour, more of a neutral shade to create shape.
Apply the crease with the eye open looking directly into the mirror which works on most women. Different eye shapes will have a different need for crease placement and as we age our eyes tend to become a little hooded and therefore you need to create a crease. This way of applying the crease also helps with Asian eyes or deep set eyes

For the dramatic tight lining I used a mix of black shadow mixed with a deep shimmery bronze applied with Sigma Beauty Waterline Liner and then filling in the waterline with an eye pencil.

*I LOVE this Sigma Beauty brush - truly a must have!

Magnifibres brush on false eyelashes and a black mascara
- these fibres really build the lashes 
-apply a coat of mascara, fibres then another coat of mascara

I applied Bloom's Coy on her lips
- I love this because it's a product you can use on your cheeks and your lips
-choose a lip liner close to the lip shade you're using

**TIP: As we age our lip line naturally fades so definition is key for a strong lip shape

We chose the final after shot with Annia's own hair loose and down but I wanted you to see how easy it is to play with texture and hair pieces. This is a screen shot but definitely watch the video for more tips! 

I used Rahua volumizing spray um... for volume *wink* and O&M Surf Spray for added texture.

-blowout hair with a volumizing spray not only focused on the roots. When you apply a volume enhancing product throughout the hair shaft you get the benefits all over.
-spray with a little bit of beach spray which gives the hair a little bit of texture so it's not so flat not so smooth, you want the texture - that's chic
-section the hair above the ears towards just below the crown and wrap a piece of hair around the base as if it were a ponytail, adding a couple pins to lock the hair in place
-continue to do in as many sections as you would like and feel free to wrap some track hair extensions around the base of each section to give it length and added thickness
-I prefer using natural hair versus synthetic hair because synthetic hair doesn't have the same kind of texture, you are limited with synthetics as cannot use heat
-synthetic hair also tends to look artificially shiny so it doesn't blend in well when taking photos or frankly, even just in daily life

**TIP: If you don't have the budget for real hair dull down the synthetic hair using dry shampoo, but DON'T attempt to heat style as it will melt.

Want to participate? Email me, Andrea Claire, with the subject line <strong>#azMondayMakeover

All products for the #azMondayMakeovers in November are sponsored by

In collaboration with:

**Why AZMondayMakeovers? I feel that as a woman in the beauty industry for 23 years and counting that I owe it to you to show honest beauty without retouching.

Our industry does have an element of fantasy especially when we are using 17-21 year old young ladies in campaigns targeting the 30+ or the body types 000 to US size 6. I will never stop participating in the fantasy side of fashion and beauty but reality isn't so bad either.

Everyone is beautiful - at least on the outside; it's your actions that show you what beauty lies within. 

Andrea Claire


Exciting news to share!!! The next #azMondayMakeover series will be sponsored by Luxola!

By Andrea Claire · October 28, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

If you don't see a video above here, please refresh the post title.<a target="_blank" href="http://www.luxola.com/pages/tastemakers-andrea-claire"><strong>

Luxola, the online beauty boutique</strong></a> is now sponsoring the #azMondayMakeover series for the month of November that Zurina Bryant and I are doing.

We are thrilled about this new partnership. Luxola carries many of the beauty products that I have been using in my kit for years as well as some the newly released and coveted of global beauty junkies!

So tune in next week for the premiere of the #azMondayMakeover sponsored by Luxola to see what I do with this treasure trove of beauty and Zurina's before and after shots of our latest lovely lady.

*Want to take part? Email me, Andrea, here with the subject line #azMondayMakeover and a recent pic of yourself.

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