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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Spa Detox Scalp Therapy by Phyto

By Andrea Claire · December 20, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

image is of my scalp magnified 200x. The top two are my before treatment - bottom are the after.

Another post about scalp health - I know... <em>CRAZY!

</em>But a few more tidbits I learned about scalp health in my second treatment that affect hair health:

  • a healthy follicle has 2-3 hairs growing out of it, whereas an unhealthy follicle 1 (or none)
  • the healthy follicle has a 2-6 year cycle
  • an unhealthy follicle has a 6 month cycle
  • hair regrows 25x in a lifetime, so a healthy scalp could aid in escaping balding, hair-fall and even reverse premature greying
  • putting your hair up or throwing on a ball cap ['m looking at you guys!] when your hair is wet, actually prevents oxygen from circulating, follicles clog resulting in an unhealthy scalp [hm.... which came first the baldness or the ball caps???]
  • silicone - known as a great ingredient to skincare and makeup is not advised for hair products, especially at the scalp as it seals the scalp causing weaker follicles.

Think of this as a scalp facial!

Do you live in Singapore? Read here to find a discount code for first time Phyto Hair Spa clients<em>!

*Disclaimer </em>- My first two treatments were gratis but I loved the results so much that I bought a package and FYI - the package can be shared with family!

Review || Phyto Hair Spa - Detox Treatment

By Andrea Claire · November 18, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

I had the pleasure of meeting Anita Wong, when I did her hair and makeup for a profile on Anita for L’Officiel magazine (pictured). She has beautiful hair - and so she should - she is the owner of the <strong>Phyto Hair Spa.

</strong>Anita's family used to run a hair salon in the eastern part of Singapore. With her early experience in the hair care industry, she soon realized that most salons treat the hair, but not the scalp, which is the root of all hair care problems.

Says Anita: “I think there is now a greater awareness among the public of the importance of maintaining a hair care regimen. People spend money on facials and massages, but they often neglect their hair until it is too late. But, at PHYTO HAIR SPA, we believe that it is never too late - and never too early - to start treating hair [or scalp] problems.’

As a senior hairstylist I am of course familiar with and use often the Phyto line of haircare, one of my favourites is PhytoRhum shampoo - but I was not familiar with their hair spa treatments.

This image is a cross section of a strand of hair and what is below the surface. The strength of the hair is determined as it grows from the follicle - if you have a scalp or hair issue such as pre-mature grey, hair fall, oily, dry or sensitive scalp etc - you are definitely a candidate for a scalp treatment.

This is my scalp before my Detox treatment. You can see the build up and clogged pores. EWWWWW! Looks like Disney Pixar is about to start an adventure in my hair. PS - I have no grey some strands that look grey is just how the light hit them - I panicked but the technician reassured me... although she did say she saw one in the back... it's ok - as my teenagers know - I don't have eyes there.

Phyto Hair Spa is focused on educating consumers on good, healthy scalp care, and ultimately encourage clients to care for their scalp the way we do with our skin - using ingredients that are good for our scalp and regular maintenance, whether it's at home or in an established salon, to keep scalp clean and healthy.  They make their own formulations using wholesome botanical ingredients and all of the therapists are trichologist-trained to provide professional and proven treatments.
I had the Detox treatment.  Detox. Stabilize. Regrow.<strong><a target="_blank" href="http://phytohairspa.com.sg/botanical-miracles/the-dsr-program/">

</a></strong>Starting off I am brought into a consultation room where a camera connected with a computer scans my scalp magnified 200x!

All treatments are available in Salon and Spa versions. The treatment is the same with the difference being that the Spa option comes with a shoulder and head massage, and are conducted in the spa room.

I had the spa option. It was amazing.

I was seated into a comfy chair that resembled a little Lazy Boy in front of a TV screen. I was handed a booklet to choose a movie and there was a lot to choose from. I chose Coco Before Chanel - what a fabulous idea to provide this to clients!





-       To stimulate the scalp and open the pores


-       Using algae extract and lavender oil, unhealthy follicles are detoxified and hair cells are nourished


-       This step infuses the scalp with oxygen, opening the pores further to receive treatment


-       More scalp stimulation


-       Using fruit and olive leaf extracts, this shampoo purifies and rebalances the scalp


-       An appropriate serum is applied to complete the purifying and rebalancing process


-       For relaxation and extra pampering


- Hair is blown out you can then see the final result with a revitalized scalp and healthier-looking hair.

My before.

My after. WOW! You can see my scalp is clearer now. That redness is not sensitivity (although being a red head I am prone to sensitivity)- those are my blood vessels... and those are not grey hairs - I was reassured... minus the one in back...

Some other interesting facts - your scalp and hair follicles can get damaged by using an excessive amount of hairpins - particularly if you are aggressively jamming them in; this damage can cause the hair to stop growing, even scar tissue! Having regular scalp treatments help to maintain the health and strength of both your hair and scalp.

I LOVED MY HAIR! The woman who did my treatment and blowout did a fabulous job! My scalp felt revived as if some weight was removed.
I took this pic in the toilet - not the most glam of lighting - I wish I had taken another photo.

Would I recommend this treatment? Absolutely! And go for the spa version to get the fancy seat with movie option and the massage!

BTW: My service was gratis.

Call for an appointment and/or pricing:

Wheelock Place #05-08A, Tel: 6220 6948
Ngee Ann City #05-26, Tel: 6734 6776

What to watch for:
The flagship salon is opening in Plaza Singapura in mid December!


