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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

Gastronomia Fueled By Hot Air?

By Andrea Claire · August 22, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

If you live in Singapore or plan to visit, I highly recommend a visit to Gastronomia. They are truly out of this world. Pizza, pastas, sandwiches... they have restaurants, cafes and takeaway places sprinkled throughout Singapore.

Some recos:

The lemon cupcakes that I swear have a pound of butter per, are so heavenly you want to have more than one. I'm sure one has more calories than four Big Macs. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

The pizza slices, thin crust with just the amount of toppings - perfect.

Everything I have tried is actually quite good.

Of course I need to add a BIG BUT[T]!

I have NO idea what they call this hunk of chocolate-y, caramel, cookie goodness but we discovered this ages ago when it was 3x the size for $6.00!! Obviously popularity has grown as it is 1/3 the size for $4.00!! I have decided to STOP buying this as I think they are greedy bastards a tad over charging for this item. [my sister went to the Stratford Chef School in Canada so I will describe this to her and get a kickass recipe and make it myself]

They also, in my humble opinion, over-charge for their cakes.

Photo by Faz.

In May, Zoie Jean turned 3 and I ordered her a [bland] valrhona chocolate Minnie Mouse birthday cake from there... $300 dollars later! So NOT kidding. So NOT worth $300. I had asked if they could make it 'red velvet' and the pastry chef had no idea what I was talking about...

When I lived in Austin Texas I got Zoie a delish red velvet Elmo cake from PolkaDots Cupcake Factory. I paid... $75.00, [if memory serves, thereabouts anyway] Olga, [originally from Indonesia] is amazing! I had my birthday cake made by her too. I hope her prices have increased cuz if I paid $300 at Gastronomia her cakes should be $600+++.

I guess this post is full of back-handed compliments for Gastronomia. Apparently I have a love/hate. I will NOT be buying cake there ever again or those chocolate caramel thingys but they will still be getting a buck or two from me. [I buy my espresso grinds from them, Bristot, $8.00 a bag vs $15 for Illy at Cold Storage, grocery store.]

*Hey Olga, if you read this link to my cakes as I can't find my pictures!

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