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All things beauty and then some. Andrea Claire has been a hairstylist and makeup artist for 23 years now. A Canadian based in Singapore since 2007, she has appeared on Asia's Next Top Model, Yahoo Asia, Canadian Idol, So Chic and more.

#AZMondayMakeover sponsored by Luxola || OzSuperNanny

By Andrea Claire · November 25, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Meet Angela Jacobsen the Oz SuperNanny! She has nannied for many VIPs, royals and musicians - have you heard of a singer named Madonna?? Angela has also authored two books.  


*If you don't see a video above here, please refresh the post title (sorry - in the time-lapse at the end my shoulder was bogarting the camera lens)

Before and after by <strong>Zurina Bryant


A rainbow of colours can be overwhelming. Decide on your look before diving in brush first.

I started with a primer on Angela's skin. Primers help by smoothing the skin's surface and can also have colour correcting/illuminating properties. Rouge Bunny Rouge Prelude in the Clouds aqua primer can be applied to the eyes and lips as well but I used Zoeva's matte eyeshadow primer for a creaseless finish with added grip.

Face atelier ultra foundation #4 and #5. I prefer to work with at least two colours of foundation in order to give me the best natural skin tone. Apply and blend foundation using my new BFF.

In the video we talk about how Angela's skin is dehydrated; whenever you have skin issues the #1 thing to look at is your skincare. Dehydrated, flaky skin loves cream and liquid products as they help to hydrate the skin. On Angela's cheeks I chose Bloom Cosmetics cream blush in Coy

I decided to give the Supernanny a super-duper cranberry metallic smoky eye using the grey and black shadows from the Zoeva 88 eyeshadow palette with the LyncaCare in Irresistible (shown), Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Mr Marvelous liner in the waterline.

<strong>Let's talk eyebrows. Simply, if you drew a line from the side of your nose straight up, that would be where your brow should start. Angling that line from the side of your nose through the outer edge of your iris is where your arch should be, finally if you drew a line from the side of your nose angled through your brow towards the temple, your brow should taper roughly parellel to your temple.

I hope you don't think I'm shouting at you with this bold type but eyebrow shape is very important. No need to panic. Just seek professional help for the shape that suits your eye and face shape best.

</strong> I did a little reconstruct with Angela's brows. When you've accidentally kept your tweezers hard at work it's best to hide them on yourself for a few months to allow your brows to fill back in. I used the edge of a folded tissue and a few shades of brown to reshape Angela's brows. Finally, soften the edges with a cotton swab and a highlighter to help blend.

For Angela's hair I wanted to keep some texture to her hair by blow-drying it with a volumizing spray and then I created a wet look at the roots running through Original & Mineral Rootacious. Pinning the hair at the crown keeps the hair from falling and losing that rocker chic. A slight deconstructed texture is fine as long as you make it look intentional.

Photography by

A huge thanks to our November sponsor

Stay tuned for our December makeovers.

Why #azMondayMakeover? Our industry does have an element of fantasy, especially when we are using 17-21 year old models in campaigns targeting the 30+ or the body types 000 to US size 6. I will never stop participating in the fantasy side of fashion and beauty but reality isn't so bad either.

Want to participate? Email me, Andrea Claire with #azMondayMakeover in the subject line. Please also attach a recent photo yourself.

#AZMondayMakeover sponsored by Luxola || Laila

By Andrea Claire · November 11, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

*If you don't see a video above here, please refresh the post title

This week's azMondayMakeover is Laila who is pursuing a career in research and development with early childhood education - explains why we got along so well... I can be a little childish.
[I think I called Laila 'Layla' in the video - let's just pretend it's my Canadian accent, eh! Sorry Laila!]

Let's see what's in my Luxola sponsored box of tricks this week...

Unretouched before and after photos by Zurina Bryant.

Face atelier ultra foundation #6 I love this foundation and have used it since my Stylin' Gypsies makeover days. Whether for brides, models, celebs - this is my base of choice. It has a lovely blurring effect on the skin which helps to diffuse and smooth imperfections while still being breathable without feeling weighed down with makeup.