Have you ever gone to the Phyto Hair Spa? No?!? Then you are in for a treat as you, my lovely readers - are being given a 50% discount off of your first treatment! Discount is available at all 3 salons - Ngee Ann, Wheelock and Plaza Singapura (only open in Dec). Valid until 31st Dec. </p> <p>*The only condition is that you have to be a first time customer of Phyto Hair Spa. </p> <p>*Call 6692-0662 to make an appointment and quote 'AndreaClaire' *

Best Hair Products 2011

By Andrea Claire · December 20, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Over the next few days I will blog a series on my picks for the Best in Beauty 2011!

Starting with hair, these are my selects that I have carefully combed thru and selected. Tried, tested and I use them too!

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Shampoo, $22 USD via the company's website.

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Conditioner $24.00 USD at Beauty.com

Shampoo and Conditioner so gentle you can use it for daily use. It's very refreshing too with the mint scent and gentle tingling on the scalp. Really great for post-workouts!  Anti-aging, antioxidant rich, volumizing, super smooth, non-frizzy, scalp and hair nourishing, non-toxic and color safe. Formulated without sulfates, parabens, silicones, ethoxylates, PEG, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. For use on every hair type. The lightweight conditioner leaves hair conditioned, never weighed down or heavy.

Moroccanoil Round Brushes (photo from the Moroccanoil site)

Bye Bye CHI! Sorry the Moroccanoil brushes are a little better. The grip on the hair has better grab resulting in a smoother blowout. I love the hidden tails in the handle that you reverse so when drying you can get a straighter section of hair.

Oribe Hair Care - Supershine Moisturizing Creme - 5 oz $49.00 USD by Oribe at RONROBINSON.com

I triple <3 this moisturizing styling creme. It cuts frizz. It gives great hair ad hair. I've used this on my clients and models with both straight and curly hair. For a nice added texture for subtle extra hold mix in AVEDA Confixor - a great combo for curly hair too! [PS I'll 'refrain from recommending anyone buy AVEDA from Strawberrynet.com' as per the lovely [sarcasm] email I received from AVEDA in Singapore, who by the way has been less than helpful for any of my needs... [and done] AVEDA.com I would also love to honourable mention Oribe's Impermeable Anti-humidity Spray but I can't seem to find a recent link... Dear Oribe: Did you discontinue that? It works wonders on hair in the tropics!!! The KMS Anti-humidity Spray gets runner up but it's a little heavy for fine hair.


Phyto Phytovolume Actif Maximizing Volume Spray - Fine Limp Hair Luxury Size $35.00 USD by Phyto at Sephora

On towel-dried hair, section and spray roots lightly comb thru and blow-dry. There is heat-activated ingredients that help to create voluminous hair. Use with your new Morrocanoil brushes! Need some blow out tips? Check here to blow like a pro!

osis Dust It by Schwarzkopf

Whether looking for a matte textured updo or cropped bedhead this is the product for you! This can be used on any hair colour as it goes invisible on the hair. Great for refreshing oily hair before a night on the town.

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray $22.00 USD  by Oscar Blandi at Sephora

A heat protectant spray that offers 450-degree heat protection and safeguards hair from all hot tools. It's scented with lemon verbena which I love; some models have said they smelled like Pledge after I did their hair. It's ok; I like Pledge too!

Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray, Maximum Control $18.00$17.10 USD by Redken at drugstore.com

Fast-drying and ultra-clean which means zero white flakes. I love this spray as it gives me the hold I need on set with my models or for my brides 'dos without looking like they are wearing a helmet. You can brush through the hair and restyle it too. BONUS: the lid has a dial that locks the nozzle so when I am travelling I don't get to set with a drained can of hairspray...

Goody Simple Styles: Spin Pin $6.49 USD by Goody at Folica.com

'Spin Pin does the work of 20 bobby pins!' This is the Goody claim and it's so true! One of my fabulous Canadian assistants-turned- artist-in-her-own-right , Sandra Yang so graciously sent me a package with a few Goodies. I have not seen them here yet in Singapore but they should be coming soon [Goody?] You can minimize your bobby pins and create some great styles lickedty-split and boy that's fast! BeautyGeek has some great tips with these too. If you can't find the Spin Pins then check out my updo DIY tips with only 8 bobby pins!


Fascinators may be a little much for every day but a subtle headband vs a statement piece is a great addition to any day or night look.

I may be a little late to be jumping on the hairband bandwagon but I am loving them lately ever since I worked the Melbourne Cup luncheon in Singapore touching up drunk lovely Aussie ladies. [I kid. YES, they were drunk but there were Americans, Kiwis, Brits etc also in attendance.]

Pictured above is a lovely lady I met while at the Melbourne Cup lunch - she made this glorious head piece. [She did her makeup herself too... she was so sweet I couldn't find a subtle way to suggest she soften her lip-liner...] She brought her friend to us at the Luxola sponsored touch-up area exclaiming that she was a makeup artist so didn't need us but claimed her friend did. [I know that sounds bitchy but both ladies were not at all - very sweet, bubbly and full of bubbly. ;) ]

This is me on set for GLAJZ jewelry trying on some Prada and Miu Miu. The headband - Miu Miu. Stunning. I also liked it as it didn't pinch my cranium like most headbands. [I have a big brain] Sobe Jewel has some cute headbands too that are cheap and cheerful, priced in Singapore dollars.


My final hair must-have for 2011:

Yup. That's a toothbrush. Aside from the need to take care of the hair on your teeth... these work GREAT for flyaway hairs and loose hairlines that interfere with posh 'dos. Put a dot of wax on the back of your hand and sweep a toothbrush over the wax and lightly smooth those pesky hairs.

What are your favourite hair products and why?

Coming up: Skincare Faves, Makeup Faves. and Nail Faves... check back!








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