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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

How to use leftover nail strips that have dried out

By Andrea Claire · September 25, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Being a beauty pro / beauty junkie I have a LOT of products and some of these products, just like a Red Carpet dress, get only one use. Take for example the nail strips that come sealed so tight that air can't get in. How many of us have 16 fingers that we can use them all at once?

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips $7.59 USD at Target

Salon EffectsTM Fast, Flawless, French Manicure. Salon Perfect French Tip ∙No Dry Time ∙Lasts up to 10 Days
1. Start with clean, dry nails
2. Select best-fitting French Tip for each nail
3. Remove clear plastic cover, then peel French tip from backing paper
4. Position tip onto edge of nail and smooth over nail edge. File off excess.
5. Apply clear / sheer strip to nail. Press strip to nail and smooth over entire nail.
6. File away excess from nail edge.

Great. So now we have 10 used but 6 leftover...

I have tried flattening out the package and sealing the leftovers in with packing tape - apparently I don't possess magical air-sealing powers as I later discover my dried out nail strips. Determined to not waste them I decided to try basing my nails with OPI Base Coat prior to sticking on the dried out nail strips and like magic - it worked! I then added a top coat to seal them in. It kind of defeats the purpose of the zero drying time required for the nail strips but at least now you don't have wastage.

Have you discovered a trick to replenish the dried out nail strips better than this one? Feel free to share your info and link.

**There is a video in this post. If you don't see it please click on the post title but the video is just 1970s porn music as I paint my nails with clear polish to get the dried out nail strips to stick. Mind-blowing video. Must see really.

Beauty Lust Haves || July 2013

By Andrea Claire · July 23, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Ok, a little later than the normal time frame for my Beauty Lust Haves. Apologies as I was in Thailand for a shoot then travelled to Canada (where I am now) to visit family and do a little work - so without further delay, my beauty picks for July:

Let's start with this MiraCurl by Babyliss! Beautiful curls in 10 seconds (per section, not your whole head!)  Um... I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it! Watch my Instagram video here of Stuff Zoie Says gettin her hair did and then of course the little Diva telling me to 'stop touching her hair!' LOL

What the MircaCurl is, is a nano-titanium curling machine! And... DUAL VOLTAGE!! Yes - friends in Singapore - when I am home I can create MiraCurls with your hair!!

(thanks to Le Salon in Kitchener for the demo!)

SK-II Signs Eye Mask were part of a package given to me to fall in love with prior to me speaking at an SK-II event in Singapore. Loaded with antiaging benefits and vitamins to hydrate and diminish fine lines -- this has become part of my personal skincare regimen and pro-kit staple as a pre-makeup prep for some of my models. Excellent for those who feel that their under-eye area needs extra TLC. I love how concealer glides on without caking post use.

Sheene Choco lip balms from Thailand that I found in Singapore are gorgeous. Not as thick as the NARS lip lacquers that I love but a similar look for a fraction of the price. Contains cocoa butter and camellia japonica seed oil to moisturize and protect with a splash of sheer colour. Pictured above is me wearing all three!

Duty-free beauty gets me everytime and my recent shoot in Thailand was not exempt.

My faves from my recent plane purchase:

Bobbi Brown Illuminatiing Face Base - a primer that adds to the glow from within as well as contains 25 broad spectrum sun protection. Safe to say I have a little Bobbi Brown in my kit. [this product doesn't seem to be on their website so possibly Asia exclusive or limited for purchase on Cathay]

Armani Maestro foundation my bad; it's not a foundation- this does however remind me a lot of MAC's Face & Body (Foundation) and an original Hollywood starlet oil-based foundation that the name escapes me but I can visualize the delicate glass bottle... eventually the product name will pop into my head.