My rekindled love, the makeup sponge 2.O aka The Beauty Blender. What I love about this tool is that you can apply your foundation as sheer as you like or build up your coverage and it blends beautifully. Think of a rolling action versus rubbing to blend out edges and lines. 

Zoeva SunPower palette is really pretty; loaded with colours that are versatile and long-lasting -better payoff than what you typically expect lower price point cosmetics. Zoeva doesn't clog your pores nor dent your pocketbook.

From the Zoeva 88 eyeshadow palette I used a lush, matte green and bronze shades which complement each other as well as look great on Laila. The pop of green flashes as she blinks inspiring from the dress but not taking over the whole look - which can happen if you put too much focus on your eye makeup.
TIP: To intensify the colour pat it on versus a sweeping motion.

Shadow Shields are the notorious protectors of the undereye, saving beautiful makeup from fall out, two eyes at a time.

TIP: Use the Shadow Shields as a guide for a wing-tip liner or as a hard edge for other fun geometric makeup techniques.

I chose Julie Hewett's Nude Noir because it has a lovely subtle shimmer and is very hydrating. The Noir collection by Julie Hewett is one of my favourite lipstick collections - they are double pigmented and contain camellia oil which helps to heal and moisturize.

In the bow of Laila's lip I used a fine liner brush and did a little highlight with this Smooch Dare to Bare duo using the lighter shade on the left - although I could have given her a bronzed 'stache for Movember...

Tip: To help prep and prime lips for a longer lasting lipstick mix a lip balm with brown sugar to exfoliate. Dr. Lipp original nipple balm for lips (and any cracked nipples that you may be dealing with)

Hair was simply tonged, teased and given a little texture with O&M Surf Bomb spray

Thank you to our November sponsor:

In collaboration with:

**Why AZMondayMakeovers<strong>? I feel that as a woman in the beauty industry for 23 years and counting that I owe it to you to show honest beauty without retouching.

Our industry does have an element of fantasy, especially when we are using 17-21 year old young ladies in campaigns targeting the 30+ or the body types 000 to US size 6. I will never stop participating in the fantasy side of fashion and beauty but reality isn't so bad either.

Everyone is beautiful - at least on the outside; it's your actions that show you what beauty lies within. 

</strong>Andrea Claire

Want to particpate in the makeover fun? Email me with a photo and the subject line #AZMondayMakeover

VLOG || #AZMondayMakeover sponsored by Luxola: Annia

By Andrea Claire · November 4, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

*If you don't see a video above here, please refresh the post title

This week's azMondayMakeover is Annia, a risk director for an investment bank.

We thank Annia for taking a risk with us!

Never be afraid of a colourful palette. The best way to tackle an overwhelming number of colours is to simplify. Decide on your look before jumping in brush first. As you can see - I decided to give Annia an edgy tight-lined eye with dark colours.

Products I used to create Annia's look:

Dr Jart+ Pore medic recover pre-base
everyone needs a primer to suit their specific needs whether colour correcting, smoothing pores etc<strong>

</strong>Face atelier Ultra Foundation using #1 and #3 
apply the lighter colour under the eyes and where you want to subtly highlight

BLOOM secret weapon concealer kit
-for blemish touchups and precise correcting<strong>

</strong>On Annia's cheeks I used a little bit of a Zoeva bronzer into the cheekbone hollows, along the jawline - essentially any place you want to add sculpture and shape and then lightly buffed the cheeks to blend out the colour a little<strong>


Zoeva 88 eyeshadow palette

In the eye crease use a medium to light brown colour, more of a neutral shade to create shape.
Apply the crease with the eye open looking directly into the mirror which works on most women. Different eye shapes will have a different need for crease placement and as we age our eyes tend to become a little hooded and therefore you need to create a crease. This way of applying the crease also helps with Asian eyes or deep set eyes

For the dramatic tight lining I used a mix of black shadow mixed with a deep shimmery bronze applied with Sigma Beauty Waterline Liner and then filling in the waterline with an eye pencil.

*I LOVE this Sigma Beauty brush - truly a must have!

Magnifibres brush on false eyelashes and a black mascara
- these fibres really build the lashes 
-apply a coat of mascara, fibres then another coat of mascara

I applied Bloom's Coy on her lips
- I love this because it's a product you can use on your cheeks and your lips
-choose a lip liner close to the lip shade you're using

**TIP: As we age our lip line naturally fades so definition is key for a strong lip shape

We chose the final after shot with Annia's own hair loose and down but I wanted you to see how easy it is to play with texture and hair pieces. This is a screen shot but definitely watch the video for more tips! 

I used Rahua volumizing spray um... for volume *wink* and O&M Surf Spray for added texture.

-blowout hair with a volumizing spray not only focused on the roots. When you apply a volume enhancing product throughout the hair shaft you get the benefits all over.
-spray with a little bit of beach spray which gives the hair a little bit of texture so it's not so flat not so smooth, you want the texture - that's chic
-section the hair above the ears towards just below the crown and wrap a piece of hair around the base as if it were a ponytail, adding a couple pins to lock the hair in place
-continue to do in as many sections as you would like and feel free to wrap some track hair extensions around the base of each section to give it length and added thickness
-I prefer using natural hair versus synthetic hair because synthetic hair doesn't have the same kind of texture, you are limited with synthetics as cannot use heat
-synthetic hair also tends to look artificially shiny so it doesn't blend in well when taking photos or frankly, even just in daily life

**TIP: If you don't have the budget for real hair dull down the synthetic hair using dry shampoo, but DON'T attempt to heat style as it will melt.

Want to participate? Email me, Andrea Claire, with the subject line <strong>#azMondayMakeover

All products for the #azMondayMakeovers in November are sponsored by

In collaboration with:

**Why AZMondayMakeovers? I feel that as a woman in the beauty industry for 23 years and counting that I owe it to you to show honest beauty without retouching.

Our industry does have an element of fantasy especially when we are using 17-21 year old young ladies in campaigns targeting the 30+ or the body types 000 to US size 6. I will never stop participating in the fantasy side of fashion and beauty but reality isn't so bad either.

Everyone is beautiful - at least on the outside; it's your actions that show you what beauty lies within. 

Andrea Claire


Exciting news to share!!! The next #azMondayMakeover series will be sponsored by Luxola!

By Andrea Claire · October 28, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

If you don't see a video above here, please refresh the post title.<a target="_blank" href="http://www.luxola.com/pages/tastemakers-andrea-claire"><strong>

Luxola, the online beauty boutique</strong></a> is now sponsoring the #azMondayMakeover series for the month of November that Zurina Bryant and I are doing.

We are thrilled about this new partnership. Luxola carries many of the beauty products that I have been using in my kit for years as well as some the newly released and coveted of global beauty junkies!

So tune in next week for the premiere of the #azMondayMakeover sponsored by Luxola to see what I do with this treasure trove of beauty and Zurina's before and after shots of our latest lovely lady.

*Want to take part? Email me, Andrea, here with the subject line #azMondayMakeover and a recent pic of yourself.

Makeovers recapped || #azmondaymakeover

By Andrea Claire · October 21, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

What woman doesn't love to play dress up?

Celebrity profile photographer Zurina Bryant and I decided to start a blogged Monday makeover series for the fun of it, beauty tip sharing and just downright fun. This would have been week 4 but we decided to do a little call-out and a recap.

Our previous ladies with their before and afters.

Hair and makeup by me, Andrea Claire. Photography by Zurina.

The call-out: Want to participate? We want YOU too!! The deal is: we get to play and post and you get a nice pic or 2 and some lovely tips. We are in the talks of sponsorship so if that works out maybe you'll get a goodie bag too  - but don't quote me on it.

To participate please email us here with AZMonday Makeover in the subject line.

VLOG || #AZMondayMakeover: Vivian Pei

By Andrea Claire · October 14, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Welcome to week three of the AZMondayMakeover! You can recap the first two here. 


There is a video above here. Don't see it? Please click on the post title.