“It’s not a foundation, it’s a complexion perfector. A whole new generation of make-up that feels incredible, looks invisible and makes skin appear luminous every time. Anyone can wear it!!!”- Linda Cantello, International Make-up Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics from Georgio Armani online

Beauty Lust Haves: May

By Andrea Claire · May 5, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Glamolash Eye Lengthening and Thickening Serum    $75.00 USD at DERMSTORE

What can I say besides: this works!!! Many of these lash enhancers have a side effect of brown spots on the eyes. I noticed one brown spot so I quickly compared my eyes to a picture of me from years ago - apparently I don't stare dreamily into my own eyes enough - it was already there. Conclusion - my lashes are longer, fuller with zero (new) brown spots! (and I somehow manage to get this into my eyes each time which stings like a MF'er)

PS - as we age we suffer 'hair fall' - an aging hair term referring to our hair losing it's lustre and thickness - a similar thing happens to our lashes. Mine aren't the 'come hither / bedroom eyes' like they used to be... but they are becoming rejuvenated with my Glamolash. ;)

Aveda 'pure abundance' Hair Potion $24.00 USD Nordstrom
<span id="dataDescription">
Have you tried the latest in hair 'dust' products? I was loving Schwarzkopf Dust It but found it a little overkill in the mattifying department; then I discovered the Aveda Hair pure abundance Potion - LOVE! This will make meh hair into a magic hair party! It builds the hair up creating amazing fullness. I love this on hair that's been curled with tongs - instant sexy times hair. You can squeeze it directly into the hair or liquefy it into your palms and then scrunch into the hair. I was telling a client about this little gem and as I went to shake out some powder to my horror it had liquefied! I am not sure if that's because of the humidity in Singapore but Aveda has this on their website: Product that has liquefied will not affect performance. (...except for the fact that I can no longer squeeze it directly into the hair which I like to do with a lovely cloud of sexifying powder)

*See Aveda Hair Potion in action; I used it on the blonde beauty here.

Alison Raffaele Reality Base foundations and her concealers. The medium coverage is neither flat nor dewy; it's just a lovely skin texture. With a colour range from 1-7 (the 6 and 7 seem quite dark, which means the range is pretty good). I feel like I have finally found the concealer that I was searching for all these years. Again, it's about the texture which sets nicely but it's a hydrating texture which doesn't dry out under the eyes accentuating fine lines; nor does it travel adding creases. The concealer has a doe's foot applicator for easy application. I prefer to apply a few dots across the under-eye and tap to blend. I have these both on many shoots as well as myself for daily wear and am super happy with the results I get. Gluten-free as well as talc, mineral oil, paraben free and vegan! Why the importance of gluten-free? I tell you here.

*Get up to date on all of my Beauty Lust Haves here.

Tupperware (Singapore) has a new brand Ambassador

By Andrea Claire · April 28, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Let me tell you - I'd make a really bad desperate housewife. I had no idea Tupperware Brand has been in Singapore for 48 years!! That either tells you the brand is failing in their MLM or I'm clueless; I think either works here.

Paula Robinson aka The Real Housewife of Singapore is the new Tupperware Brand Ambassador; here she demonstrates the Tupperware burp!

My reaction: Um. Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder?!? WTF is a Tupperware burp?! I mean we had Tupperware as I was growing up - maybe we weren't shown the privileged burp as we would have taken the burping plastic to school and gotten into trouble as we laugh in the schoolyard at recess making burping noises leading us to a life of crime. (You laugh - but that burp could have ruined my life.)

Paula's Tupperware party had a theme: ' Old Fashioned Tupperware Party. Theme is "your version of your favorite Hollywood Housewife." '

Actually - I inspired from the visual above.

Sure as a hair & makeup artist some may call me being able to rock a Mason Pearson brush and some gel liner cheating but hey... Guess who won best dressed! When it comes to themed dressup all I can say is: Game on. Bring it Ladies!

I named my character: Suzie Homewrecker and fully planned on entering in character but it clearly wasn't going to work this day. (I'll save her for later when opportunity knocks)

My beauty breakdown (because you can rock a bouffant and a cat's eye in 2013):


  1. Tease the snot out of your hair using a Mason Pearson brush and one inch sections.
  2. Gently brush so as not to take out the back-brushing one side of your hair to the back centre. Using pins, pin vertically to secure the hair - don't forget to lock your pins with an 'X'.
  3. Grab the hair on the unpinned side roll around one hand with fingers pointing down towards your nape. Pin along the seam you just created (the rolled part on your hand that should be sitting over your already vertically pinned hair from #2.
  4. Gently smooth and spray.


Foundation: Bobbi Brown BB Cream, light with NARS Copacabana Illuminator as a cheek highlighter and eye brightener.
Cheeks: The Body Shop Bronzer 02
Eyes: Bobbi Brown Gel Liner in Espresso Ink; the lower inner corners are lined with MAC Cosmetics Fascinating eye kohl followed by multiple layers of MAC Cosmetics Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash

*Tip* Need accuracy for a cat eye liner? Line the sides of your eyes with tape that will be your guide and trace along the edge. Gently pull off. Scotch tape is stiffer to work with however you can use a medical tape which is less sticky - found at your local drugstore; it's cheap too. You can also use Shadow Shields for this. Options.

Lips: NARS Baroque Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil and MAC Cosmetics Lady At Play

*I come with a disclaimer: If you have a themed party I will show up. In character.

Off topic: When I was in high school my friends and I made plans to go bowling. No plans to dress up. I showed up in a blonde wig, 50s scarf tied in 'my' hair and a poodle skirt. Stupid bowling alley was closed so we went to see a lame movie instead (says my 16 year old self) Glory. I know it's a true story and maybe at 42 I could appreciate it more now than I could at 16.

"Shaw was an officer in the Federal Army during the American Civil War who volunteered to lead the first company of black soldiers. Shaw was forced to deal with the prejudices of both the enemy (who had orders to kill commanding officers of blacks), and of his own fellow officers." IMDB

Back on topic:

NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil  $25.00 USD at <a target="_new" href="http://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fl=r64&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512">Sephora


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner- Espresso Ink  $23.00 USD at Barneys New York

Gel liners vs liquid liners? I prefer the gel as it's easier to work with and sets nicely without looking too graphic - but not all gel liners are created equal. I have tried MAC, Smashbox and Shu Uemura gel liners, to name a few - they flake throughout the day and actually Smashbox gel liners are the worst: they smudge, they don't set at all. Sure you can use an added product to set them but Bobbi Brown's gel liners rock so no added step needed.

MAC Cosmetics Apres Chic Collection as told on the face of Andrea Claire with Beno Lim

By Andrea Claire · January 20, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

images of Beno and I by Zurina Bryant. This is JUST post cut with Issac sans makeup. (Love my hair!)<a target="_blank" href="http://benolim.carbonmade.com/about"><strong>

Beno Lim</strong></a>, Singapore's senior artist with the MAC Cosmetics global team, whom I have collaborated with for Vulture magazine took the time to doll me up for my InSing Vanity Project. Beno flooded me with so many fab tips for readers that just like Issac /Toni &Guy, I had to edit him - happens to the best of us - here are his great tips along with MAC's latest collection Après Chic that Beno walked me through.

Jumping in brows first:

Beno Tip (BT): Eye brows are key so take the time to do a quick tidy and grooming.

Andrea claire’s 2 cents (ac) - Ladies: this does NOT mean take your tweezers out daily. You know who you are... little sperms are not an attractive brow shape

<strong>BT: <em>For those with stubborn hard to curl lashes, curl lashes first after a very thin coat of mascara as it helps to hold the curl. Continue with the rest of your makeup.

</em></strong>I had to use this image somewhere. Thanks Zurina! lol

ac - I love this tip for the humid climate of Singapore where my lashes flatten out from the moisture in the air. I still find this method clumps the lashes together a little so take care when curling after your mascara and make sure the mascara is combed and dry before curling to minimize lashes sticking together.

BT- Using the 195 brush apply your concealer using minimal product then blend out with your finger to warm up product for better blendability.

ac: I have to reiterate that minimal concealer is required. When you apply too much you get the opposite of panda eyes. I think the biggest issue is women compare their final makeup with retouched and perfectly lit models – allow a little human to shine through vs trying to have alien-like appeal. We don’t all walk around with a bounce card and a wind machine. *cough - JLo*

Dear Beno, I say this out of love. I need to introduce you to Shadow Shields. xo Andrea Claire.

<strong>"Our new Après Chic collection is very effortless, every woman can wear it - the colours are natural and not very intimidating." Beno


BT - Mineralize shadows are buildable for a gradual change, can be used wet or dry (use Fix+) great for day to night. Hold your brush at the end of the handle for a flawless blending so you won't get hard lines - you aren't handwriting.

ac - Ditto! I've given this tip often too - I don't think I've heard another makeup artist give it before... great tip (if I do say so myself)!