Today's lovely lady is Vivian Pei. Vivian is a whiz in the kitchen. No really. She has an F&B consultancy business, does recipe development, teaches cooking, food stylist, organizes food tours.... Viv - am I leaving anything out?

before and after photos by Zurina Bryant

Now Vivian's before looks way more frazzled than one would expect. In all fairness she did just arrive after a frantic day of work and errands and we plunked her down without any real warning for her pic. (I don't even think she glanced in a mirror upon arrival) We let her open a bottle of champagne prior to sitting into my beauty chair - hey, we can be nice!

On Vivian I used:

Prep + Prime BB Beauty Balm Compact SPF 30 in Medium Plus $30.00 USD at M·A·C mainly under the eyes for added brightening.

 Followed by FACEatelier foundation in #7 (Tan)

Benefit fakeup hydrating crease-control concealer, medium $24.00 USD at Macy's

Laura Mercier Mineral Finishing Powder $34.00 USD at Nordstrom

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder $30.00 USD at Ulta

NARS 'Pro Prime' Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base $24.00 USD at Nordstrom 

This eyeshadow primer is clear and allows a smooth base for shadow. I applied it from lash line to brow bone.

Benefit creaseless cream eyeshadow in R.S.V.P, $20.00 USD at Macy's 

Applied solely on Vivian's lid.

Laura Mercier Lustre Eye Colour USD at Nordstrom 

With Vivian's eyes open, I applied LM Lustre Eye Colour in African Violet into the crease - pretty sure the image is of Chocolate and not African Violet but it shows the same shimmery quality.

Maybelline EyeStudio Baked Color Pearls Marbleized Eyeshadow Persuasive Plum $6.79 USD at Walgreens

I applied a sheer layer of this marbleized eyeshadow. I love these shadows! The way they pick up light is pretty and Hello! Cheap and cheerful!!

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner $23.00 USD at Macy's

I used a deep plum / black that is no longer available. Sorry Dudettes.

Lip Lacquer $25.00 USD at NARS Cosmetics

I applied foundation onto Vivian's lips which isn't necessary - and after hearing what Vivian had to say (watch the video) about her lips I wish i hadn't chosen to take them down so much but she still pulls off this look nicely and hey - it's not a lip tattoo. ;)

<strong>For Vivian's hair:

I blew out Vivian's hair with Marc Anthony bye bye frizz blowout cream, tonged in some waves, pinned one side back and then set the final look with Original Mineral Original Queenie.

CHI Air Tex Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Curling Iron-Red $60.00 at jcpenney

I gave Vivian what I have dubbed as 'The Hollywood Mullet' (sleek on one side; sexy, wavy party on the other)

This is the CHI iron closest to what I could find to my vintage CHI with the Marcel arm. sigh I m not a fan of the wands nor the spring armed irons. 

Let's talk about Vivian's dress by Lion Earl! I freakin' love this Singaporean label (I have yet to own one). Jewellery supplied by Singapore-based Killari.

find the team online:

Zurina Bryant

and me, Andrea Claire 

**Sure, we could make everyone over all slick and Vogue-y but I don't know anyone who can maintain that daily. Zurina and I wanted to show you - the feminine masses, that you can look great on your own terms without photoshop and scalpels.

Want to participate? Send us an email with  your photo and azMondayMakeover in the subject line to me and Z.


VLOG || #AZMondayMakeover: Nadia Daeng

By Andrea Claire · October 7, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Nadia Daeng, freelance PR-ista (kinda like fashionista but for PR)

Busy Bee Nadia D has a passion for red; her favourite colour. Of course I had to resist the urge to give her a red lip.

<span style="font-size: medium;" size="3"><span style="font-family: Calibri;" face="Calibri">(If you don't see a video below here - please refresh the title.)