BT: Blend liner downwards with 266 brush to avoid gaps and skin spaces without colour

ac - or for a liner look that isn't smudged do a tight line by applying liner with a flat liner brush going up under the lashes pressing firmly.

BT: apply mascara thicker at the roots by dabbing and pressing wand at the lashes to make them appear thicker and longer

ac - yes, and also: by applying your mascara too heavy handed at the tips will cause them to flatten and look heavy.

<strong>BT: <em>use MAC Fast Response Eye Cream as a makeup eraser vs correcting with liquid eye makeup oils which will breakdown your makeup


Veluxe Brow Liner $19.50 USD at M·A·C

BT: Always work the brow so the pencil doesn't look too drawn with short, feathery strokes.

ac - duh! Just kidding - but yes – I don’t know a makeup artist who uses long, heavy strokes and neither should you.

Porcelain Pink Mineralize Skinfinish $29.00 USD at M·A·C

<strong>BT: <em>Buff Skinfinish for best results. On me Beno used Porcelain Pink (an amber glow blush) applied with the 187 brush


BT: Dip your lip pencil into MAC's lip conditioner for a smoother lip line application without the tugging and the bonus of hydrating the lips

ac - this is a full on new one for me. Kudos Beno!! You can teach an old dawg new tricks. ;) [I would however like to roadtest this one more to see if this trick makes the lippy bleed]

photography: Alvin Tang hair & makeup: Andrea Claire

Always fade in your lip liner so you don’t end up with the ring around the lip… unless it’s intentional like I did here for an editorial with Alexis magazine.

"Makeup is always a fun process so you don't have to take it too seriously. Unlike new hair that may need to grow - a new makeup look can be toned down" Beno wasn’t suggesting he didn’t like my haircut – he was generalizing.

ac- The cool thing with hair is that it grows... unless you were my sister's Barbies. [Sorry Samantha - I was 5 - time to move on...]

Beno’s makeup must dos

1. Keep your foundation lightweight

2. Everyone should curl lashes for a fresh look and toss mascara 2-3 months

3. Moisturize lips prior to start of makeup so when you get to your lips they are soft and luscious ready for lip colour.

ac - proper skincare and sunscreen should always be a part of your daily makeup.

Want to try on a new look? Come into any MAC store with a bare face. Appointment required.

<em>I super love this: "Before you buy a new look try on your face"

</em>A little behind the scenes. That's Zurina to the right sneaking out from her usual spot behind the lens.<em>


Beauty Lust Haves: January 2013!

By Andrea Claire · January 7, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Lust Haves because I LOVE them and you MUST have them:

1. NARS Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls - although the colour is gorgeous - it's not so much about the colour than it is about the texture. I would love this NARS lip lacquer in any colour.

2. Tom Ford Noir Absolute for Eyes - is a must for all makeup artists and for the makeup junkie who loves a dark eye. This as your base will change the way you add drama to your eye makeup for sure.

3. M·A·C Veluxe Brow Liner in Strawberry Blonde $19.50 USD - a little selfish but FINALLY a great eyebrow colour for me and other gingers in need of a good brow.

4. Oribe Hair Care Supershine Moisturizing Creme - "A luxe reinvention of leave-in conditioner" wording taken from Oribe.com and shouldn't be reworded. This leave-in is amazing! For ALL hair types. If your hair is fine just apply it from the mid-shaft to the ends. I use this on many clients and models. When I use it on myself I catch myself playing with my hair all the while sub-consciously aware of how fab my hair feels. If you have hair you should have this product. Formulated by one of the true Hair Gurus in this business: Oribe.

** Starting off 2013 with a short Lust Have list to ease you into the beauty hauls.**

The not-so-festive Turkey Neck!

By Andrea Claire · December 21, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

The turkey neck waddle and the decolletage are areas that we have neglected over the years. Guess what? A neglected neckline reveals more than you want to share - your age! Sure - maybe you are face focused and looking youthful with your creams serums, boosters, fillers and the Botoxed Barbie extremes from the neck up but what about below the chin?

Have you learned nothing from Ally McBeal?

Judge Jennifer 'Whipper' Cone (Dyan Cannon) gets some turkey waddle love by Richard Fish (Greg Germann) as seen on Ally McBeal.

When you apply your face creams are you stopping at your jawline? Yes? Are you using a neck cream? hm...

Our skin needs to be treated with love and devotion.

You can't ignore the beauty industry's influence just like you can't ignore the fashion influence of cerulean blue.

We don't make the aging rules but you do need to learn them to win the fight against aging! Maintaining hydration and elasticity focusing on collagen rejuvenation as we age is key. Of course we think of prevention - suncreen and regular skincare habits and that should not be limited to our face.

As you age do you ever wake up with creases on your bust? I am not talking breasts - just above the top of your cleavage to your collarbone. Those creases in the morning are signs of dehydration and over time they will stay, deepen and sag. Do you look at an older relative wondering if your decolletage area will become leathery like theirs? Are you focusing on Aunt Bertha's neck waddle when you are chatting with her? Don't get her confused with your Holiday turkey.

Delaying the signs of aging can be done with proper care. Keeping your skin nourished with creams is proven to be effective. This is me. I am 41. I have had no work done and there is no Photoshopping here - yes, a little Instagramming - I have used creams all over for years. If I get lazy with my body / neck creams I notice the difference within a week on my decolletage. Lather up with lotions Ladies and metro-Gents!

You can get a jump-start on your waddle and extra chins with Exilis. [I may or may not be giving this a go elsewhere... stay tuned.] But no helping hand is efficient without upkeep. Never too late to start with your magic potions.

Radical Skincare Firming Neck Gel  $125.00 USD at Barneys New York

Experience an immediate lift and a smoother, brighter skin tone on your neck and décolleté with this unique antioxidant-rich creamy emulsion. Kelp Extract smoothes and Green Tea and Resveratrol fight aging free radicals. Antioxidant-rich Vitamin C and collagen-defending Sepilift help firm sagging neck tissue, while Soybean and Jojoba Oils provide high-performance hydration. 50ml

La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream A Cellular Firming Complex  $225.00 USD at Bloomingdale's

Is your neck hinting at your age? The skin of the neck and chin ages differently from the skin of the face, and with aging, the chin may lose its youthful streamlined look. Scientists at La Prairie have developed a formula containing a complex designed to help re-contour the chin and neck area to a slimmer, firmer look. Other ingredients work to hydrate, smooth, and promote even skin tone. With regular use, the skin of the neck becomes silkier, smoother, and tighter. Benefits: Helps slim and re-shape the chin and neck area Boosts skin function to help restore density, firmness, elasticity and texture with a youth-restoring complex and an advanced peptide Renews skin hydration system to increase moisture retention Helps reduce age spots and promotes even skin tone through an anti-pigmentation complex The Application: Morning and evening. Using two hands and beginning at the bustline, stroke upward quickly toward neck and chin in rapid alternative strokes. Use more cream if necessary and apply to back of neck and upper shoulder area.

Perricone MD Perricone MD Firming Neck Therapy 2 oz (59 ml)  $98.00 USD at Beauty.com

The science to address specific skin concerns. Helps to firm, nourish and hydrate Minimizes appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. The first signs of age often appear in the neck area. This anti-glycation cream will help tone, tighten and form a barrier to increase the appearance of skin's overall elasticity and thickness. It nourishes and hydrates the skin to help minimize developing lines and wrinkles. It is odorless, non-greasy and non staining. Skin will appear more firm, smooth in texture and youthful. Made in USA


New work || Solitaire (cover)

By Andrea Claire · December 17, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Find Solitaire on Facebook.

photography: Brendan Zhang
styling: Furqan Saini
hair & makeup: Andrea Claire -sadly the magazine forgot to add in my credits. Win some/lose some - and I forgot all that I used since it was shot ages ago. For sure I used Dermalogica skincare and FACEatelier foundation... if I find my notes I will update you...

LOVE the lighting. That's Brendan for you. Talented guy.

Want hair like this? I show you how here.

Holiday gift ideas for her (pt 2)

By Andrea Claire · December 14, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

More gift ideas for the woman in your life saving you from a year of 'Why did you get me that vacuum cleaner? What the h-e-double hockey sticks were you thinking??' Or were you trying to tell her that she sucks?