Moroccanoil Medium Ceramic Round Brush 35mm A$25.50A$23.50 at Catwalk
<span style="font-size: medium;" size="3"><span style="font-family: Calibri;" face="Calibri">
Nadia's hair was blown out using a medium round brush, Original & Mineral Rootalicious on Nadia’s roots for added root lift and Morroccanoil Volumizing Mousse on the rest of the hair for a closer to god effect. Blowing out natural curls when you intend to use tongs gives you a smoother hair shaft, of course you can tong diffused curls as well.


BaByliss Curl Secret Hair Curler. £119.99 at Argos

On a recent trip to Canada I bought the Babyliss MiraCurl (Curl Secret in the UK) aka the curling machine that you will see in action in our makeover video. To my surprise I saw them for sale at Jeric Salon here in Singapore – I guess if the PR for Babyliss would have actually returned my call I would have had that info and perhaps would have also known that the Babyliss is not dual voltage (I'm using a Conair transformer thingy) like they told me at the supply store in Canada. Subtle enough?

KEVIN.MURPHY Texture.Master A$34.95 at Adore Beauty

<span style="font-size: medium;" size="3"><span style="font-family: Calibri;" face="Calibri">I finished Nadia’s hair with Kevin Murphy Texture Master. I love the sexy, big, tousled beach hair. I did not tease her hair aside from a smidge on the top – that spray truly is a miracle.

Nadia before and after. Photos by Zurina Bryant. Jewelry by Killari


dermalogica Skin Kit, Age Smart $52.00 at Walgreens

With her skin based with all of my Dermalogica faves I moved on to my other fave: FACE atelier Ultra Foundation in #7.

*Nadia mentions that she often skips foundation because of the heat here in Singapore. Living in hot humid climates can be makeup challenging as sweaty skin can cause makeup to melt and powders to coagulate. If this is you then a primer for oily skin is a must unless you sweat like you are halfway through a Bikram session, in that case, primer is a waste of time.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder $24.00 USD at Bergdorf Goodman

Start by applying the foundation with Bdellium Tools Studio Precision Kabuki 957 brush and contour with foundation one to two shades darker (on Nadia I used FA #9) Take time to blend with a Beauty Blender in a soft stippling motion. Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder (an eye brightener) can be used on it's own or over concealer - I love this powder introduced to me by Dee Daly

I based Nadia's eyes with Bikini-Tini from Benefit Cosmetics and played with a few loose metallic pigments, gold copper and bronze mixing them with Bio-Oil for an added wet look/glow. MAC's Shroom was applied to the inner tear duct and the brow bone.  Black gel liner at the lash line and inner waterline to give the eye some me-ow effect finished with Revlon mascara. 

Bio Oil 125ml £15.00 at <a href="http://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fl=r648&pid=popsugar&pdata=354512" target="_new">Very

</a>Bio-Oil is known for many skincare uses but it also makes a great addition to your makeup. Traditionally Vaseline is used on the eyelid for shine but overtime can travel and crease - I find that the Bio-Oil will crease with eyeshadows a smidge but so minimal it's barely worth the mention. Another great use for this? Replacing the 8 Hour Cream used on the lips. I've never understood my peers' love for that cream and Bio-Oil has a smoother feel without the greasy leftovers.

I applied MAC Antonio Lopez for M·A·C 'Coral' Face Palette (Limited Edition) $46.00 at Nordstrom for added contour, colour and highlight. 


<span style="font-size: medium;" size="3"><span style="font-family: Calibri;" face="Calibri">
Anyone can be Pretty in Pink! These are my lips in the same colour as what I used on Nadia: CoverGirl Spellbound. On Nadia I lined her lips first with Gosh lipliner in Pink Peony.

Find us on social media

Nadia on Twitter

Zurina on Twitter

and me, Andrea Claire

This was our second AZMondayMakeover see our first here.

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Deets on the Babyliss Curl Secret / MiraCurl

</strong></span>I do love this but then again I am a Gadget Queen. Anything new comes out and I have to play with it. I don't believe that this is a tool for every consumer unless someone is there to help you do the back of your hair - but it is fun. Watch the video above.</span></span>

  • Hair is automatically drawn in to the ceramic curl chamber and softly held to heat the hair from all directions to form a curl
  • 2 heat settings, 200 degrees and 230 degrees for long lasting results
  • 3 timer settings with audio beep indicator for different curl effects
  • Automatic alternating curl direction for a natural finish
  • 2.3m swivel cord
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Ground breaking technology effortlessly creates beautiful, long lasting curls. Close the styler and the hair is automatically drawn into the ceramaic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all directions to form a curl. Then simply open the styler to reveal the perfect curl
  • Professional heating system for fast curl formation and long lasting results


VLOG || #AZMondaymakeover: RynaQue

By Andrea Claire · September 30, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

I am so excited to bring to you #AZMondayMakeover, an online makeover series where I am collaborating with profile photographer Zurina Bryant.

As the title suggests this is something to look forward to as you are drudging your way to work on a Monday morning (or perhaps a Sunday night for those in other parts of the world).

You can expect a few tips and perhaps a giggle or two (we're shooting video - if you don't see the video at the end of this post click the title to refresh) and of course a before and after.

The photos are not retouched. We didn't want to makeover real women and then D.I them to death.

First up: RynaQue, a lifestyle/beauty plus size blogger. I met Q while doing some collaborations and attending events orchestrated by the fabulous Singapore PR firm Access Communications. Recently turned 21, Q has got a lovely, bubbly personality. Always smiling and happy. She is after all, happy in her skin.

For Q's hair I blew it out with Marc Anthony Curl Envy Strictly Curls cream since her hair is naturally curly it needs a little hydration thus the creamy texture with this product. I know it says for making perfect curls - I also find this product is great for a perfect blowout with bounce. For fine hair opt for the lotion version.

After blowing out her hair I flat ironed it and while the hair was still warm, I popped in Velcro rollers (you can see the glam happening in the video below). Velcro rollers are not used to create curl - it gives the hair a soft feminine texture. I lightly misted the hair in rollers with Kevin Murphy Session Spray. For the final setting spray I used Original Mineral Original Queenie to hold her blowout.

Can you guess the foundation?? FACEatelier in #8!! It really is the bomb dot com. If you are living in Asia you can order it from Luxola and from the rest of world you can use FACeatelier locator here.

The only cake that should be near your face... sorry Q - stalking your Instagram!

After my general foundation application I stippled more on Q's stubborn blemishes with the Beauty Blender sponge - bye bye blemishes! I like the buildable foundation method better then caking on concealer - the skin looks more like skin. (The above pic is later on the same day! Pretty right?!)

I chose to give Q a smoky eye using grey and pewter eyeshadows and a black gel liner using a mash-up of Ben Nye, MAC, Clio, Ardell and Revlon.

MAC M·A·C Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Palette

Chantecaille Gel Liner Pencil – Jet

These but in brown.

This is RynaQue's own dress. I believe she got it from ASOS where women globally love to shop. Jewelry provided by Killari

UPDATE!! Although like every woman RynaQue has success at ASOS this dress she is wearing is actually by FLOW. FLOW is a line under the Valiram Group, Malaysia. Recently it made its debut in Singapore at a pop-up site at ISETAN Scotts last month. It's only available online now for ladies staying in Singapore.

Find Q online

**Musical side note: I have tried adding music to our time-lapse but alas - YouTube then restricts the videos to be played via mobiles now. le sigh I originally had tried editing with the empowering song Big Girls (you are beautiful) by Mika; then Q's request Happy in my skin by Philippa Hanna and then my friend Sarah Slean's vintage yet beautiful song Sweet Ones - all of these songs I have actually paid for. When I watch videos on YouTube whereas I like the music I buy it. I don't download - maybe I am not the norm but I can't steal which is what downloading illegally is. The naive person in me thinks: What the hell YouTube!! You are taking possibilities away from people buying and discovering new music... am I wrong?

Are you a musician with music I can use linking and crediting you? Please send me an email.