Beauty Subscriptions

Just like Singapore's Vanity Trove or BellaBox, beauty subscriptions are a no-brainer. Every month a box of new beauty goodies arrive at the doorstep to be discovered. The deliveries have included trial sizes to full sizes and products such as OPI, Laura Mercier, Storyderm, Savoir Faire, OCC and more.

Refinery29 has a great roundup for the U.S

Give her specs appeal

Marc Jacobs

Alexander McQueen

For the eyewear addict and how fitting to get all glitzy for the season!  Trust me - there is such a thing as an eyewear addict... *fingers pointing at myself* {click that for a 2013 eyewear preview!

Acknowledge that she shops by buying her a wallet

I need a new wallet and this is the one I've been eyeballing. Hint to the HB. The snake embossed leather is a great texture but living in the tropics this may have me screaming every time I open my bag actually believing that a python slivered in so possibly deterring my desire to dig it out... anything to convince the HB that I need a Kate Spade wallet... Kate Spade New York Lacey Snake Embossed Leather Zip-Around Wallet  $228.00 USD at Saks Fifth Avenue I love the zip-around closure since I tend to jam everything in. It has an inside zip pocket with two compartments, twelve credit card slots and two bill compartments. Perfecto.

Chic Business Gal on the go!

Glam Silver Flap Card Holder $250.00 SGD at Swarovski, shines in silver metal calfskin with Crystal Silver Shade Mesh on the flap. The interior reveals one flat pocket, one window pocket, and one gusset pocket for business or credit cards.

Shower her with jewels

Erickson Beamon Crystal drop earrings, $256.00 SGD, available on TheOutnet.com

Erickson Beamon Gold-plated Swarovski crystal necklace
$443 SGD on TheOutnet.com

Um.... new found love... TheOutnet.com!! Net-a-Porter.com's outlet sister... where the hell have I been? And if you order now you should be ok for holiday gifts... International shipping!

Gifts for her part 1.

Gifts for him.

Charity gifts.

Holiday gift ideas for the man in your life

By Andrea Claire · December 11, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.millerharris.com/">


Feuilles de Tabac Eau de Parfum 50ml, Miller Harris. A sexy scent of rich woods, tobacco leaves, spices, Cuban cascarilla oil and pimento berries contrast with a cooling heart of pine needles and velvet sage whilst creamy tonka bean and Malay patchouli. Great for the guy who may be new to the world of fragrance - manly but more sophisticated than a lumberjack.

In Singapore get your Miller Harris here.

Have no sense when it comes to scents? Check out The Whale and The Rose - no nonsense on scents. *a wink & a groan*

Dermalogica Shave System  $35.00 USD at Ulta. Does your guy have skin? He needs skincare. If your man is face cream resistant, start with a gift catering to good skin disguised as a shaving kit then perhaps for his birthday you can give him the whole chi-bang including some fabulous eye cream. Baby steps for your big boy. *wink*

M?naji Skincare for Men Anti Shine High Definition Powder Vision $35.00 at Nordstrom I am not to sure if I should encourage makeup for men... My HB will never use it - although he did accidentally use my SPF tinted moisturizer and I didn't have the heart to tell him.  Apparently this "HDPVTM (High Definition Powder Vision) was developed for professional actors and news anchormen. Due to the improved picture clarity of high-definition television today, professional television male grooming demands flawless coverage; traditional 'pancake' makeup does not provide the desired look." Hmmm... I have never seen a news anchor who didn't look all caked up...

I bought this shirt for my HB when we were just dating from Bluenotes in Canada 7 years ago and it is still going strong! [probably because he refuses to wear it out in public] You can easily get a t-shirt made for the guy in your life for a fun stocking stuffer.

Fred Perry - Classic Overnight Bag (Black/Ecru) - Bags and Luggage $75.00$67.99 USD at Zappos for the hipster art director boyfriend type. Fill it with overnight basics for when he crashes at your pad.

Boconi Bags and Leather - Tyler Tumbled Plaid About You - Office Traveler (Black Leather) - Bags and Luggage  $548.00 USD at Zappos for the grownup BF or HB remind him that his backpack is so college and he gets to upgrade to big boy status.

Have a fabulous gift idea for the man in your life? Do share!!

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