Find Zurina online

Find me, Andrea Claire online

TV host Linda Black plays Music Mom for Motherhood magazine

By Andrea Claire · April 24, 2013 · 0 Comments ·

Motherhood magazine asked me what I thought would be a fun story for their April issue themed music -of course a little playtime for mom with the help of Linda Black and photographer Zurina Bryant!</p> <p></p> <p>*You can click on the images for a closer look of what hair and makeup products I used, plus a few tips. </p>

Linda's hair colour I do using Original Mineral which is free from ammonia, ppd and resorcinol!! Ask your stylist to use a more eco-friendly and human-friendly hair colour like Original Mineral.

Apologies to O&M who emailed me saying that Rootilicious should be corrected to Rootalicious - hopefully sales weren't affected too much by confused buyers.

<p>Notice the Face Lace I used in the Rock'n'Roll Mom? I am LOVING this cool makeup applique!

A behind the scenes video can be found here.

Glam makeover - Double duty beauty || Red Carpet or Bridal

By Andrea Claire · November 19, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Ms Photogenic - Kyra looked stunning in so many photos that I obviously had a hard time picking images to use.

I had a call-out on my Facebook page looking for a glam makeover volunteer [and thank you as I had many!] - Singapore-based photographer - Kyra Ann was happy to oblige.

Known for my love for Dermalogica you can bet that that was part of my first step.

Kyra's base includes:

  • Oil-Free Matte, Skinperfect Primer, Sheer Tint in Light & Dark all Dermalogica
  • Savoir Faire Concealer (that I am just trying out - review later)
  • SkinFood Peach Sake powder only in the t-zone

Yes- I used those lashes too but they were applied later.

My NARS Danmari All About Cheeks palette is well-loved.

Kyra's eyes:

NARS Pro-prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base a primer that grips shadows from lash line to brow bone to avoid creasing and fading
NARS Nymphea on the lids [pictured above]
Urban Decay Snakebite in the crease which I applied slightly above Kyra's natural crease to create a more open shape
Bobbi Brown Gel Long-Wear Eye Pencil in Jet smudged on the upper lash line
Ben Nye Cork from the Essential Eye Shadow palette under the lower lashes
Ardell Cluster Lashes - just a few in the middle of the upper lashes
Rimmel Scandeleyes Mascara

I set Krya's hair using Remington's travel rollers from Target - they're ceramic, cheap, dual voltage and fab! The goal here is not aiming for curl but just added body, shine and a bend to the hair to work with - make sure the ends smooth around the roller avoiding fishhooks.

Barbie? Is that you??

*Tip - Set hair in rollers as you do your makeup -this gives the hair time to cool for a longer-lasting shape. If the hair has not cooled down leave the rollers in until it does.

Brush the hair straight and slightly upwards. Gather as if to put it into a ponytail - grip hair at the base with one hand and twist the tail with the other hand until it twists in your hand creating a seam - pin along the seam with 'X' to lock your pins.

*Tip - clean up all the fly-a-ways at the hairline if they bother you with a toothbrush and hair wax

Back brush the ends of the hair - I used my fabulous Mason Pearson brush. Why back brushing vs back combing? Back brushing creates a fuller build up of hair.
Gently brush the top layer of the hair back, over the lovely nest you just made and pin at the back.
[who else thinks 'If I had a photograph of you... ' here?

Kyra never wears a red lip so I wanted to show her how much a makeup can change with just an alternate lip colour.

With Givenchy #5 Rouge lip liner and NARS Jungle Red lipstick

FACEatelier's Cameo lip pencil and MAC Cosmetics classic Twig lipstick

*aside from the on-camera flash and my Glamcor Lights Kit there is nothing fancy going on here besides Kyra, hair and makeup products. I have no Photoshop - nor would I know how to use it.

Now you are set to strut your stuff down the Red Carpet, the aisle or at a fancy gala.

My latest hairspray love? O&M Original Queenie - that 'do is going nowhere in a convertible on the Autobahn

Red lips are stunning but also high maintenance - don't forget to check your teeth!

<a target="_blank" href="http://andreaclaire.onsugar.com/Andrea-Claire-Stylin-Gypsies-makeover-11519061">I show you more red lip tips here on <strong>Yahoo's Glam Up!

*See more of my makeovers here.


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